Evin's People

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  • Wraith = Ben – pet ferret called Star (in Elven)
  • Faldkor = Tim – Gnome, Fighter – “Pet” wolf called Jex
  • Analin = NPC – Fighter


  • Sardonas Granger = High up Monk at the Mistdragon monastery (waterdeep)
  • Yvonne = Woman at Palandara’s compound who is giving us assignments
  • Gillena = Monk leader of Candlekeep monastery – Hot oriental girl – knows immobilising
  • Tila = Monk at the Mist Dragon Monastery that can sew
  • Sabrina = Bard at Polandara’s compound
  • Hanlock Mancor = Bureaucracy in Candlekeep – like mechanical marvels
  • Telg = Wagon merchant in Candlekeep
  • Krall = barman for the Fiery Flagon – inn by the docks, a little rough.
  • Dacer = barman/owner of Dacers inn – friend of the family – drinks put by for me
  • Kendral Zanth = Bard in the docks area, tells stories. Half elf, golden eyes and hair, stunning beauty. Wares thin leathers ( probably to get attention or look like armour, purple cloak (possibly reversable), probably armed. Now working for Tanni
  • Gerand = Mercenary among the group that had the Oger – Possibly he will work for Pollandara soon


  • Tamius = Captain of The Neptunes Nose – boat the Anteegan lady took
  • Captain Shiraz = Captain of The Gleaming Gull – Waterdeep <—> Candle-keep

Evin's People

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