Evin's Story

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Strange dreams reported where 2 male and a females voice’s are heard, they are looking for something.

The monastery sent me to Polandara’s Compound to alert them to the strange dreams.

Sent by Polandara to investigate possible missing merchant in Candlekeep

  • merchants belt buckle found in sewers in Waterdeep.
  • belt buckle design belongs to merchants known as the Antegans

Also going to Candlekeep on behalf of the Mistdragon monastery


Arrived uneventfully, need to tell the guard if we need to stay for more than 1 month


  • Gillena – contact at the new monastery
  • Monastery building on hold, some political problems.
  • Same design as Mistdragon monastery
  • bad part of town

Handed letter from Sardonas Granger to Gillena

It was decided we would be staying at the monastery while in Candlekeep

I suggested going to a local in to maybe find info about the merchants connected to the symbol we have. It was decided that going to the local market to gather info would perhaps be more useful.

Went to the market and found a closed shop that appears to be related to the Anteagan merchant house we are investigating.

Spent some time chatting with the local merchants and found it has been closed for a month and a half, they buy and sell all sorts of things, mainly from the south, and they have a mansion in the merchant district.

Visited the merchant district and the Anteagan mansion was also closed up (shutters closed, just like the shop).

Anolin suggested we visit a couple of cheep inns to gather info. So after dinner in another part of town, we went back to the merchant district and found an inn (The Halfway Inn).

I went in before Anolin and Faldkor (we pretended not to be together). Found out that lots of carts had been seen pulling up to and leaving the merchants house about a month ago.

One of the guards from an estate near the Anteagan estate saw the wagons and recognised the horses belonged to a local merchant called Telg.

Went back to the unfinished monastery after the inn closed, there was a fresh patch of blood at the entrance to the ally but no body.

Gillena agreed with Faldkor that the blood patches could be signs, a hand print, a line, an arrow, but she has no idea what they might mean.

Wraith came back shortly after us, he had been looking at the mansion.

I practiced my drunken style for a bit in the dark, really good time to practice since I’m a little tipsy still from the inn (it really helps emphasise how i should be moving while using the style in a sober state.

Talk with the guys about what we all found out

Faldkor says he found out none of the staff have been seen since the mansion closed up.
Speak to Hanlock Mancor about bureaucracy (likes mechanics, so we could use that as a way in)

Wraith found lots of chalk dust found on the floors in the mansion.

The old couple in the Anteagan house died, fever took them. The daughter, Mirrabell, left for Waterdeep recently.

We decide to go back to the taverns to try and get more info

Spend the afternoon practicing fighting with Gillena, turns out she can hep teach me Immobilising.

Go to The Shining Light tavern, spend the first part of the night chatting but people seem more interested about me, so i don’t get anything useful.

Merchant houses seem quiet after a spat of trouble a couple of months ago. Some break-ins at Mancor and Anteagan houses, neither house wanted the affair looking into.

Morning after, found out there were warehouses but they were sold. 2 chambermaids from the house missing for 8 months.

Blood signs are from a group of vigelanties.

Wagons leaving Anteagan place seem to be headed for Waterdeep. We need to head the off at Waterdeep

Payed the the harbour master 1 sp for the name of ships heading for Waterdeep

  • Gleaming gull
  • Lusty wench

Got Wraith to ask other group how much ship travel costs, they thought about 16 – 20 gp/person

Asked ship person to get the captain for me, he came back with a woman, 40’s. She asked for 65 gold so i didn’t haggle with her.

Ship was set to sail in 1 hour, so i dropped back to the monastery to say goodby to Gillena and she gave me a reply note to the one i brought her. Returned to the ship and set sale for Waterdeep.


Went with ships captain to the harbour master and handed the promissory note over, he paid the captain. She offered passage to us again any time its needed.

Went back to Mistdragon monastery and deilivered Gillena’s letter to Sardonas Granger. Handed back money and picked up a weeks rations.

Went to Polandara’s Compound to report our findings, invited to stay the night while decisions are made about what to do next. Found out that monks that go out and about are allowed to take a small amount of money for “survival”. Anolin covered my meal and a drink (must remember to pay him back at some point).

Faldkor gave us the location of the house we will be staying in. Then left for a bit to talk to an elf, when he returned he was accompanied by a timber wolf (giant wolf). Wolf is called Jex.

Faldkor suggested i earn some credits at Polandara’s Compound so i can buy drinks there, after a brief check of my skills he suggested i talk to the bards about possibly selling stories to them. So i introduced myself to the bards, Sabrina said she would talk to Loranthan about it for me, and asked if i could perform, i told her i could perform a story telling, but am not really one for singing and dancing.

Left the inn, Faldkor tells us the wagon train already arrived but with no sign of the Anteagan lady.

We stay the night at Polandara’s Compound, in the morning Faldkor goes off to the armory to “experiment” with armour for use while at sea.

I spend the morning practicing my drunken style.

We are ordered by Yvonne to break in to the Anteagan house in Waterdeep and search for black powder, poison or anything that leads back to that first attack at Polandara’s Compound. This has been lawfully sanctioned by the lords of Waterdeep.

Waiting till night time we head to the house, leaving after Wraith to give him chance to scout the place out.

Kiren opened the lock on the gate so se could get in to the house. After checking that the light from our lantern doesn’t leak outside (Wraith went outside and looked) we split up to search the place.

An encoded letter was found in a secret compartment, gunpowder was found in the attic, crates containing short swords with barrels attached were found in the wine cellar.

Me and kiran ran back to Yvonne and i told her about the stuff we found at the house, i showed her the letter and decrypted it for her. We all go back to the house with a wagon to collect the contraband.

Tanalayas appeared out of a big fiery portal, we took her to the house and touched the barrels of black powder and they vanished, then she left through a big fiery portal.

We go back to Polandara’s Compound to get a meal and a drink, Balek bought me the meal and the drink. Must remember to pay him back..

Faldkor took me with him to see the mysterious elf, all i got to see of him was his red glowing eyes, his house was in utter pitch black inside. After that i went with Faldkor to a beautiful natural park in the middle of the compound, i practiced my fighting while he played with Jex. Then we went back and got some sleep.

In the morning we headed down to the Fire Mead at the docks (Tani’s ship) after i stopped by the monastery and picked up 10 gold and 10 days rations and a change of clothes.

We are asked to go back to Candelkeep to investigate based on the note. I will be going under the guise of delivering another message to the monastery, and will go drinking in the inn at the docks to see what type of place it is, dodgy or not, and maybe looking for Mirrabell.

After securing passage on the Gleaming gull, we stay at the monastery for the nights and head out for the docks for sun rise.


We arrive in a hail storm after dropping the other team off in a cove, about 1/2a days walk from Candlekeep, and head back to the monastery.

Told Gillena about Hanlock Mancor possibly being a good contact to help sort out the permissions for the building of the new monastery.

Found out that Merela is still waiting in the keep, Gillena can let him know we have a message for him when we are ready, he will be here for another week and a half.
Stayed the night then spent half the day checking out inns in candlekeep, relayed the best ones to the other group.

Went to the Wild Dog Tavern in the evening to find out more about “KZ”, Felinx or Mirrabell. Didn’t find anything out, tried again the next night to no avail. Found out the patrons preferred stories about people getting betrayed and screwed over rather than happy endings or ghost stories.

Wraith went back to the inn and played the tough guy approach, apparently that worked better because they got the name of of a prostitute who may have overheard conversations and may have knowledge of KZ or Felinx.

We head off to the docks to look for the prostitute, we are following Wraith to make sure we are close to hand if there is any trouble. Anolin handed me a dark cloak (i must get me one of these, its nice and worm and also has the benefit of helping conceal me in the darkness).

The prostitute was not at the docks, so we decided to visit the inns on the way back and ask after her, 5 pints later and all i found out was that she had been in one of inns but had left 2 hours earlier and she preferred the inn we started in.

Wraith found the prostitute in the Wild Dog Tavern, she told him the Antegan lady and another lady left on a boat called Neptunes Nose. After that we went back to the monastery.

Next day, mid day, Merela showed up and Faldkor explained everything we had done and found out since the attack on us in Polandara’s Compound.

Merella tells us about the coach master (Telg) and that he is a good contact and allied with Polandara. We go introduce ourselves to Telg then head back to the monistary to wait for the ship back to Waterdeep.

Next morning we head to the docks and catch the Gleaming Gull back to Waterdeep


The harbour master new of the Neptunes Nose and told us the captains name (Tamius). We head back to Pollendara’s compound to report back to Yvonne. After that we may need to visit the docks to find out more about the Captain of the Neptune’s Nose.

Yvonne sends us to the docks and check The Fiery Flagon and Dacers inn to look for Kendrell-Zanth (possible writer of the encrypted letter.. KZ).

I spoke to Dacer and he hasnt seen her for a while, his business is also struggling a little. Went to The Fiery Flagon and got chummy with the barman ther, Krall, he said Kendrell does frequent the place.

Went back to Darcers inn and got a description of Kendrell, put 2 silver behind the bar for drinks later, knowing that Dacer wont like accepting charity but wont turn down a cash advance for goods when he needs it.

The next day we go back to The Fiery Flagon and spot someone who might be Kendrell-Zenth entering, i follow a few minutes later and chat to the bar man and have a drink while i see if its her. She sits at a table as far from the bar as possible with her back to the bar. I have a drink and tell some stories from Candlekeepto try and get her attention, it doesnt work so i follow her out. When i catch up, Faldkor has aprehended her and she is coming peacefully.

After depositing her in the jail at Polandara’s Compound, Faldkor and i go to find Yvonne , she tells us to move Kendral to the basement of the armoury in the compound and once Yvonne take over watching her we are to go find Ombra (she’s imune to magic!). We head back and move Kendral as instructed, then go to find Ombra ( she lives next to the mysterious elf).

We go back to the armoury where Kendrell is now residing. And then head off to get some sleep.

The next day i get up in the afternoon as we were up so late the night before, i eat and head back to the mysterious elf’s house with Faldkor. After that we go to a lake to look for Jex, He’s playing by a lake that a strange woman used to frequent, but she disappeared off out and around somewhere. Faldkor doesn’t seem to know much about his friends!

The next day we all have a sparing practice together to get used to how e each move in combat.

Yvonne came to tell us what she had found out about Kendrell, she is married to Tamius, the ship captain, he was having an affair with Mirrabell so Kendrell is happy to help screw her husband over. She also gave Yvonne the names of 3 ships to look out for.

Yvonne pays everyone for the good work in tracking down information and producing Kendrell. I ask Wraith if he can ask Tani if i can have some lock picks, and ask Yvonne to keep part of my payment back so i can pay for the lock picks if i can get them, i stick 1 platinum behind the bar at Polandara’s compound for food and drink when i visit, and the last 9 platinum goes to the monistary.

Wraith has a birthday party at the Sweetsong Tavern in Polandara’s compound, i manage to get a few of the monks to come too, i use 1 more platinum to cover their drinks for the night too.

Next day Wraith drops off a set of thieves picks for me and Kiran, i inspect them after breakfast and don’t recognise all the tools, will have to question Wraith on the ones I’m not familliar with.

Sardonas finds me and asks me to deliver a note to Yvonne or one of the bards at Polandara’s compound. I deliver the note and go back to the monastery.

In the morning, Wraith showed up again and asked to be introduced to Darreva (another monk) as one of his friends (Dani) is soon to be working with her. So i introduce them.
After they finish i ask Wraith about the unknown items in my thieves picks set, he offers to teach me and Kiren how to use them tomorrow.

I received a letter from Yvonne asking me come to meet her at the Sweetsong Tavern in 3 days

After learning how to use the additional pick tools, i collected 10 GP traveling money.

Kiran and i meet up with Wraith and head to meet Yvonne, seems they also received letters.

We are sent to disrupt a supply route, gain information if possible, if not then the confiscation of their wagons may force them to give themselves away bye making them purchase/hire replacements.

On the road

After discussing some tactics for stopping and returning with the wagons, we go to the docs and head back towards Candlekeep on the Gleaming Gull.

We get dropped off in a cove a little way from Candlekeep, there we dry our selves off after a short wade to the shore.

We head off towards the main path and setup camp for the night. Next day we head on away from Candlekeep.

Next night we got attacked by goblins, we rest up after defeating then and carry on in the morning, a wagon passes us, it is relatively new, not carrying much, 6 guards and 2 drovers.

Another wagon passes in the night, we are not able to see if it has the same number of people or if its also apparently empty. 12 hours between the two wagons.

Next day is quiet and so is the night.

Mid day next day another wagon comes past.

We watch the wagons for a few days until all of them have gone in to Candlekeep and back out, then we set up our ambush, we rigged up a net to popup in front of the horses to scare them and slow/stop them, then while thats happening i hook grapples to the wheel (anchored to a tree near by), then we take out the guards and take the as drovers prisoners while we ambush all 5 of the wagons.

This works fairly well, though i manage to get injured a fair bit in the ensuing fights.
We stock up all the contraband on to 1 wagon and destroy the other wagons, we then take the last wagon back to Waterdeep.


We managed to get ambushed twice on the way back to Waterdeep, about 5 days out we meet one of the anti raiding groups that protects the local farms, one of their members has broken his leg. We agree to help take them to one of the farms on rout to Waterdeep as we are not heading directly to Waterdeep, we intend to leave the wagon at one of the farms and go back to Waterdeep to report before attempting to bring the contraband in.

We get to a farm and they are happy to take the wagon for safe keeping for us, Faldkor instructs one of the farm hands on fence post fitting after bein asked if he knows anyone who can help him.

The farm hand fixes us some dinner and brings me a cup of “home brew”. Wow that stuff has a kick.

We return to Polandara’s compound and report back to Yvonne, filling her in on what went down on the mission.

