Half Elf Female, level 9


She’s in her 50s but if you hadn’t been there for her 50th you’d never have guessed. Her Elven traits are so hidden she appears like a human in her late teens, maybe early 20s after a night shift. Just over five and a half feet tall and not very broad she uses weapons of speed over the heavier equipment. She fights with two long hunting knives most times, but when on watch or guard she’s always seen with a rapier and main gauche. A heavy cross bow sits in the storage room upstairs unstrung. It was there when everyone else moved in so is assumed to be hers. Technically she’s in charge of the house, but its such a relaxed atmosphere you’d never really know that. She somehow makes her chainmail look like casual dress and its rare to see her in anything else, though at her birthday you did see her in a plain white dress. You’d be willing to bet she still carried the knives with her.


She doesn’t really seem to show her rank at all. She wears her dark chainmail and carries two hunting knives in her belt. Her Elven heritage isn’t outwardly apparent she just looks like a young lady with curly dark hair and a slim build. She helps with training a lot and most of the lessons she gives yield good results. She often is able to teach without making it look like she’s even giving you advice. She runs one of the houses in the compound and still pulls guard shifts even though she has to do neither. Her work ethic seems good and people always seem willing to talk to her. She’s a teacher, counsellor and mediator. She’s like everyone’s big sister and seems to be a friend to all. She rarely leaves the city though and hasn’t fought in many recent wars but she does operate within Waterdeep and knows the city very well. It’s obvious why she holds her position but it seems to have taken a long time for her to get noticed.


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