(??! Female. Level 13 Fighter)


She looks entirely human except for her eyes her pupils and iris are both silver in colour, reflective even. Her hair is a mousy blonde and her skin is pale. Until she joined Polandara she was called Shade, but now she is Umbra!


Umbra has a talent, a gift if you like, and it’s a very handy one. Umbra and the weave don’t mix. Put simply only divine magic has any effect on her. She’s completed several stupidly dangerous missions that for her have been easy tasks. Of course there is a down side to this. Most items are created by mages and there is little magic she can wield herself. After one particularly perilous deed Polandara awarded her with a rank, a house of her own and a Holy Avenger. Sure she cannot use the weapon as a Paladin would but it is a magical blade she can use.


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