We get awarded 750 gold each

One of the other groups came back while we were there, one of their members was poisoned, I helped get them to the temple in the compound. After that I returned to the tavern to get something to eat and drink before heading back to the monastery.

In the morning I go to see Sardonas and hand over the 750 GP. I then go and commission 4 more outfits so I can leave 2 sets in the Monastery and take 2 with me next time I go out.

Next day I receive a letter from Anolin asking if its ok to sell all the armor and weapons we got from the last mission, he wants to keep the bastard sword, I should let Candour know what I wan’t if anything from the items. I send a runner to tell candor I don’t want any of the items, then later Faldcor shows up with a letter he wanted me to read to him, I read the letter to him, it was the same as the one I had received earlier, I read it to him and told him about the reply I had sent to Candour. Faldcor then left and I went back to training.

Honour and all that.

I spend 2 days solid MA training with Darreva, she seems more dedicated in her training since being sent out on missions. On the evening of the second day I receive a message from Faldkor inviting me to the tavern the next evening (I assume he means the Sweet Song Tavern). I pick up my new clothes the next day and then spend the morning in training before heading over to Polandara’s compound.

It seams I’m one of the first of the invitee’s to the gathering, not a problem, I head to the bar and order my first drink of the night. Spotting Wraith I salute him with my tankard and head over to his table to await the rest of the group.

The rest of the people start arriving and the evening gets going.

Some way in to the evening a Dwarf shows up and issues a challenge to Anolin, to test his leadership ability, apparently it’s a group contest between 10 combatant’s on each side, all of whom must have trained at the compound for more than a couple of days.

Faldkor and Wraith have a cunning plan… they intend to train me at the compound for somewhere between 3 to 30 days prior to the contest, thus allowing me to join in and aid Anolin.

In the morning I explain the situation to Sardonis and advise him where I’ll be for the next few days/weeks. Then I pack my backpack and a spare set of clothes and head off to Polandara’s Compound after a hearty breakfast.

On arriving at the compound I bump in to Wraith at the Inn, he takes me to meet the others, along the way we discuss tactics, one of which could be to push the “enemy” team members over as they will likely be in full plate.
After meeting the others, we continue discussing tactics and training.

After some debating on who would make the best trainer for me, we head off to meet a Lt. – Sir Galdin, to ask him to help train me, Faldkor manages to get him to agree to train all 10 of us.

I then headed back to the monastery to advise Sardonas of a slight change in rules, basically if we loose the tournament then we won’t get paid for the next mission we are sent on. Sardonas was about as upset as I was at that prospect (that is to say that neither of us were particularly bothered by not being paid as out primary goal is to help others, not to make money)
I popped in to the training room and told Darreva where I would be for the next few days/weeks so she would need to find another sparing partner for a while, then I headed back to Polandara’s Compound to begin my training.

Training time

We meet up in the morning to start training, I am told that Yvonne has another mission for us and we are to meet up at the Sweetsong Tavern in 3 days time at 11 am, and I’m to pass on the message to Darreva.

I head back to the Monastery and told Darreva and Kiran about the meeting, then head back to the compound and spend the afternoon and early evening training.

The next day I show up to practice a little earlier than the others and get in to my drunken style while practicing with my spear when the others show up.

We spend the day training and discussing tactics, and even manage to fill the last spaces on the team and have 2 substitutes in case one or 2 of us are unable to fight on the day of the challenge.

We have a private practice in the evening with myself, Zydra, Faldkor and Wraith where the others setup a shield wall and I practice trying to push it/them over to break the wall… It turns out its only really possible to break a good shield wall with this technique, if you attack the ends of the shield wall and not the center.

On the 3rd day we go and sign up for the tournament and then go to the Inn and wait for everyone to show up. Then Yvonne explains the next job, we are to search an abandoned keep in the Lizard Marsh. We will be looking for black powder and more of the strange swords along with any paperwork we can find.
There is likely to be hostile Lizard men there and we should expect trouble both on the way in and out. The keep itself is owned by the Antegan family.
Yvonne hands a map to Faldkor, there is a large central building (fort) with 5 corner towers that form a pentagon. There is a maze of tunnels beneath.
Yvonne advises we should be looking for other family involvements as the Antegans are not know for manufacturing anything. The keeps is 150 miles away, we will be traveling there on a large wagon. We will leave in 2 days.

A few days out, we get attacked by Lizard men, the fight is over quickly enough. I get a little injured but am fine the next day.

It’s my birthday! Faldkor gave me a hollow tube with some drawings of fights in it, there are angles and demensions and stuff shown on these, they’re pretty cool… Im gonna frame them and hang them in my room at the monastery so i can look at them wihout having to unroll them. Wraith gave ma a flask of mead… Its reaaly good stuff, gonna have to try not to drink it all in 1 or 2 nights! ( but hay, thats what good drink is for.. To be enjoyed!). Kiran said he had planned to buy me a drink, thats cool too, i can wait till we get back :)

The Lizard Fort

We reach the fort; it has a “Dry mote” around it with door & drawbridge on each face of it.

We decide to scale the walls using grappling hooks since all the doors are shut and draw bridges up.

It seems I’m not very good at climbing rope, I manage to fall off twice and injure myself sufficiently that I don’t think it wise to keep trying, so I guess I’m going to be keeping an eye out on the outside.

After some time, there is a loud noise and one of the drawbridges starts opening, I guess the others managed to find the mechanism to open it. It takes 5 minutes to open completely.

We all go inside and take the wagon’s in too, then Faldkor and Wraith figure out how to close the drawbridge again so we should be fairly safe from the Lizard men while we rest.

The next day we split in to groups to conduct the search, Faldkor and I find a maintenance manual for the tower, it details how to use and repair all the door mechanisms.

We don’t find anything more than the parchments in the towers, we figure out that the Keep was originally built to be a central hub to several key locations. We rest up for another night.

We explore again, this time we are up a level in the keep. More paper with notes on it were found, written in various languages… one of the languages was recognized as Drow! We will have to be cautious when searching the underground levels of the keep.

After another days searching we rest up again and then we go in to the keep,
We go down a spiraling stair case and Dannie disarmed several traps on the way down. At the bottom it opened in to a massive hall area filled with bunk beds capable of holding 500 people. There are doors on the other side of the room, they lead to a corridor, Dannie & Talinda search for and remove some more traps, and we get to the end where Dannie opens the doors at the end, there are doors to the sides of the main doors in the corridor but they are trapped (I guess we’ll be checking them out later).

The corridor opens up in to another room, this one is a massive Pentagon shape (bigger than the keep), and there are 2 very long tables and various other doors within this room. We decide it getting late and head back to the main keep.

Next day we go downstairs in one of the other towers and find an almost identical layout to the first underground rooms. So we decide to search the trapped rooms, Dannie disarms the traps and opens the door, wee find crates containing the strange swords hollow pipes through the blades. Another room contained barrels of water. We checked several other rooms and found gone off fruit and some more strange swords. Then we had to take a break for the night, we decided it will be quicker the next day to come down the stair case(s) we have already un-trapped and then just access the other corridors from the large room in the center of the underground section of the keep.

The next day we manage to explore all the remaining tunnels and associated rooms. We uncover more citrus fruit and swords and some small ball bearings, Faldkor thinks that the swords could be used with black powder and the ball bearings to create a new sort of weapon kind of like a bow and arrow, just a bit more compact.

The next day Wraith informs us that the main door to the inner keep is open, so we don’t have to break in. Dannie found a trip wire on the door, she disables it, and we move in to investigate. Dannie finds and removes a magical trap, which seemed to take her a lot longer… hardly surprising though!
We proceed in with caution. kiran helps remove a magical trap that Dannie wasn’t able to remove, we find a necklace with a stoppered tube of some substance.

We find out that the Limes were purchased in the Moon Sea Isles, probably shipped there from somewhere else before being purchased by whoever ran this keep.

Next day we search the left staircase in the inner keep, it leads to a bedroom, Dannie and Wraith find and remove traps on a chest in the room, they find scroll cases within, all but one are empty are empty, that one has a piece of decayed paper in it with nothing legible on it. We search the rest of the room and Faldkor finds another scroll case beneath an armoire, Dannie finds and circumvents a trap on it that would poison the whole room with some sort of gas.

During a conversation about the parchments we had found and about how long lived someone would have to have been to write the elven parchments, Thal mentioned a city under Waterdeep called “Skull Port”, apparently it has links to other planes, also its not very accessible, I’ll have to ask Sardonas or Merella about it.

Next day we go up the other staircase, some traps are removed, we find a bedroom and search it, no traps found here though. We don’t find anything of interest.

Next day we check the next room that’s is down a set of steps from the last room, nothing found there. Looks like we have checked every room.

We leave the Keep and had back to Waterdeep with the cart loaded up with the evidence from the keep, some of the team go hunting to ensure we have enough provisions. We seem to have avoided the attention of the Lizard men this time.

We reported the outcome of our mission to Yvonne upon our return. And then it was decided we would do the tournament in the arena in 2 days time.

After reporting to Sardonas about the trip, I head back to the compound and start training for the next days tournament.

Arena day

I go to the Inn in the morning to give the impression I have been drinking and will not be much good in the fight, I head to the Arena from there and maintain an air of drunkenness.

The battle in the arena went really well, we didn’t loose a single person… After the fight was over, Ignian (the challenger) got up and Faldkor spotted a change in Ignian’s eye colour. It transpires that Ignian was not himself for the last year, and someone was controlling his actions.

Merella’s quest

After the fight in the arena, and the short discussions about Ignian’s posetion, everyone else came over to congratulate us. Dani brought me a flask, I open it and have a quick smell before taking a swig, its always nice to savor a good drink, and make sure your not gulping down a really good nice one, this however smelled of vinegar… not sure if she knows this or not, its possible she had brought the vinegar for me to use in some other way, or may have been duped into buying it thinking it was wine.
She seemed a bit put out by my uncertainty about it (even though I said thanks). After pondering this for some time at the bar, I decide it would be best to ask her, I hope she won’t be more upset with me about it. I discuss the problem with the barman and the bar maid after him while trying to think on how to broach the subject with Dani. The bar-maid asks me who it was that gave me the flask, when I told her it was Dani and she told me Dani was probably trying to play a trick on me.

The next morning I get a message from Darreva telling me Mirella is waiting to see me in the library, could be a prank, she like that kind of thing but sum how I don’t think so… hmm, I will have to watch out if Darreva and Dani are hanging out together.

Merella tells me about an abandoned monastery he and some others found, they had some more of the disjointed dreams that some people around Waterdeep had been having, he asked me to go to the monastery and keep watch while he goes to silvery moon with Gilenna and Simian to see if anyone owns the land before he lays claim to it.

I ask Merella if he is offering any payment to the others in my team for helping out, I wouldn’t ask but every time I have gone out on a mission with them for Yvonne , we have been paid (and pretty well too), Merella offers up 30 healing poultices (3d4 healing) and a new set of fine clothes for us all. For the HERO’S FEAST (apparently we may be invited as guests of honor, he has heard a lot about my exploits – not sure if that’s good or bad to be honest – people often exaggerate about my drinking habbits, well, most of the time… after all, you can’t learn to mimic the movements of drunkards unless you have experienced it first hand yourself). He also gave me the lay of the land around the abandoned monastery, there is a clear stream to drink from and the local Wolves are grumpy to say the least, there are also signs of Orc’s in the area.

I grab some breakfast and head out to Polandara’s compound to find the others. When I get there Wraith is in the bar, so I ask him to help me find Faldkor and Anolin, he goes off in search of Anolin and I go in search of Faldkor.

I find Faldkor in the Armoury (first place on my list – great!), I explain to him the basics of the mission about going out to a location outside Waterdeep on an important errand for the monastery (personally requested of me by Merella, so that must mean its important), I tell him I will explain better when we are all gathered together.
I explain the mission and once they are all agreed to come with me, I head back to the monastery and get all the details (like maps and trip durations), then I head to Sardonas with Merella’s backing to take enough money for the trip and provisions (30gp should be enough), Sardonas gives me a requisition for a wagon from Polandara’s compound rather than renting one. I pick up provisions for myself for the trip, and then head back to the compound to get the wagon and the others.

A trip to the country

As we are heading out to the abandoned monastery, we receive a message that candor has 275 gp for each of us as payment for last job, asked for candor to keep it for me till I get back.

We head out, and I ask Faldkor to leave Jex behind as we don’t know what’s causing the native wolves near the abandoned keep to go crazy, and I don’t want us to have to defend ourselves against Jex and cause him harm.

After a couple of hours we pass the north gate out of Waterdeep.

After 4 days travel, we happen across a wagon with figures layed out on the floor, Anolin rides in and they start to stand up, he starts heading back. The start to draw their weapons so I run in to attack, on getting close I see they are all skeletons in cloths, I switch to my spear and attack the first one, dropping it with 1 hit from the butt of my staff, his/it’s “friends” surround me and we get in to the thick of battle. All things told I manage fairly well against these foul beings, until Anolin come to my aid, in the process of dispatching the 2 remaining skeletons attacking me, he manage to clout me full on in the chest and knock me down… I really don’t think I can get back up.

I spend the next 4 days recovering in the back of the cart, after which I feel back to my old self again.

On the 9th day Anolin screams and falls off his horse, as soon as we hear the screem, some snake people appear right next to us, one bites me and we fight until Wraith drops in and killed it, damn these things are hard to hit!

Next day we get attacked by wolves, they have red eyes. We manage to take the wolves down. We carry on following the trail till we reach the abandoned monastery. We meet Mirella and he then heads off. Wraith and Faldkor go hunting and come back near dark with some rabbits. While they were gone I had a vision of a smoky figure with glowing eyes at the corner of my vision, when I look round, there is nothing there. I tell the others about it when they are all back.

