Tag: Night Dragon


  • Master Tarn

    He hardly seems to sleep and he keeps to the same physical work outs as the other monks. He runs a strict monastery where the simple life is lived by all and discipline is a watch word. This does however help many who need to be away from society, either …

  • Mori

    A travelling monk with little known about her. She doesn't really talk that much, and when she does it isn't about her, she seems more interested in the lives of others than in sharing tales of her own life.

  • Zoran

    He seems nice enough, he's happy to share his company and will talk about most subjects. He's travelled a lot to difference monasteries and though he's never picked up a martial art that hasn't stopped him learning a lot about them. He seems to be content …

  • Nap

    Since his master died he's taken it upon himself to travel and teach the art of the Balanced Branch to others who wish to learn it. It has been his intention to set up a monastery of his own but he's never quite managed to collect the funds to do so, …