Elf Male Level 8 Fighter Level 9 Theif


Always cowled, his face rarely seen but when it is it gives away little clue. Yes he’s an elf but his exact linage is hard to determine, his hair and eyes giving nothing away. He walks with grace but seemingly more with caution than with confidence. If he carries any weapons they’re concealed under that long cloak.


The Crew of the Firemead know he was introduced to Tani by a member of the watch but not where he came from before. All he has told them is that he came to follow Tani and that does seem enough for them. His skills as a warrior were honed in Polandara’s compound, due to some agreement between Tani and Polandara but just what that agreement is remains a secret, even to Wraith himself. He seems to be interested in the Vampire Kings and has asked around for stories over that battle but that seems to be the only interest he’s shown in anything other than training since his arrival.


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