The next day we start searching the ruins while Faldkor digs a small hole to get an idea of how long this place has been a ruin.

I have a waking dream while searching of the room being bittlerly cold, condensation everywhere and a male voice at a distance calling “Sister”. I mark the spot I was stood on., and we carry on searching. Faldkor joins us in the search and he experiences a waking dream of a scream and then a word spoken “Taken”.

The next morning, Wraith tells us he also had a “Dream”, more like memories.

One of Wraith’s warning alarm bells goes off and we see 8 Orc’s coming from the direction of the alarm (south), after the battle we take the bodies ½ a mile out and leave them. We then resume our search of the ruin, during the search I have the sensation of itching under my fingernails, it stops as soon as I look at them. I tell the others about it and mark the spot where it happened.

Faldkor calls to us and we go to him, he tells us of a vision he just had, a voice in his head, it used his full Gnomish name, time passed quicker than he perceived. The voice asked for help.

He speculates that all the dreams we have had could be that someone’s sister was taken and we are being asked for help?

Then he has another waking dream/vision, one he has had before about the scream, the shaking of the earth, a cloud obscuring the sun, a voice saying “Taken”.

I swap places with him to see if I get a vision while in the same place, nothing.

We continue exploring and find nothing else that day. That night I am woken by a noise, apparently Faldkor was having another odd dream, about drowning. I’m too tired, I try and go back to sleep.

During breakfast next morning another of Wraith’s alarms goes off, we ready ourselves and fight the incoming Orks. After the fight we dump the bodies, and Faldkor has another waking dream, like something is closing in on him, possible someone imprisoned.

Camping at the haunted Monastery

Another of the alarm bells goes off, to the west.

I get a little injured in the fight, but no where near as badly as Wraith, afterwards we discuss the need to practice together again so they can have an idea of how my new maneuver works when I “Stick” to my opponent.

I ask Anolin to spar with me for a short while to help me refine the sticking process a little, and he agrees to help.

That night I have another vision, I’m floating somehow, the earth seems missing, my eyes are closed yet I can sense insects around me, there’s a feeling of loss.

Next morning I have the vision of a smoky figure that’s not there when I look around, I mark the spot.

Later that day we hear the sounds of wolves ripping something apart, nothing else notable happens that day.

Next day, Gillena and Simian show up at our camp. I explain to Mirella about the attacks we have had and the “dreams”. We divulge a possibility of the chosen of Mystra having been abducted, Mirella tells us he will take ut up with his wife {Tanalayas}, and that the chosen of Mystra can hear what is said just after their name is said (useful to know). We divulge the details of the “dreams” we have.

I spar with Mirella and Simian for a bit to try and get better with my sticking ability, then with Gillena for the Incapacitation maneuvers she uses.

Mirella also explains a little about fighting undead, there are some he needs a magical weapon to be able to hurt them.
Faldcor suggests I write a letter to Mirella’s wife and ask if she could help with getting a magical weapon for fighting undead.

Anolin suggests candor may be able to help.

After Wraith is healed up, we head back to Waterdeep, we encounter no problems on the way back. I head back to the Monastery with Anolin to pick up the payment for the job.

We pick up the rewards for the mission, I ask Sardonas if the Monastery has any stock of Magical weapons to which he says they don’t, he agrees with Faldkor’s superstition that Mirrella’s wife may be able to help with this side of thing. I decide to find out if candor is able to supply any Magical weapons before asing Mirrella’s wife.

Anolin and I head off to Polandara’s compound.

At the compound, Wraith tells me candor hasn’t got any Magical weapons currently, and it doesn’t look like he gets many through there very often. He then tells me he has written a letter to Mirrella’s wife asking for magical weapons on behalf of our whole group – looks like I don’t need to keep looking then.

We discuss having the celebrations for the tournament in the next couple of days, also the need and timing for us training together soon.

I spend some time over the next day training at the compound,
I put some money behind the bar at the Firey Flagon inn. And catch up on the local chatter about what’s happening.

I go to the celebrations in the compound, there are lots of people there… Anolin give gifts to everyone who joined him on the team, he gives me 2 wine skins, 1 containing 3 bottles worth of red wine and one containing 3 bottles of white wine (WOW, this should make my next journey a little more pleasant!).

Celebrations and new opportunities

I stay at the bar till 12 that night, must keep up the appearance of my drunkenness, though in truth I’m spacing my drinks now so I don’t get really wreaked. I make my way back to the monastery after that.

Next day I head back to the compound to train with rest of my team. I Meet Wraith in the training grounds, he is learning to use a war hammer for when we come across more undead like skeletons. After he finishes his training, we train together for a couple of hours. After that we head to the Tavern where I buy us both a drink.

We walk back to the Monastery together as Wraith wants to go to the dock’s anyway. I start making my way back though less familiar routs and taking note of the inn’s along the way, I will sample these places in the near future to experience more of the life in the city, it may provide more insight in to my art.

Next day I head back to the compound in search of Faldkor, I need to practice with him as he seemed a little more unsure of my new Drunken fighting styles than the others did. I don’t seem able to find Faldkor though I hear he was supposed to be at the tavern at some point today, so I head back there to meet him, when I get there I see Wraith entering the tavern form the street side, he tells me about a party that’s going on, but its seems to be an invite only deal and I haven’t received an invite (yet?). He also asks if I am interested in a job, taking out some bandits. I agree to the Job, he then asks if I know where Faldkor or Anolin is, I tell him where to find Anolin as I bumped in to him in the Armory earlier while looking for Faldkor. Wraith then heads off after Anolin.

A few minutes later, both Wraith and Faldkor enter the tavern, Faldkor tells me I have been invited to a party tonight in honor of Yvonne’s promotion to Captain.
We go and practice for a bit before the party. I arrange for a message to be sent back to Sardonas at the Monastery about the job I am going out on so he knows I won’t be around for a few days.

The party goes well and it seems the drinks are free once the party gets going, I give my congratulations to Yvonne and Candor. I pace my drinking through the night so I am none the worse for ware in the morning.

Next morning we gather our supplies and head out towards the bandits.

On the 10th day on the road we hear a large amount of noise ahead of us, we move off the road and see 4 large creatures pushing the tree’s aside as they move closer to us, Faldkor says he thinks they are Ogers, during the fight, one of the Ogers hits me with a tree! OUCH! Well that screwed me up for the rest of that fight.

Later that day we hear howls around us, we get ready for a fight… we get attacked by 7 large wolves. We take them out then take a little time to fix out wounds. The rest of the day goes without trouble.

pot-holing in the country

That night Wraith wakes us up as he has spotted a possible threat incoming, some humanoid creatures attack us with dog like features, after the fight Faldkor explains to me they are Knoll’s. We go back to sleep.

Next day we head back out, we manage to skirt clear of any more wild creatures and Ogers. We reach a waterfall, we decide to leave it till the next day before venturing forth. The night goes by fine.

Next Day, Faldkor and Wraith manage (after a couple of attempts) to make a hide for Jex and the horses so they will be hidden while we go to the mountain. We see 6 figures around the top of the mountain; they seem to be on a patrol rout. We head for the waterfall; Wraith goes in to it first, then Faldkor and then me. Once we get inside, we are in complete darkness, I move forward with my habd on Faldkor’s shoulder. We stop and Wraith explains there are several heat sources ahead, we light a couple of lanterns under covers then take the covers off when we are ready to attack.
I get really badly injured during the fight; the team decides to use the healing salves on me as we can’t afford to wait for me to heal naturally.

We move forward, Wraith picks a lock on a door ahead and we turn off the lights to look in to the room behind the door. The door makes a loud noise as it opens and slams in to the wall, there is no one in the room, we use the lantern again to go forward. We find another door; Wraith opens this one into another corridor. We continue onward, into a large unused storeroom. We go back to the entrance way by the first door and Wraith tried the next door, he can’t open this one so I have a go at picking the lock, it takes me a while but I manage it. We continue in to the corridor behind the door and explore inward. We encounter a door on the left, Wraith opens this in no time at all and we go in. There are 2 panthers in the room and they attack us, we kill them and then head onward down the main corridor. We open another door and find a panther with 2 black tentacles coming out if its shoulder blades, after killing the beast; we search the room and find 2 secret doors/compartments.

We open one of the compartments and there is a chest in each corner, no locks on them. One of them has good quality woman’s clothing in it, the other is full of coins. The other has a weapons rack, containing

  • Red Steele long sword
  • Bone short sword
  • Spear with a dark wooden shaft and a quarts tip
  • Gold dagger
  • Ebony long sword

All the weapons look “Exotic”

All the weapons feel lighter than they should when they are picked up.

We collect the silver coins (10500) and I collect the high quality woman’s clothes to take back to the monastery.

We leave the cave under the waterfall and head back to the hide where we left the horses, from there we go back towards Waterdeep, we get back with no incidents along the rout back.

We head strait to the docks to leave the red word for Tanni, then we head on to the compound. We eat there and I stay the night at Wraith’s place so we can head to the Monastery and then the docks together in the morning. During our dinner at the inn, Sabrina (one of the bards at the compound) offers to tell us if the weapons we found a re magical, they are, then after some discussion about “Identifying” them she says the cost is 150gp for each casting of the :Identify” spell, then she suggests that the other bard (Melasont) may trade identify spell castings for some of the high quality woman’s cloths I brought back.

I get up in the morning and Wraith tells me he managed to his weapon identified. We head off for some fighting practice with the tribesmen, we head to the tavern for lunch and a quick drink before heading back to the Monastery. I buy us all a drink and the barman overhears us talking about the panther with the tentacles, he tells us its called a “Displacer beast”, apparently the eyes are worth a bit to mages. After lunch Wraith and I head back to the Monastery.

Practice makes perfect…

After outlining the last mission to Sardonas, head to the compound to find the others to practice with, I also need to get this spear identified. After stopping in the tavern to find out what time the Bard will be by to identify the spear, I find Faldkor and ask if he is free for some practice, but he says he will be busy for 4 days, so I head to the training ground and find the tribesmen there, they are willing to practice with me.

After a hard practice session, I head to the tavern for dinner and a few beers to nurse my bruises. I wait there till the Bard comes in for her bar shift, and I exchange 2 of the fine dresses found on the last mission for her to identify the spear, apparently it will make it slightly easier for me to hit things and hurt them when using this spear (Spear +1) and there are no curses on it.

I head straight back to the monastery, running for most of it as it’s quite late.

Next morning Wraith wakes me up and tells me of a mission we have been asked to undertake to investigate the disappearance of all the men at a village, there was a strange cross found in the center of the village. Wraith sends me to find Faldkor, he’ll probably be in the armory at the compound,

I find him quickly and divulge the mission (as much as I know of it anyway), we then head to find Wraith at Candor’s. On finding Wraith Faldkor asks for more details and Wraith tells him the village is one of 3 villages about 500 miles away. We then head off in search of Yvonne to find out more details about the mission.

During the discussion with Yvonne , Wraith says the cross that was found was the same as the one found in the sewers. Also Tani will be loaning us the magical communication trumpets again. Apparently it will take a couple of days to get more information from the runners of the villages.

I head down for lunch then off to see candor about saving money for identifying magical items in the future or to put towards another magical item, turns out candor will only hold the payment for a job I have done for the compound {before its converted to actual money) as savings for this kind of thing. I head out to the monastery and decide to drop in to an inn on the way back, halfway though my beer I realize I was supposed to be meeting Wraith in the training grounds at the compound, I down the rest of the beer and head back. I train with Wraith for the afternoon and then Wraith and I head back towards the monastery, we stop in at the same inn on the way and have dinner and a drink, the place seems friendly enough, bit quiet though.

Next morning I hand over the remainder of the money from the last job and get some clarification on how much money I am allowed to keep for things like Identify for magic items we find. I will tell Candor, next time I see him, he no longer needs to save my payments from jobs for a magic item for me.

I meet up with Darreva after talking with Sardonas, she helps me practice fighting with my new spear.

Later while eating, Darreva, kiran and I are told we need to head out to meet our respective groups. we all finish eating a little quicker and head out. I meet up with Wraith, Faldkor & Anolin at the west gate to head out to on the mission.

The Mining Village

We are headed to the Mining village as this one poses the least difficulties with my inability to see in the dark, after the first 2 day we split from the other team we started the journey with and continue on alone.

The next few days are fairly uneventful.

On the last day we see a large cat following at a distance, we continue on warily.
We reach Gryford, Faldkor asks the messenger woman to check again with the villagers whether or not they can think of anything out of place or strange happening in the recent past. She doesn’t think it will help but she agrees to ask anyway.

We head down to the mine to see if the ore is missing as well as the men. Judging by a couple of pickaxes in the walls with clothes on the floor below them, it looks like whatever happened to the men happened instantaneously. It also looks like the ore is there as well. Faldkor rummages in the “dropped” clothes and finds wedding bands and other adornments that indicate that whatever took them could only take living beings and not what they were wearing.

We check the stables to see if there are any male horses, there isn’t any so we have to ask the villagers now whether they did have any. We go rest up for the night and find out from one of the other groups (through Tanni’s magical horns) that one of the other village’s male dogs has also disappeared.

In the morning we question the towns people about male animals and find out that they are missing one mule, they hadn’t noticed till we asked.

We go to investigate the old quarries looking for clues; we find nothing useful. Danni confirms from her group that all the male animals from the village they are at are missing.

Next day we head out from the village looking for local wildlife to see if I can talk to any of the animals to find out if any of the males are missing. This may give us an idea of the scope of what has happened here.

I speak to a female rabbit and ask about male rabbits in the warren, she can’t find any after a while, she also can’t remember when she last saw her mate; it was some time ago though.

Danni’s group also finds there are missing male animals (birds) about half a mile from the village they are at.

