Dwarf Male Level 1 Fighter


The chainmail is probably considered light armour for a dwarf, he also only carries a small shield and uses a pick, with a hammer head on the reverse. In many regards his equipment could be considered undwarven, even before you mention the repeating crossbow on his back. He has dark red hair and green eyes with a wild long unbraided beard.


From a small community in The Vast this young shield dwarf was considered someone with a valued profession and thus not someone to be risked as a fighter. He never knew why you had to be one or the other, when Ruby Firehold told him of a certain gnome she’d met in Waterdeep he knew she had to go there and see him for hiself. The ultimate decision was to stay in The City of Splendours and further both of his careers.

His skills include:-


His fighting style:-

Whilst he’s one of the strongest of the dwarves he’s also fairly slow. He’s a good member of a shield wall and dependable but don’t expect anything too flashy. A lot of his success comes out of brawn over precision.

His personality:-

He’s enthusiastic most of the time and among the dwarves he’s fairly outgoing but he’s not as fast at translating conversations in his head and has issues talking for too long in other languages leading to a dual perception of him.


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