Thal’Alispar "Blade Shadowfist"

Elf Male level 9 Fighter


An elf using a long sword and longbow is such a stereotype. But if they do it well then you cant really question them. Thal is just a typical elf in that regard. Happy with his racial weapons, but having adapted to plate mail armour and a body shield he probably outclasses many of his countrymen.


The Sun Elf has never said anything about living with a half elf. That alone makes him different from the average elf. He’s quiet and withdrawn, which is unlike his race, and he tends to chose martial training over study too. Its obvious why he left Evermeet, but what would have sparked his journey. He doesn’t talk much about himself, but he’s always ready for a friendly conversation. He’s a closed book. Not that anyone can complain, he works hard, trains hard and is happy to stand a round at the Street Song Tavern when he’s there. He’s just not someone you can get to know.

Thal’Alispar "Blade Shadowfist"

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