Next morning we wake up to the mines being worked, it looks like all the men are back. None of their clothes are to be found in the mines.
I suggest we could ask if Lyra Angel from the Monatery if she could investigate the villagers to tell if they are affected by anything, after all, Merela sent her to investigate the situation with Ignion.
We head back towards Waterdeep. 3 days out we meet up with the guards. We report that men have been returned to the village, we also report that all the women except the messenger women didn’t know anything about the disappearance once the men had been returned, we also tell them about the missing male animals.

Kiren asks me to mention to Merela, if I see him first, about the possibility of putting Monasteries out in the villages as the children don’t have much of a choice in what the become when they grow up.

When we get back to Waterdeep, Kiren and I go back to the monastery to report in and also to put forward my suggestion of getting Lyra to visit one of the villages to see if she can spot anything odd with the people there.

Kiren and I head back to the compound to report in with Yvonne, Kiren leaves me at the Tavern, Wraith finds me there shortly after and tells me to drink up so I can go back with him to see the rest of the group.

Lizard marsh fort… Take two

Later that night I head back to the Monastery with the other monks, I take a small detour with Dareva to an inn on the route back. Next morning I get up and spend the day doing chores at the monastery.

Next day I spend the morning doing more duties at the monastery and train with Dareva in the afternoon.

Next day after breakfast a cart shows up, 6 fighters get out of the back of the cart including Faldkor… I head over to meat Faldkor, Dereva asks him whats up (she’s manning the monastery door again), apparently we have a new job come up, its likely to do with something on the see as we have to go to the docks to get on a ship. I grab my things from the room and join Faldkor on the trip to the ship.

We get to the docks before mid day and board Tani’s ship. Wraith shows us to where we will be sleeping, it’s fairly similar to when we were on The Gleaming Gull. Kiren seems unsure about the hammocks as he fell out of the last one he was in and isn’t sure if it was faulty or there was a joke being played on him, I test the hammock out for him and it seems ok. Wraith comes in to take us to meet Yvonne for mission details.

Yvonne tells us we are on a mission of intelligence gathering and justice. Thanks to the papers we dug up in the Lizard marsh fort, they have found another fort on an island, we will be dropped off on the blind side of the island, we are to destroy any black power, save any prisoners and bring back any ledgers/books. The book we are looking fore will likely have a magical trap on it and be written in Elven. The layout of the fort is expected to be similar to the fort at the Lizard marsh. The fort is flying both Antegan and Pirate flags.
The people are pirates so we are allowed to use Martial force against them.

After Yvonne leaves we discuss tactics for assaulting the fort. After about an hour, we leave the docks and head for the fort.

After a few days travel we approach the island with the fort on it and head to the end that obscures our arrival.

We disembark on a longboat to the island and land on shore with no trouble. Wraith scouts ahead and comes back to tell us the fort is about a day away, and there is an obscured path we can take so we can travel in the day time. We settle down for the night.

The next day we travel on the rout Wraith picked out and get to a point that’s close to the fort.

Wraith and Talinda swim occross the mote and climb the walls, then secure off the rope ladder. Kiren takes a guide rope up so we can attach ourselves to it to prevent people falling in to the water if they fall off the rope ladder.

I climb the rope ladder with no problems. We breach the upper doors and sneak in. I watch the steps down while the others lower the bridge, once the bridge is lowered; the fighters come across it and in to the fort.

We go down and join the fighters. Dani is working on opening another door. She opens that, takes a lantern and goes inside before lighting it.

We keep watch for 30 mins until she comes back and gestures for us to follow. She tells us in a hushed voice that there are at least 4 people in the room above. We plan our attack on the room, I’m to go to the corridor entrance with rose (one of the fighters) to make sure we don’t get attacked from behind.

We employ the same tactic on the next few rooms, after this I stay back with Talinda to be a runner to inform the rest of the group if anyone enters or leave the keep.

After the fighting is over we all regroup. The fighter’s move out to the keep entrance ahead of us, we follow after a short while.

Zydra breaks the doors open and we move in, there are 4 guards in plate mail with short swords, We attack!

After the fight, after I have been healed, we move on in to the building in the keep, Kiren finds a hollow in one of the floor boards, Dani reaches in and picks a lock that’s under the floor, she pulls out a book. We move down to the room below next.
Zydra spots a place in the room that looks wrong, we remove a section of wall that reveals a corridor with 6 barrels in it, 1 barrel of Limes, 1 barrel of Iron rations, 2 barrels of black powder & 10 barrels ball bearings. Faldkor suggests we set off the black powder with the ball bearings to destroy the fort, Dareva suggests she should light it and run. As it turns out, the black powder won’t burn, so we settle for manually destroying the peer and dismantling the mechanisms on the drawer bridges.

We signal the boat to pick us up.

The journey back is uneventful. We take the captives back to the compound.

We go to Yvonne’s office to report on the mission, Yvonne takes the monks in to her office, she offers us a magical item each… she gives me a reversible hooded cloak (cloak of protection +1).

The Harvest Tide Feast

Next day when I go for breakfast there is chatter about going to the harvest tide holiday feast at Polandara’s compound, there is an open invite.

After breakfast I train with Dareva for a few hours then head over to see Candor to tell him I don’t need him to save for magic items for me any more, I take a detour through the tavern at the compound to have something to eat and drink. After telling Candor I don’t need to save for magical items any more I have a great idea about a modification I want for my drinking canteen (a way for it to contain both booze and soft drink), Faldkor isn’t at his workshop or the armory or his house so I leave a message for him at his house and head off to the training ground to get some sparing practice,.

The training grounds are really busy with new recruits training, so there isn’t really anyone available to spar with me. I head off in search of Anolin and find him at his house, he and Zydra are up for some practice so we go back to the training grounds and spar till around 7, then I go back to the tavern for something to eat and drink. While sat there Faldkor comes and finds me, says he got my message, so I quietly outline my plans for the drinking flask/canteen. Faldkor leaves with that look in his eye that says he’s on a mission, and I finish my meal and head home via a tavern on the road. During my time at this out of the way tavern I have a revelation, I am going about this tavern testing the wrong way, I should be scouting the higher class of taverns first, then filtering down to the other taverns, this way I will have something to compare the further out taverns to for those that are interested in atmosphere and a good drink/meal, this will my book sell when I finally make it.

Next day I spend a good time practicing in the monastery. After lunch I go find Faldkor and revise my ideas for the flask, I don’t want the mechanism for switching what I’m drinking to be obvious, it needs to be very subtle so I could even hand the flask to someone else to pour the drink for themselves. While taking Faldkor to discuss this secretively I think I may have drawn Wraith’s interest so I also hatch a plan with Faldkor to try and find out what Wraith might like for his next birthday since he gave me such a good gift for mine.

I get some nice clothes made up for the celebrations, I figure I can use these clothes for special occasions so I use the credit put aside for a new set of clothes for the feast of heroes.

I go to the feast with Kiren and Darreva, they don’t seem to have made as much effort as I have, but then it’s not that important, its just nice to be dressed up/differently for the occasion.

Part way through there is a presentation for heroes that aren’t able to be noted during feast of heroes. After that everyone cheers and the drinking resumes.

Later Merella an Tanalayas turn up and we chat briefly, after the celebrations when everyone is leaving we are attacked, there is some lightening behind me and 3 attackers in front of me, Merells and Candor and another cloaked figure take out all three intruders, I turn round to see what the noise and flash was behind me, I see a man sliding off the roof. Then I see Anolin is injured, a priest comes over and tries to heal him and it doesn’t work! We rush Anolin to the temple and the high up priests are able to heal him. We go out and investigate whats happened, turns out the dwarves on guard duty on the west gate are all dead, but the managed to take down three Drow before they were defeated.

As we get back to the Tani’s house, we are told its best if we stay here for the night, Merala is heading back to the Monastery so the monks there will be safe, I opt to sleep on the floor so one of the others can sleep on the bed (more like sleeping at the monastery that way anyway). Next morning, after nice dreams of taverns and tavern wenches, I’m woken by the sound of a sword being drawn/sheathed. After that I make my way down for breakfast. Breakfast turns out to be more like brunch, Yvonne shows up at about noon; apparently Polandara won’t be making it today. After everyone shows up, Clain explains that there were other attacks on Waterdeep, including one on Blackstaff’s tower, the Drow come form a house which translates as “The blood of dominance”. The Anteagan house in the city was burned down, there were also 3 burglaries in the area.

Turns out that all the captured crossbowmen from the attack last night were from Luscan, they blame the siege of their city on Polandara and a purge of the leaders at the time… they don’t believe that there were vampires involved and don’t believe in the vampire kings.

After the meeting Wraith head back to the docks and I join him as far as the monastery.

Next day, a knocking on my door awakes me, it’s Wraith. He has a job for us, it involves going to Candlekeep to find out more about the vigilante’s. I speak to Sardonas about getting some gold for the trip (10gp should cover my needs while there, though I may need substantially more for travel). On the way out, Merala tells me the job may be more testing than what I am used to… interesting, I will have to be extra cautious about everything, Merala doesn’t give these comments out without cause for concern.

We all go to the docks to find a ship to travel to Candlekeep. It falls to me to talk to the boson to get passage on the “Mermaid’s Tears”, works out about 22gp each way, Wraith and I head back to the monastery. I talk to Sardonas about the trip and expenses and he gives me 12 Platinum pieces for the trip.

We have dinner and a drink at my parent inn then I grab some rations from the Monastery any head back to the “Fire Mead” for the nights rest before going to the “Mermaid’s Tears” in the morning.

We board the “Mermaid’s Tears” and are shown our living quarters for our time aboard.

We arrive in Candlekeep and decide on out course of action, starting with delivering information to Gillena regarding recent events. Wraith goes with me and I dress down so to not draw attention. I knock on the door and a one eyed man opens the door., he takes my name and goes to tell Gillena we are here.. When Gillena comes down with one of her trainees, I fill her in on the going on in Waterdeep. Wraith asks her about the vigilantes, and she tells us about the local attacks on the 3 thieves guilds. We go back to the others at the inn and tell them what we have learned, we decide to check out the Antegan house, Wraith finds a pile of bodies decomposing inside. We decide to watch the house as the Vigilante’s are obviously dropping bodies of their victims there. I work the tavern that night but get no useful information. Next day we get a visit from one of Gillena’s followers, apparently someone was killed in the warehouse district the night before, so we decide to stake out the Anteagan house that night.

We split up, Wraith and I stand watch outside and Faldkor and Anolin go inside. Wraith and I see 3 people coming to the house, 2 carrying a body and one taking point, a short while after they enter the house, Faldkor comes out and beckons us over.

The haunted mansion

After Wraith and I watch the newcomers go to the house, we move in and Wraith goes inside while I wait outside keeping watch (I don’t think I should be in there without permission without good cause).

After an hour and a half two figures leave, I can’t make out who they are but Anolin steps out of the house an waves so I know its ok to let these people go, when I look back they have disappeared anyway.

The others come out of the house and we all go to the inn where we are staying. They fill me in on some new info while we walk. It seems the dock are a very disputed area… 2 thieves guilds and the vigilante’s all fighting each other.

Next day Wraith goes off to the Monastery to get some information. We have breakfast/lunch while we wait.

Wraith comes back grabs something to eat, he doesn’t have much more info, Grey (one of the vigilante names we found out) used to be a smuggler.

That evening we go in search of the Antegan warehouse (the building we think is the building the thief from the haunted mansion told Wraith and the others about. I wait outside while they enter the warehouse and look for clues/information. When they come back out they try to get me to go in to the warehouse and help them pick a lock, when I refuse Faldkor suggests that I have already broken the law as I am an accessory to the crime they committed when they broke in, therefore it should be no more harm for me to enter the warehouse… I refuse again, but this makes me think I should talk to Marela or maybe Gillena about the situation. It also makes me think that the next time we go out on a mission that may involve some breaking and entering by other members of the group, I will possibly opt not to go at all.

Night caps and shifty encounters

Next day I go with Helena back to the monastery to talk to Gillena, I ask about a map of the city while I’m there, Helena picks one up for me on her trip to tell my group I am waiting for Gillena to finish meditation, I give elena 1 sp for the cost of the map.

I speak to Gillena of my troubles and Faldkor’s questioning about the possibility of infiltration by other factions, she tells me the chance to help others far out weighs the chance that someone would infiltrate her Monastery. Gillena helps assuage my worries about my morality issues. I will use some of her opinions as my own until I have had time/experience enough to forge my own opinions on the.
That night we check out the “upper market” bar Solon is known for hanging out in, turns out I showed up too late, as the place was fairy quiet. The barman confirms that Solon does in dead frequent here. I spin the tale about writing a book about Inns/Taverns of interest.

Next day we get a message from Helena to meet in the ally way, wraith goes to the ally and gets told that Magpie (one of the Ravens) has information for the elves mistress.
We decide that I’m going to sit at the doc’s and keep watch in case they get in trouble.

After we are there for a while several others show up, they look to be approaching the rest of my group. They talk for a while, then they leave and I wait for a while before following. I head back for the tavern.

We go to our rooms to rest.

In the morning we go down for breakfast, Faldkor suggests us becoming Vigilante’s to get the groups interest. Then he suggests a lawful way of questioning the vigilante’s, catching them in the act and making a citizens arrest, then questioning them on the way to handing them in to the city guard.

Helena comes to the inn at lunchtime and tells us to meet her in the park. In the park she tells us that the Ravens shut the docks down last night, she thinks it may have been related to us. Also she says that Joshua (one of the Vigilante’s names we had picked up) was thought to be dead.

We go to the Merchant district and see that the “Evidence” (as Faldkor calls it) of the misdeeds that happened relating to the “Haunted Mansion” have not gone un noticed, there are two city guards patrolling the Mansion.

