Human Male. Level 5 Fighter


He is rarely seen without his horse, a Black Stallion named Noble, and his equipment matches this. He stands about five and a half foot tall and wears tanned leathers. He carries a light sabre, four javelins and a small horsebow with him. His hair is flaxen blonde and his eyes are grey.


Sometimes when you’ve started so low there’s only one way you can go. Luckily for Waterdeep Thoelon went in that direction. He was born outside the city to a group of raiders. They would attack farmsteads, rape women, steal the coin and burn the crops. His mother was one such captured maid but because she bore the child of the chief she was not killed. She raised him and when she was alone with him tried to give him some kind of moral up bringing. While she was doing this, his father was teaching him to ride and kill. He was an apt student to both teachers. He waited until they were actually on a raid to put his plan into action. He killed the other raiders in the confusion, except his father. He had other plans for him he planned justice. He took his father to the gate guard and handed him over. Obviously he was arrested himself and he served his time. When he was released he returned to his hunting of raiders, but now with a bounty hunters licence. It was about 7 years ago he heard of Polandara, he’d saved one of her farms and while eating a meal with the owners was told of this towering woman. He sought her out in Waterdeep and offered his services. Polandara immediately recognised that he would be a great leader of cavalry and he spent 3 years training his forces to that end. Polandara has probably the fastest cavalry on the whole sword coast and in turn Thoelon has his anti raider force.


The Four Cynic Cynic