We go to the merchant stalls to investigate the Anteagans shop, see if that is under investigation now. It appears to have been left alone. We settle down and discuss going back to the upper class inn, we decide Faldkor will go in with Wraith. Faldkor suggests that he plays the part of a prosperous merchant and puts 100gp on the bar for the night as celebration for a good job.

For some reason I go in first again, I buy a drink and start chatting to the bar tender, someone who looks like the description we have of Solon is in the corner having dinner. I start a dialogue with the bar tender and wait for Faldkor ro enter, when he does, the bar tender goes and serves him, he comes back with a bemused look and states that the Gnome have made a generous contribution, I act surprised when I order the house signature drink and he says the bill is already paid by the Gnome. I leave before Faldkor does and wait a little way down the road towards the inn we are staying at.

Next day we meet Helena at the park, she tells us that a lady named Eleida (a known associate of Solon’s) was arrested and then released.

Faldkor asked around the warehouse district looking for buying a warehouse, this of coarse was a ruse for getting shown around the warehouses and try and get entrance to the Antegan warehouse, he didn’t gain entry but did get the name of the lawyer in charge of the property.

We spend some time talking about producing our own beverage. Then we decide I will go back in to the tavern and see if Solon was there, then plan is I leave shortly after if Solon is there and not leaving, if he leaves when I head in then I will stay all night.

When I enter the tavern, Solon isn’t there, so I order a pint and start talking to the barman, shortly after that Solon shows up with 3 friends, two of whom I recognize and one I don’t. I finish my pint and leave to go meet Faldkor on the street. He fills me in on the plan that Wraith will follow Solon when he leaves and leave a trail for us to follow, chalk arrows depicting the direction they are going.

3 hours later Solon leave the tavern, Wraith follows and we keep back follow as planned. We stop after the last arrow, wraith tells us Solon has gone in to a building and it looks like it’s well guarded. We decide to wait and see if Solon leave the house.

At about 4am, Solon and 2 people leave the house and head our way. They head past our ally way, we wait for a bit and follow, looking for chalk arrows left by Wraith. Wraith steps out of the shadows and points out the house Solon has entered. We head back to the Tavern we are staying in. Tomorrow we will talk to Jack and tell him about the house Solon is in, also we will ask him to find out if there are any reports/gossip of people having the strange dreams we have experienced in Waterdeep.

Next day we get up and go see Helena in the park, she says Grist may know who lives in the 1st house Solon stopped in. She tells us of a fight near the city gates, 2 people were killed. We hatch a plan to use Faldkor’s cover of being an affluent merchant and make out he has been robbed. Helena tells us that there has in deed been people reporting strange dreams, she says they took the afflicted people to see Tristina (the Woman at the monastery who has visions).

Wraith makes me up to look not like myself, I’m to be Faldkor’s alter ego’s (Sir/Turlan) body guard. We go to the Antegan lawyers offices to try and arrange an appointment to discuss the Antegan warehouse as a possible new purchase. Faldkor arranges a meeting with the lawyer in a weeks time.

We go back to The Fortunes Favour. I go in and order a pint, I see Solon and the two people that were with him yesterday, There is a 3rd, large, man with them, I haven’t seen him before. I leave the tavern (thus signaling Solon is there).

Later, Faldkor and the others show up, he tells us a blacksmith named Sal helped him and was sympathetic.

Next day we meet Helena in the park again. We discuss the happenings of the previous night and discuss plans moving forward.

The hole in the wall

After some arguments about going back in to the warehouse to check distances where the back door of the warehouse is and whether it actually butts on to the wall. We decide to look at the outside wall to see if we can find a hidden entrance to the warehouse from the outside. Anolin tells us he can see one when we reach the area of outside wall that the warehouse should butt on to. We head back in and to our tavern.

Next day we meet Helena in the park, she tells us the Guilds seem to be stepping up with their fight against the vigilantes. We decide to wander near the guardhouse to see if there are any “Wanted” posters hung there. We see nothing of interest there, no “Wanted” posters.

Next day we meet up with Helena again in the same park as yesterday. She tells us there were guards all around the Anteagan shop yesterday. Wraith tells us the boards on the shop have been removed and put back without anyone noticing. After we finish at the park, Faldkor goes in search of the blacksmith, we follow at a distance to make sure he doesn’t fall in to harms way.

Faldkor tells us that he has been introduced to a couple of others people and been invited to a meal at The Fortunes Favour.

We decide to watch the warehouse district to see if the Anteagan warehouse is the next place on the Guard search list, since they have now searched the house and the shop. Wraith will take point and hide, if anything happens he will come find us (we will be a short distance away, so as to not draw attention).
Nothing happens by 10pm, so we head back to the tavern.

Next day we go back to the park to see Helena; she has no new information but tells us the next park we will meet in.

We discuss our plans for later that evening, Anolin and I will go back to Fortunes Favor and Wraith and Faldkor will go to the warehouse, I didn’t want to go to the warehouse as there was talk of waiting in the ally and possibly jumping people caught leaving the warehouse (this sounds more like something the vigilante’s would do, and there’s no guarantee they would have any evidence of crimes committed on them).

When we get to the tavern Anolin makes a show of pushing past me to enter first. The evening is uneventful, so we leave the tavern shortly after 10 and head back to the inn.

In the morning Anolin tells me the city guards have broken into the warehouse and taken something away in a big cart (possibly dead bodies but no confirmation on that yet). After breakfast we go to the new part and meet Helena. She doesn’t have much more information for us. We spend the remainder of the day in The Halfway Inn.

Next day we go out and meet Helena again, she tells us about an attack on the edge of the docks between the ravens and some people dressed as guards (but not guards), some of the people dressed as guards were arrested but all the ravens got away. There is talk of a warehouse being raided by the city guard (part of the “Antegan legacy”).

After Helena leaves, Faldkor suggests a new approach at the Fortunes Favor tavern, he will go in to see if the blacksmith is there, if not he will approach Anolin as if he is a prospective new bodyguard.

A couple of hours after Faldkor went in to the tavern, he and Anolin and two others (one of whom I recognize from being with Solon) leave, they head back to the inn we are staying in, Wraith and I decide to stay outside a while before entering.

After the two others leave, Faldkor confirms the list of council members Wriath has, Eld is a member of the guard.
Its agreed that we are all interested in finding out who lives in the 1st residence Wraith Followed Solon to, the first time we found Solon. So we plan for me to pretend to be a messenger with a delivery for the residence and I’m to ask if Ellida is the owner of that residence.

The Vigilante’s

That morning we rise early to get to the residential area, we watch for an opportunity with a worker from one of the houses, Faldkor and Anolin leave after a while to meet the solicitor about the warehouse, it looks after a while like we have missed the best time to approach anyone so Wraith and I decide to come back tomorrow morning. We go and meet Helena in the park and wraith asks her to get the monks to mark on the map the locations of the Vigilante attacks.

We then head back to the Taver and wait for Faldkor and Anolin to return.

When Faldkor and Anolin return, they tell us that the Mansion is up for sale and has a lot of interest (despite the murders that happened there). Faldkor managed to ascertain that the house we were checking out (the one Solon visited a couple of nights back) is indeed owned by Elida. Apparently she came in to some money after her husband (a cooper) died. Also someone has made a bit on the Anteagan shop for 3 times its worth if they can buy it as a deal with the warehouse. Someone who hadn’t left a mess in there had used the warehouse without permission.

Next day we go se Henela in the park, she has no new information yet and the map updates have not been completed yet. She gives Wraith the new map he requested yesterday and tells us the next park to meet in.

Next day we find her in the new park, she hands me the map with the Vigilante markings on it.

Colour coding of vigilante activity:
Blue: 1st incidents involving the vigilante’s.
Black: everything after 6 months up to 1 month ago
Red: Most recent incidents from the last month.

We then head off to Faldkor’s meeting with the blacksmith, Wraith and myself peruse a local rug shop, Wraith head over to keep an eye on the back of the blacksmiths shop.
After a while, Solon walks out of the front of the Blacksmiths shop and heads over to a Tavern on the other side of the street.

Wraith taps me on the shoulder and tells me Faldkor and the others left via the back door. We head off in the same direction; they go back to the Tavern we are staying in.

We spend the next night and day watching one of the vigilante “hotspots” as shown on my updated map. Nothing happens, it seems to be a really quiet area for so many incidents to happen in.

Next day we meet up with Helena but she has no new information for us.
Next day it’s raining, we head out to the next “hot-spot” to check out and spend the day watching and looking around. We find nothing of interest.

Next day it’s still raining when we meet Helena in the park. She has no new information.

Next day we scout out the next Vigilante hotspot, its still wet out today. This spot is clearly a convenient spot between two districts, which probably explains why conflict happened here.

Next day when we meet Helena it’s just drizzling. We ask for another map depicting which factions are involved in the scuffles.

Next day we scout out the next area, nothing new here either. Faldkor hatches a plan to show him receiving a “warning” message, the Antegan house symbol and a skull, to see if what emotions cross Solon’s face when he see’s it/hears of it

Next day it’s heavy showers and sunshine, Helena gives us the updated map. We go back to the tavern and inspect the map. It gives us a vague idea of guild territories. Comparing the two maps, it becomes apparent that the irregular attacks from 6 months ago and older draw a line to the warehouse district. The Bard (known to be connected to the pirates) was arrested about 6 months ago and after that the vigilante attacks seem less focused.

Helena has no new info then next day. Faldkor goes back to the solicitor again, to find out about other properties in the warehouse district.

Next day Helena has no new information for us.

Next day Faldkor goes to the solicitors again to pick up the list of warehouses for sale. After we get back to the tavern and inspect the list of warehouses, there doesn’t appear to be any correlation to the events of around 6 months ago.

We head to the docks to check for the Gleaming Gull for our trip back to Waterdeep, the harbormaster tells us she is due in tomorrow and doesn’t normally dock overnight.

Next day Faldkor goes through his charade with Solon showing him the Antegan symbol with a skull next to it, Solon doesn’t appear to have any emotional response to it other than perhaps curiosity. After this meeting Faldkor and Anolin meet back up with me and Wraith and we all head off the Monastery to look at the changes they have made. The place is looking rather more like a Monastery thanks to the donations from Anolin and Faldkor.

We leave and head to the docks. When we get there The Gleaming Gull is in and we arrange transport back to Waterdeep. Wraith covers the cost of the trip back since he expects Tanny to cover the costs when we get back.

After arriving back, we head to the compound to get some lunch and a drink. After lunch Dani Wraith and I go to the practice yard to spar for a bit. After sparring we go back to the Inn for dinner.

Faldkor comes in, says hello, spoke to the barwoman for a bit and then left.

After dinner I spend the night at Wraith’s house. Next day I head back to the Monastery to report in. After reporting my trip to Sardonas I receive a message from Fadlkor that my presence is requested (if I’m in a fit state??) to report our findings to Yvonne. I head back to the compound. After stopping by the Inn for a quick drink to wet my whistle after the long walk I head over to Faldkor’s house, he’s not there but the woman there tells me he is in his office so I head there next. I meat Faldkor and tell him I am fine for the meeting with Yvonne.

Next I head out for the training area and find Wraith there, we spar for a bit before going Polandara’s house for the mission debriefing.

After the debriefing I go back to the Monastery.

Pirate season

In the morning Merala is waiting for me and some of the other monks, ones that normally get sent on missions, in one of the practice rooms, he has a mission for us.

We are to capture Tamius Zanth dead or alive (pref alive), Faldkor & Thal are to be in charge.
We are to use our own judgment on whether or not to kill the other pirates. We are to depart on the Firemead at midday.

I go tell the seamstress Faldkor will be in need her services in ~20 days, (depending on us getting sent on missions), she hand me the other clothes I ordered a while back. Then I train with Dareva for a couple of hours before heading to the Firemead.

On board the Firemead I keep out from under peoples feet. After we head out I am told that Kiren is to be the “Monk Representative” as far as telling the others what we will and won’t do morally.

Meanwhile back at the keep

On the journey to the island keep, we discuss possible tactics. Sending 2 groups in to scout, one to scout the keep, and the other to scout the island. We also decide to capture Tamius’s ship at the same time. In the end, we settle on a plan to take invisible parties to the keep and the ship, the Tribes men will try to keep reinforcements form getting to the ship while its under attack. Anolin and Draught will go in and try to abduct Tamius before we launch our attack on the keep, if the abduction fails we will attack as planned.

After getting to the beach on the island, the island exploration groups are sent out, they come back a few hours later and only one of the groups has found anything of interest, a small cave about 3 hours closer to the keep from where we came ashore.

We head out to the cave where we setup camp. During a conversation later regarding “Breakfast wines”, Clayne offers to teach me what drinks for what occasions.

Next day we get intelligence that Tamius is in the keep, but has stepped up defenses considerably, all 5 towers are now in use as watch towers, Tamius has surrounded himself by trained fighters, there is a new barracks containing 40 people.

We decide to change stratergy on the attack and send the Tribes men in to the main keep to hold them inside, Clayne will be locking the barracks and the bases of the 5 towers, we will be going on to the keep walls and attempting to barricade the tower guards from exiting the tops of the towers, if that fails we will try to take out the tower guards (as well as the guards already atop of the wall), possibly by me using my “Push” maneuver to shove them off the wall into the water below.

Pirate booty

After all the planning is finished and we are all made invisible, we head off to the keep.

After climbing the rope ladder we wait on top and I am to make the first attack, I push one of the guards off the top and then the others attack too. After Faldkor tells them to surrender, they just attack us so we start fighting them.

After the fight we take the lone person to surrender and the girls that were held prisoner back to the boat.

We arrive back at waterdeep, after depositing the prisoners in the jail I head back to the Monastery with the other monks to report in on what happened during the assignment.

Sardonas advises us that Merala is in the library and would like to hear the report, he asks us to follow him as he moves around picking up various packages, he gives me a pair of magical braces (AC8), Kiren gets lens of detection, and Dareva gets a Wind fan.

Midwinter holiday

I spend the rest of the day looking in to the cost of spirits, as I will need to replace the contents of my hip flask at some point.

Next day I get up and help with the chores at the Monastery, and then I overhear others wishing each other a happy Mid Winters holiday… I’d almost forgotten about it. I head out to the compound to find the others, I find Wraith in the tavern, and I buy Wraith and myself a beer while we wait for the others. Wraith hands me my share from our last trip to Candlekeep.


On my way back form the bar a little later I spot Thal and call out a greeting, this seems to get everyone in the vicinity to think I was greeting them and they in turn call out a greeting back and this spreads across the tavern. When I get back to my seat I find out that Faldkor is celebrating his promotion tonight, and Anolin is not in the mood for any festivities today.

Later Faldkor suggests that we (Wraith, Faldkor and myself) all go to check up on Anolin, he is worried about some attack happening like last time there was a large public celebration. We head out and pick Jex up on route and make our way to find Anolin. We hang around Anolin’s until 8 in the morning in case of another attack, then I go get some rest at Wraiths house.

When I wake up its still quite dark outside and I’m a little surprised to find out its mid afternoon, we head back to the monastery and I try hard to tire myself out before bed time that night.

Next day I wake up around lunch time, I spend the afternoon training with the other monks. Next day there is a delivery of invitations. One is for me, it invites me to the Sweetsong Tavern for a meal followed by games & prizes at 4pm on the 10th (3 days time). I buy some reasonable rum the next day and hand over the leftover money to Sardonas.

I spend the rest of the time before the party at Dacer’s Inn learning about the more subtle differences in the Ale’s and Beer’s, he can also direct me to another Inn who may be able to instruct me further.

I head to the party with Kiren and Dariva.

We get to the party and enjoy the meal and conversations, based on the recent attack and last impromptu all night guarding session I decide to intersperse my beers with 2 flagons of apple juice.

Through the night I seem to have picked up a couple of other peoples drinks by mistake, so I put these back down and as I’m unable to tell which cup was originally mine I go get a new drink… That does however get me to thinking early the next morning, I need a way to be sure which drink is mine, I think maybe something simple like a very small lump of clay or mildly sticky substance that can cause a practically undetectable lump somewhere on any tankard I am currently drinking from, think I’ll talk to Faldkor about this, he may have some ideas on this.

After breakfast I go for some practice with Wraith. After that I go in search of Faldkor. When I find him he is busy so I arrange to meet him in the Tavern at around 8pm.

I chat with Faldkor about the idea I had for telling if I had picked up the wrong tankard, he seemed to think clay would either dry out too fast, not by sticky enough to stay stuck to the tankard or be useless if it gets too wet, he suggested maybe some tree sap. I think I’ll have to try a few experiments, maybe even mix clay with tree say from different types of tree and see what I can make that may be helpful.

A few days later I have another of those dreams, fire and floating in water, 3 voices, they all shout together “sister lost”… I awake startled to hear commotion in the monastery, it seems others also had dreams. Sardonas sends me to the compound to see if anything has happened there too.

At the compound I go in via the closest gate and happen across Gouge (the half Orc that lives with Faldcor), he says it looks like most of the city has had the same dream, he suggests I go wait back at his place as its likely Yvonne will drop by shortly and be able to fill me in on the goings on. I head off to his place (after a quick double check of directions with Gouge, I’m not that familiar with the layout of the compound from this side).

I have a small confrontation with Jex when he growls at me, I tell him “Easy Jex” in animal speak, he growls loudly back at me to stay out of his head! That’s the last I’ll be saying to him in animal speak then… Thal confirms they all had the same dream at the compound as at the monastery. We decide I should ask one of the other animals if they also had the same dream, maybe Anolin’s warhorse.

Yvonne comes in at around 8am, she confirms that they have had reports from all around the city of people having the same dream. She tells me that Blackstaff’s apprentices all had the dream; Blackstaff, Tanalayas and Louriell and someone called Umbra all didn’t have the dream. Tanni said it could have some resemblance to what the demon lords can do. I leave to talk with the horses, apparently the warhorses responded worse to the dream than the riding horses. After this I report back to Faldkor’s house with the news that the Warhorses had the same dream, though they are not familiar with the concept of dreams, then I head back to the monastery and fill Sardonas in on what I found out.

A couple of days later, Wraith shows up asking if I’m free to go on a mission, I ask Sardonas and he says its ok, he also confirms for me that I don’t have to ask permission each time… just telling him I will be going out of the city is sufficient.

W go to the compound to meet the others so we can all be filled in with the details of the mission at the same time

Wraith tells us another of the strange cross’s has been found, the next mountain range over from the bandit camp, apparently the cross has been found in a Giant camp (mountain Giants quite likely). The cross is on a fur on a throne in the camp.

Some stuff happened, we got attacked by undead, and Oger’s.

Later while in the shadows of the mountains, we get attacked by wolves,

HP 39

At nightfall we still haven’t found access to the trail, some Oger’s attack us, we take those out and move on a bit and set up camp for the night. During the night we get attacked by Zombies, after the fight we have to move cam site.

About 6 hour in to the next day we find a trail, we follow it for a further 6 hours until we can see above the tree line, and it looks like it could lead to the next mountain range over as we hoped.

A couple of hours later we spot some really large foot prints. We figure they are about 10 feet tall. We follow the path upward, cautiously. 3 hours later we come across 3 10ft fall Giants, they attack us without even stopping to attempt to communicate. They have some human spears in their camp site (3), I pick these up for using as my ranged attack against future enemies.

Another couple of hours later we come across 3 more Giants. We dispatch them.
An hour later, the trail seems to be heading in to a valley, and then we hear a group coming up behind us. We dispatch this next group as well and carry on heading inward.

We come to a cave and there are “snoring” noises coming from it, in the middle of the communal area there is a large stone chair, but nothing around there, we carry on and find another cave with 2 giants guarding. When they attack they scream out, alerting others near by, after we take them down we head in to the cave and there are 4 Giant females and 1 Giant male, the male is in Plate mail. We take them out, Wraith looks a little worse for ware after the battle. I take watch while the others search the cave.

We decide to head out of the area as fast as possible; they found the cross amongst other items. We stop momentarily to use a healing salve on wraith.

We get back to the waterfall camp and rest up inside the safety of its walls.

We then head back to pick up the horses. We rest up outside the village. During the night there is an explosion, I wake up burning and Anolin is attacking a Chicken…. A chicken! And it’s still alive!!! We all start attacking the chicken… WOW this is a tough chicken! We kill it and then set to slapping the burning embers of the explosion from out clothes (no doubt I defiantly need a new set of clothes). Wraith strips the feather from it and we leave the carcass behind.

We get back to the village where the horses are and rest up for the night.

Next morning we head back. We pass a group of soldiers that day

4 days later we see Hope, Zydre, Dariva and Dani on the road, we call to them and meet up with them and all head back together. We go back and report to Tani. Then I go and report back to Sardonis. I need to go see Faldkor regarding Wraith’s birthday present as well.


Next day I go see Faldkor and find out he hasn’t finished either my hip flask or the present for Wraith (cloak with embedded chain) yet. Next I go to the training grounds in the compound to look for some training partners, it seems to be occupied by 1st year trainees so I head off in to Waterdeep to seek out Dacer and continue my drink training.

Later I head back to the monastery and see Sardonas, I fill him in on the last mission and hand back the unused Gold. I take his advice and pick up a lantern from the Monastery stores. I also see the seamstress and ask for a replacement set of cloths for the burnt set, and for her to clean the bloodied set for me, I will use my spare sets from my room in the mean time.

Next day I am on door duty, Wraith shows up just before lunch and asks if I can go with him to see about sharing out the magical items from our last mission. I make a deal to swap my afternoon shift for Dariva’s next morning shift. We go to the compound and wait for Anolin to show up, it gets to 7pm and he still hasn’t showed up so Wraith and I head to the Tavern, I’ll be staying the night at the compound.

Anolin and Faldkor show up at the Tavern around 9. We decide to sort the magic items out at the Tavern. I get a pair of slippers of spider climb, they will allow me to walk on almost any surface at any angle (only super slippery surfaces like ice or oiled surfaces are out of question). I spend the rest of that evening with the kguys and stay the night at Wraith’s place.

Next day I spend some more time in training at Dacer’s inn.

Next day I do Dariva’s morning shift. The day after that I spend getting used to using the slippers of spider climb, I even get Kiren to help me test if I can be knocked over while wearing them (I can but its really confusing so I won’t go in to that!), I think they will just be kept in my back pack and used for climbing only.

Next day we go to Wraiths birthday do in the compound. After that I spend the night at Wraith’s, we spend the next day training with our new magical items.

Next day there is a knock on my door around 6ish I get awoken and told Mirala wants to see me, I immediately think I have overslept for door duty, surely Mirala wouldn’t be summoning me about that. I get dressed and head to the study where I normally have briefings with Mirala. On the way to the study I meet Dareva and Kiren also on their way.

Mirala tells us Polandara wishes our services again. We are to pick up supplies and head to the compound. After the briefing is over, I hold back for a moment and ask Mirala if he has ever seen such a creature as the fiery chicken we saw on the last mission, he says he hasn’t so I head out with the others.

We see Wraith at the compound and he tells us we need to go to Palandara’s house, so we grab some breakfast and head over to the meeting place.
We get ushered in to a lounge (its quite full for the large room that it is). Yvonne shuts the door an eyes us up, she then starts her briefing:
She tells us the two keeps we have found belong to The order of the vale, they have found another keep in the Ever-moores, head to Silvery-moon then follow the path north rather than over the bridge. Dispose of any black powder, bring back any weapons. The keep looks like the fort in the Lizard marsh, with 5 port callus’s. Apparently we may have to fight a Troll, the only way to be sure they are dead is to burn the bodies (the bodies will burn easily). The journey is about a couple of weeks.

We gather our things and head out on the road.

Later that day, we near a shady group of people, we pass them (they are armed). The don’t make nay moves toward us though so we carry on.

That night our groups camp together. Next morning we head out, we don’t encounter much that morning, just a herd of cattle being herded across the road.

We pack up for that evening and the hunters in the party go looking for some fresh food for us. The night is uneventful.

Next day we pass some halflings who are asking directions to Waterdeep, we give them directions and warn them of the shady looking group we passed a couple of days ago.

A couple of days later Faldkor tries to make me leader of the Monks for the monk group taking point, it doesn’t go down well and Dariva is clearly having trouble with a known alcoholic taking lead of the Monk group. So Faldkor leaves Wraith in charge of the Monks and takes me with him instead.

Darriva spots a hill that looks like it’s breathing, a couple of the more stealthy members of our team are sent onward to investigate. They find there is more than one of whatever is hidden, possibly using sound or scent as a trigger on when to ambush unaware caravans.

We decide to lure them in to attacking if that is what they are going to do, we will be ready to attack from behind them if they are indeed hostile.

They do attack when the fighters get close enough on the road, then we all jump and attack, there are 4 of these strange creatures with long arms, sharp teeth and covered in moss. After we take them down, we go for fire in case they are trolls, while we are getting the torches, two of them get back up, and the fighters quickly take them down again. We set fire to them and they do indeed burn very quickly, so they are most likely Trolls.

Kiren looks quite badly injured after the smoke clears, so we use some of the healing salve’s on him.

We continue on down the road with some of the warriors taking the lead. The next day the two warriors up front head back to us rather hurriedly to tell us there is a two headed giant coming our way, Faldkor tells us its called an “Etin” and that each head controls its respective side of the body. We ready ourselves and manage to kill it with ranged weapons before it reaches us.
By that evening when we are setting up camp, Kiren is looking more his normal self than before. We think we can see the fort in the distance, we will have a better view in the morning.

Next day Thal goes forward a little and tells us it does look like it’s the keep. We head onward towards it. It mirrors the one at the Lizard marsh. The ground does seem to get better as we get closer to it.

When we get to the keep we climb the walls to see if we can get in the top like last time, Danni finds a magical trap up top, she disarms it but we can’t get in so we go back down the wall and enter through a secret door. We find dome more traps inside and two of our part attempt and fail to remove one of them and end up magically frozen. Upstairs we find a some more traps and manage to disarm them successfully; we find a book written in Drow and what appears to be some decomposing map-making tools.

After 10 hours the two frozen members of our group return to normal, we attempt to disarm the trap again the next day and succeed, there is a button inside the box the trap was on, we decide to leave pressing that until we have finished exploring the rest of the keep.

Thal fills me in on the drow and their living and religious habbits, its quite different to what I have heard in the Tavern stories.

We go down one of the stairwells to under the keep, Danni goes first to look for traps.

We start exploring the lower levels, we find another stairwell going down in pretty much the center of the structure. We explore the rest of this level, it takes us most of the day.

Next day we go back down to the central stairwell that went deeper in to the earth. The staircase opens out at the bottom in to a massive hall. We find more of that odd equipment that’s melting. We check the place out for secrets; it’s likely to take several days judging by its sheer size. Near the end of the first day we find a wall that seems to be too new compared to the surrounding brickwork. Faldkor sets to work on trying to dismantle a small section of it to see what’s behind it, it could just be a repair job. There is a wall of mud behind the bricks, and a wall of wood just behind the mud, we poke a small hole in the wood and there is an opening behind the wood so we decide to rest for the night before opening this up even more.

Next day we go back down and continue to explore the hidden area behind the wooden wall. We find a leather coated in oil covering something. We remove the leather and find some barrels under it, it appears the oiled leather hasn’t protected what’s in the barrels, and they are quite wet.

We dump the black powers remains in the mote, then after pressing the button we found and finding out it opens one of the secret compartments we already found and opened, we head back home. The trip back is fairly uneventful.

Faldkor, Thal and myself go in search of Yvonne to debrief on the mission. I head back to the Monastery after the debriefing.

Next day, Faldkor delivers our payment for the last mission (500pp). I take the money and leave most of it in my room for the moment. Faldkor asks about getting some more healing salves, Dariva says the rangers gave them to the monastery as payment for a previous job. I ask Faldkor if he can design a new lantern for me, a bull’s-eye/hooded lantern. I then proceed in to town to buy a bull’s-eye lantern for the time being. After that I pop in to see Dacer and pay him 2pp for the next set of lessons (wine tasting), then hand the remainder to Sardonas.

Next Day Dariva wakes me and tells me Merala wants to see me as soon as i’m awake. I get up and head off to find Merala, I find him in the courtyard.

Merala briefs me on the mission:
24 days ago Orcs and ogers attacked the Knight Dragon Monastery (the place Mirala was trained), afterword’s they realize the dragons of the N,S,E & West winds (idles carved in ivory with rubies for eyes, oriental dragon carving designed to depict the 4 winds) have been stolen. The attack was too well organized for the creatures that attacked to have done the planning. The monastery is isolated, therefore there aren’t many powerful monks at the monastery, they have saught help from Marala.
The foothills a distance away from this monastery are Orc tribes, Ogres never realy work with Orcs, if the attack had anything to do with the tribes its likely the “Ripped gut Orcs” who are at war with the “Red flayer hob gobblins” (not another Orc group), there is another Orc tribe called “The thousand fist”, they have a piece treaty with the “Ripped Gut” tribe but aren’t helping them in the war. The orcs that attacked the monastery don’t appear to be from either tribe and Ogers are unheard of in the mountains. The Monastery is about 1000 Miles away. There is a 4th group who are to the west of the river Rouvin that could be involved because of the nature of the Idles, they are called “The Blue Dragons”. They have been there for some time, possibly longer than the monastery. The head Monk at the Monastery is called Tarn, he is the Master of Spring. If we can resolve the issue and track down and recover the Idles Mirala will give us 30 more salves. Also Tarn doesn’t like people that drink. As only 24 days have passed the group that attacked may not have had chance to get that far.
Mirala has some Maps of the area for our trip and he gives them to me there and then.

Head towards Silvery moon, then due east to the Nether Mountains.

I send a messenger to the boats to look for Wraith and then pick up my stuff and enough rations for 30 days travel, I also pick up 20gp from Sardonas for the trip. I then head out to the compound and find Anolin, Faldkor and Wraith in the vicinity and rally them all to the Tavern for the breifing.

The Knight Dragon Monastery

I brief the team on the mission as Merala briefed me, we start planning the trip to the monastery strait away. We decide to ask Gem on Tani’s ship if she can Scry for the dragon’s, she tries but doesn’t succeed, it could be that the description wasn’t good enough. I go back to Merala and ask if he has any pictures of the Dragon statues or if his wife (Tanalayas – an Arc-Mage) could help with the Scrying, apparently she is busy currently and shouldn’t be disturbed, he does however give me a book with pictures of the Oriental dragons of North, South, East & West depicted. We take that back to Gem and she asks to borrow it, I say it’s ok, she will continue to attempt to Scry for the Dragon statues.

We head back to the compound to pick up our supplies and head out.

Nearly a month later we get to a mountain trail that will eventually lead to the monastery.

Next day we see 4 men in robes, they seem to be moving faster than us. They are from group of ex-teachers from the Knight Dragon Monastery who have set up their own monastery. They don’t talk for long and seem put out by my extravagant clothing. They head off ahead of us and we continue on.

We get to the Knight Dragon Monastery by nightfall. I knock on the gates and get the attention of the monk on duty, he goes and fetches Tarn and he invites us in, he shows us to our “Cells” and says we can talk in the morning.

Next day, Master Tarn tells us the attack on the main 2 gates was just a distraction, he shows us to a wall that’s been smashed through, there is no roof on this room, outside the hole is almost a sheer drop, there are big footholds and handholds in the rock-face down. The siege went on for 20 minutes, to smash through the wall it looks like there were two things attacking that would have take 4 – 5 blows to break through. The last 8 handholds seems to be hammered in (probably with 1 hit each by something big).

In the statue room there was a rug with gold thread and golden braziers, but only the Dragon statues were stolen.

We decide to follow the trail down the mountain side to see where it leads, no-one has gone far from the bottom as the Monastery can’t afford to send people out further.

After a brief discussion about food times at this Monastery, we decide to head down the side of the cliff face, Wraith talked to Jex to explain we were going to lower him over the edge of the cliff on a rope so we could take him with us. At the bottom of the cliff we gather our things back together and follow the trail that leads away, later at about sundown we get ambushed… A large Ork attacks Faldkor and Wraith, they are wearing thick hide armor with a red slash across the middle.
We dispatch them quickly, this is not this tribes territory.

Towards the end of the next day we can see the trail leads up the side of a mountain to a cave, the trail up seems to be a difficult one, so we decide to rest up for the night. I decide we should take Jex back and leave him at the Monastery as there is no telling what lays ahead in terms of terrain, having Jex along may slow us even more than the days it will take to deliver him back to the monastery and make our way back to the cave.

On the way back we hear fighting in the distance, I decide to ask Master Tarn if this is common.

We deliver Jex back to the Monastery and stay the night before heading back out to the cave. Master Tarn confirmed they also heard fighting in the woods the day before, but it’s not uncommon.

We make it back to the mountain where the cave is and make our way up, its quite slippery going, Faldkor almost falls off 3 times on one patch before I point out a less slippery looking bit. We get to the top near evening, at the entrance to the cave we can hear bones being crunched and there is a smell of rotting flesh. We decide to engage whatever it is before resting so we don’t risk being attacked while resting. It turns out there are 4 Ogers, we take them out and explore the cave.

The passage inside the cave leads downwards to a large open cavern where there is a log cabin, the chimney is smoking. The cavern appears to be a naturally formed cavern. We make our war cautiously towards the log cabin. Faldkor knocked on the door, there are some voices inside, they ask who’s there., Faldkor chooses this point to become a comedian and starts jesting with them about looking for an idiot. He doesn’t get much of a reply. I ask about the statues and they Ork behind the door says we should talk to the guy who’s now gone to bed, but he won’t go wake the human. We wait till morning and I knock on the door and speak with the man, his name turnes out to be Barl. After a somewhat strained conversation about morrals and our intent upon those who have the statues, we agree that he will try and get the statues for us and return them, or get information about the statues for us, but is still untrusting of us, he directs us to a tree stump out on the trail.

We agree to meet at the stump. 3 days later 4 tall orks or short ogers come down the trail towards us. They are weary of us as the approach, we step back to give them room. They leave a bag with what appears to be the 4 statues and 1 scroll, Wraith appraises the statues to check their authenticity, they appear genuine so we take them and leave, heading back to the monastery.

We get back to the Monastery in the evening. And seek out Master Tarn. We wait until he is finished his teaching session and then present him with the Idles and the scroll and relate the story of our adventure to get the Idles back. It turns out that Barl was sent to the Monastery by his parents but he didn’t really fit there, he is a pacifist by nature but if pushed to breaking he is apparently very formidable, but training with him is difficult as he has to be pushed to breaking point before he will fight and then he hurts people.

I spend half an hour or so training before going to bed.

Next day I get up with the other monks and have breakfast. We leave for Waterdeep shortly after saying our goodbyes to Master Tarn, I also tell him about the strange dreams and the cross’s and the village where all the men disappeared and then reappeared days later.

We travel for a few days and spot a familiar group (Hope, Deriva, Zydra & Danni), we meet up and travel back together. During the trip back I arrange my birthday “party” for 2 days after our arrival back.

After we arrive back we go to the Mist Dragon Monastery and report back to Mirala about the mission. I will take the Salves to the compound when I go there in a couple of days for my birthday party. I send word to meat for the party at the Sweetsong tavern around 7pm.

A couple of days later I go to the Compound for my birthday meal and drink. After the party I spend the night at Wraiths place.

Next night I’m eating in the Sweetsong tavern after a long day of training. Faldkor comes in and asks If I am free to help him on a personal mission he is doing for Tanalayas. I agree immediately and send a message to the Monastry advising I will be leaving on a mission. Faldkor gathers our group and we all go with him and Tanalayas, she tells us to all hold hands and then everything goes black.

Don’t kick the glass Golem

We appear in a woodland area, the close by trees appear to have been melted by acid, Tanalayas walks forward to a line drawn in the ground, she tells us there is a temple in the center of the woods and there are glass golems guarding the place,, they can be only damaged with 1 type of damage, either smashing, cutting or stabbing, we are looking fro 2 glass candlesticks with glass candles in them. These items are important to Mystra.

We start heading towards the temple The woods are eerily silent (apart from us clomping through).

We reach the temple, we can see the ivy rippling in the wind like there is an entry way behind it, there are a couple of big double door behind it. We push the greenery aside and see a single alter, 2 glass beings (7” tall!!) are sat by the alter; they look at us with blue glowing eyes.

They don’t attack as soon as we walk in so it looks like they are just guarding. We decide to attack using different damage types.

We soon find out we have to use blunt weapons to damage the Golems, they splinter when we hit them (which really hurts!!).

After we destroy the Golems, we spend significant time clearing the broken glass from the Golems out of the way so we can get to and search the alter, we finds 2 glass candelabra’s and take them out of the temple. We give the candle sticks to Tanalayas and she transports us back to the compound. I spend the night at Faldkor’s and in the morning our cuts seem just bad and our bed clothes are sodden with blood, we clean ourselves up, again, and go and have some lunch.

After lunch we throw our bedding in to the furnace, and follow a suggestion to visit the temple for healing. After being healed I head to the Tavern and then back to the Monastery.

When I get back to the monastery I fill Sardonas in on the mission, then Kieran finds me to tell me there is a courier for me, I follow him to the courier and get given a package an a not from Faldkor, the note thanks me for my assistance with the job from the night before, and the package is 500 gold. I head out and pay Dacer 20 gold for the next lot of my wine tasting lessons, then I go looking for the Monk in the monastery that normally patches up my clothes, it turns out she has gone adventuring to Candlekeep. After a finding out there isn’t anyone else at the Monastery I can really go to for having my clothes patched up I decide to go and see if my mum will do it for me… She seems happy to help after admonishing me for any behavior that resulted in the damage in the first place, I help her and father with some deliveries by way of thanking them for the help.

After I leave Mum and Dad I go back to the Monastery and give the remainder of the gold to Sardonas. I train for the rest of the evening then get an early night.

I spend the next couple of days training and taking wine tasting lessons and getting my repaired clothes from my mum, I also start to put out the word around tailor shops that I am looking for material off-cuts of material similar to my current attire.

I go to the compound looking for Faldkor but am unable to find him at his house, I then go to the Tavern to have a drink while I figure out what else to do, when I approach the bar the Inn keeper tells me Faldkor is looking for me, I decide to check faldkor’s office, he’s not there. I go back to the Tavern for lunch, then go train in the training area till dinner time, then I go back to the Tavern for food.

While I’m in the Tavern, Wraith comes in and we eat together, he says I can stay the night at his place so I stay at the Tavern for a while longer. In the morning we go back to the Tavern to have breakfast and I receive another message from Faldkor telling me to meet him at his place at 11pm.

After breakfast, Wraith and I go to the practice area and train.

I go to see Falkor, he hands me my flask and invites me in to show me how to use it. I tell him the seamstress at the Monastery has gone adventuring. He tells me he will source another seamstress., I’ll pay him the cost of that after our next Job.

Next day I’m on door duty at the Monastery and Wraith comes by, he tells me Danny is having a birthday party at the Compound in 9 days time, there is to be no drinking of alcohol at the party, but some of the others are going for a drink after. The party will be held at Mellasant’s house (wherever that is).

I spend the free time of my next day back with Dacer practicing my beer tasting. Next day I go find Wraith in the compound to ask him if I can go with him to the party since I have no idea where in the compound Millasant’s house is, he tells me sure, I’m to meet him at 4pm.

After I get back to the Monastery Kiran tells me we are to be at the party for 12 mid day, he also tells me I can go with them as they know the way. Next day I go find Wraith to tell him but he has already been told, so I explain I will be going with the other monks since they already know the way.

Next day I head out to the party with Kieran and the other monks, we leave at around 10am to ensure we get there for 12.

After the party I go out drinking with Gerum, Jander, Joseph and Rose, we end the night on a bottle of Dwarven spirits back at the house. I spend the best part of the next day recovering. I get back to the monastery in time for the evening meal and spend the later hours of the day training so I can tire myself out before bed.

Next morning I do breakfast cleanup duty, Wraith drops by and tells me of a job that’s come up, he asks if I am free to join him, apparently some Drow have more of the red steel weapon Tanny was after, they may be working with a Demon.

I go tell Sardonas I will be going out on a job and fill him in on the details. I also go and pick up some traveling cloathes, I think it will be better not to keep getting my good clothes cut up while adventuring. Then I go and pick up my things and some travel provisions.

Wraith, Faldkor and Anolin stop by the Monastery for me and we all head out to the ship for to discuss the mission in more detail.

The Drow have been reported to have harassed and attempted to cause trouble to the elven camp in the woods, so this would certainly suggest they are not goodly in nature. There may be a non Drow among the Drow (it looked like a different skin colour).

We head off towards the location of the Drow. We travel for 5 days without incident and get to the camp where the elves are.

We get introduced to the other elves at the campsite; they serve Mead with the evening meal, and then spend the night.

Next day we are led through the woods to a cave entrance. We light our lanterns and go in to the cave.

We encounter 5 Drow and they attack us, after we dispatch them we recover their red weapons and also find they each have red metal chainmail, we hide that and trap the room before heading inward.

We find another group of Drow and dispatch them, we continue on exploring the cave system.

We find another group of Drow, one of them a naked female (she has no weapons) and another appears to be a elf wrapped in a sheet. We spread out in the room and assess the situation, she appears to be waiting for the male elf to do something. The male says he’d rather not be fight us but will if he has to. We question him and he tells us he was summoned, he and his mother had to trade the red steel for his mothers freedom, he and the Drow woman used the red weapons as a means or barter to escape the Drow lands. He also tells us we must have missed about 15 others on our way in as they traveled with a group of 25.

We decide to introduce them to Tanni, but we must take out the remaining Drow first. We wait in hiding to ambush them when they come back.

After defeating the remaining Drow, we go back and arrange for the man (Evals) and Drow female to meet Tanni. On closer viewing of the man he appears to have a tail. The Elves give us a parting gift of an Arrow, it is apparently a wand of healing (37 charges of cure serious – 2d8 + 1, must call out to Sylvanus in elven to heal while holding the tip to the injured person, Laylis can recharge the wand as long as 1 charge is left in it.)

We introduce Tanni to the strange man and the Drow woman, The man explains how he came to be in the woods. The come to an accord on swapping all the red weapons and his red armor for a normal suit of plate and 2 weapons of the same type (apparently he is specialized in any weapon he picks up, but only one specialization at a time).

Next day after 6pm Sardonas comes to tell me my friends are at waiting at the door for me, I finish up and head out. They tell me we are off to drop off (swap) the weapons and armor with the strange man. We head off, Faldkor tells us on rout that the strange man is a half demon.

We get out to the campsite by around 11pm, after swapping the armor Faldkor offers a list of places they can go to in order to avoid humans, one of the places is an island but apparently he doesn’t do so well with water.

We go back to the ship to drop off the mans red armor and weapons, Tanni gives us a small bag with 8 diamonds, we go back to the Monastery and I stay there after receiving 2 of the diamonds.

I spend the next couple of days teaching some of the newer monk members the basics of lock picking. After that I head off to the compound for some sparing practice (checking out the local taverns and cloth merchants on rout).

I spend the next day helping out at the Monastery. Next day I am helping out in the food hall when Faldkor comes calling for me, he tells me we have been summoned to the Firemead for a briefing, I hand over my duties and grab my things before heading out.

We get to the Firemead and go strait to Tanni’s cabin, Yvonne tells us there is a reference to “Underdeep” in the translated documents we found previously, it looks like its somewhere beneath Waterdeep, she hands us a map of the area of interest.

We leave the Firemead and grab lunch in the Sweetsong Tavern, before heading out. Wraith pays for lunch.

After lunch we decide to start the next day after gathering provisions. We spend the night at Tanni’shouse after a search for Clain to find out if he can make continual light pebbles (we don’t find him, but leave a note for him asking and also asking if he knows what the Drow ability to create darkness does to continual light pebbles).

Next day we have breakfast (Wraith pays again) and head out.

We spend 12 hours in the sewers with only the 1 continuous light pebble, we daren’t use candles due to the highly flammable fumes in the sewers.

We all go for a thorough wash before going anywhere. After dinner at the Tanni’s house I head down the pub for a couple of house, I end up spending the early hours of the evening telling stories to Razor’s group of friends. After this I head back to Tanni’s house to get some sleep.

We go see if Faldkor is up, the Halfling as his house tells us he has been in bed since breakfast (about an hour or so now), we decide to let him sleep and head on out to the Tavern.

We go back to Faldkor’s after lunch. He’s up this time. We head out with Faldkor to Anolin’s and tell him we are leaving around 8, then we go to Rose’s place to tell her…

After telling Rose we are going to meet at the main gait at 8, we head off to relax for a while. I head off to the lake (pond) in the compound. After which I head out with the others to the gate for 8.

Faldkor hands me a parcel at the gates as well as some Lavender on a neck string to help cover the smell of the sewers. I leave the package (Wraith’s birthday present) at Tanni’s house while we go back in to the sewers.

We spend 12 hours looking through the sewers again, we don’t discover signs of the Drow.

After cleaning up, I present Wraith with his Birthday gift. I explain to him that this new cloak is actually armored which is why it’s so heavy.

During the next excursion in to the sewers I ask wraith I can have a couple of the feathers from the fiery chicken we fought, he agrees to give me a couple.

I settle myself in to a routine of exploring the sewers, coming back and cleaning up, eating, sleeping then get up, training, eat and go back to exploring the sewers.

Wraith shows up with Clain at the next meeting up before going to the sewers and says Clain has agreed to create a couple of continual light stones for our group in return for us guarding him while he learns and re-learns spells, and also he will take a favor from each of us. After getting him to agree that each favor won’t upset the faction principles of the person who the favor is required of, we all agree.

Clain gives us some advice about Drow abilities and possible rust monsters, sentient slimes & oozes & ware rats. He tells us about “beholders” that used to be in the sewers. He also gives us Intel. on some hidden rooms.

We sleep till 12 midnight after guarding Clain for a day, then we head out to the sewers… Faldkor finds what he thinks is the secret passage we were told of. Wraith attempts to look for traps and appears to stop moving.

After pulling him away from the wall, there are 3 stiletto type points sticking out of the wall, 2 have apparently hit Wraith… Kiren tells us Wraith isn’t detraining from the poison. We move back a couple of rooms.

We take Wraith back to the temple, I run ahead with Kiren to tell the temple to get them ready for when Wraith gets there. We tell the priest on the door what has happened and he goes off to find the other priest (Notorian), he comes back and help to heal Wraith. We decide to go straight back down, just so people don’t notice we have triggered a trap and a) reset it, and b) someone hasn’t come in to move stuff.

When we get back to the wall, the trap has reset but there is no signs of anyone walking that way so it’s probably auto reset. Kiren disarms the trap and opens the door. We go in to the room and can see 2 shapes against one of the walls. We move forwards and shine some light on the shapes, it turns out to be 2 dead dark skinned elves. They appear to have been dead for some a couple of weeks. The have some house symbols for the house “Blood of dominance”.

We search the rest of the room; we don’t find anything else of interest in the room.

We head back above ground for some rest and to stay in our search cycle, we take the dead elves back with us. We leave the bodies with the “Mysterious Elf” and then head back to get cleaned up and have some breakfast and settle back in to our daily routine.

We find out from the Mysterious elf that the 2 dark skinned Elves we found appear to have been tortured to death, the symbols they were wearing were more like holy symbols and they belonged to a secret house.

We continue searching the sewers… Kieran find some people have been around the entrance area since we were last here.
Kieran scouts ahead, tracking the people ahead… he tells us they are moving away from us. We decide to keep looking this way, after about 4 hours he tells us the tracks have just vanished… we spend 3 hours searching and find nothing so decide to call it a day.

Next day we find Clain and ask him if he can help with the tracks we found… he tells us there is some ones cellar above the area where the tracks disappeared.
After a discussion, we mark the area down as a secret entrance to an illegal gambling place.

We continue on to explore other area’s of the sewers. We discover an area of frequent passage and set about investigating it. We find an tunnel going down and follow it… we descover the way is trapped so continue down over the side on a rope, we discover a secret room and find more dead dark skinned elves in the room. The weapons we find appear to have barrels on them. After some more searching we find noting more and so head back out to wait for Clain again.

We get cleaned up and rested while waiting, Wraith goes to see Gem to find out if Clain has been back yet. We spend the rest of the day doing our own things; I continue training in the compound.

The next day we spend waiting around again, so I continue to practice my martial arts.

We receive a message that Clain has some information for us, Wraith and Faldkor head out and I continue with my MA training.

Later, Faldkor and Wraith come to find me and ask If I can ask Mirella and find out if he has contacts associated with the thieves guild and weather or not they know about the Drow movements in the sewers. So I head off to the Monastery in search of Mirella.

I find Mirella on the door of the monastery (of all places!), so I ask him and he says he will ask around and get back to me. So I grab a bite ot eat at the Monastery before heading back out to meet the others at the gate to the sewers.

After exploring the sewers some more, we don’t find anything new that day so we go back to get cleaned up and have some food and rest. Next I head back to the Monastery to see if Mirella has left any messages for me, he hasn’t, so I head back to the compound. When I get back I meet up with the others at the sewer entrance.

We find nothing new that night, next day o go back to the Monastery and Merella is there and has some information for me… he tells me there are reports from the guild that “outsiders” came in but they have been “dealt with”. After this meeting I head back to the compound and the gate to the sewers. I pass this information to the rest of my team when we meet up. Its probable that tonight we are going to come to an area where the thieves guild may not now about, and if there are more Drow here and they are in/near this location, they would be more likely to survive.

After some time in the sewers we come to the area we are looking for, and one of the team finds a secret room, Keiran attempts to open it and sets off a magical trap, we enter the room. The room appears to have been empty for some time. We spend a couple of hours looking for more secret rooms before heading back.
We leave via the closest sewer grate since we set off that trap and there is evidence of people coming and going near where we were. From there we head back over ground.

Next day I get woken early by Wriath (he kicks the bed to wake me up, luckily I’m sleeping on the floor so its just the noise that wakes me), he tells me we have a meeting with Yvonne to discuss the current mission and our progress. Yvonne gives us a 5 day break to see if she can gain us lawful access to a house that could be an access point for the sewers.

We head out from the meeting and go to the tavern. Thal is buying the first round. Next day I head back to the Monastery and help out there as well as looking in to buying fabric cut offs that could be used to repair/make new outfits to match my style.

On the 5th day morning a messenger arrives and delivers a message that I am needed to meet Yvonne with the rest of the team at the compound at 12:00. After he leaves I tell Kieran and we both head out immediately.

After meeting the others, we go in to the meeting together, Yvonne has gained us legal access to the house that is covering the hidden entrance to the sewers, so we will be doing a search of this house.

We set out for the house and get there with no trouble, Wraith, Faldkor and myself head round the back and attempt to enter after hearing Anolin barging in the front door. The back door is bared from the inside so we try to break it down.

There is no-one in the room after we break down the door and enter. After the rest of the house is declared “clear”, Thal tells us the entrance to the basement is under the stairs.

Faldkor, Myself and Rose guard the prisoners while the others search the rest of the house. They find the entrance to the sewers but its consistently swept clean so they find no tracks. We report our finding to Yvonne. Wraith an the others find a hidden compartment with a book and some money in it.

After we finish, we head to the Tavern for the mid-summer festival. I spend the night at Wraiths house afterwards.

Next day I go to the Inn with Wraith for lunch before heading back to the monastery and report in with Sardonas. We meet Daleen at the Inn and she tells Wraith that a woman (cutlass, dark brown hair – not quite shoulder length, from candlekeep) has been looking for him.

After lunch, Wraith and myself head back towards the docks, I head off to the monastery when we get closer.

On arriving back at the Monastery I report in to Sardonas and then take door duty. Later the next day I receive a message about a meeting at Yvonne’s, I pass the message on to Kiran.

Later that day we go to the meeting. We each get paid 5000 Gold. I buy a bolt of fine cloth for making repairs to my outfits or even new ones if mine are completely destroyed, I leave the bolt at my parents place. I leave 5 gold behind the bar at the compound and pay for my next lot of drinking lessons.

When I return to the Monastery I give Sardonas the remainder of the money.

Faldkor , Anolin & Wraith come and find me the next day to tell me of a new mission from Yvonne, I go and tell Sardonas and head out with them. On rout I ask Faldkor to fill me in on the mission details, he tells me we are to deal with a group of bandits north of Candlekeep, the bandits have been reported to be using the weapons with barrels on the sides of them, we are to travel via ship (most likely the Gleaming Gull). On reaching the docks we find the Gleaming Gull and I ask the Bosun about transport, he tells us to come back before they leave the next evening, so we agree to show up just after lunch the next day. I leave after this and tell Sardonas what the mission details are and then pick up my stuff and head off for the compound.

I meet Wraith in the Tavern.

We head off back to the docks just after breakfast at the tavern. Faldkor takes Jex with us to the ship to see if its ok for us to take him with us, the captain says no. So Jex is sent back with Deline to the compound while we arrange transport and settle in.

After we arrive at Candlekeep we head over to the South Mist Monastery, we see one eyed Jack in the garden… Faldkor asks if we can use the Monastery as a base camp for our operations, he says we need to talk to the head monk about that, then he invites us in for lunch. After an hour Gillena comes down from training with Grist, she agrees for us to use the Monastery as a base of operations, and then she agrees to spar with me and help teach me some of the locking maneuvers she uses. We spend the night in one of the spare rooms.

Bandit hunting on the Old Road.

Next day we head out and follow the old road when it forks. Wraith goes ahead of our group to scout, we arrange for me to listen out for his communications back to me in “Hawk” since I can understand and speak the animal languages.

We set up camp and Faldkor and Wraith go hunting. We spend the night with no interruptions and continue on our way in the morning.

According to Wraith and Faldkor, this area seems to have been well hunted as there isn’t much game in the area.

The next night goes fine, but in the morning we find another encampment right next to ours. Faldkor speaks to them just as they are readying to leave, he asks them about any bandit activity in the area and they tell us of a couple of trees that have been collapsed across the road.

We travel for about 4 hours before we see the trees across the road. Wraith goes ahead to investigate but finds nothing of interest.

After a couple more days we still find nothing of interest so we head back to the Monastery in Kandlekeep.

Next morning we have breakfast, I cook breakfast for everyone. Gillena invites me to practice with them next time as I missed their morning practice session. We eat and then head back out, we go to pick up a wagon from Tarn to make ourselves look more tempting to bandits.

Tarn offers us good rates for hiring 2 horses and a wagon; we also leave a good deposit to cover the potential loss of the horses and wagon (650 gold). We also buy 2 weeks of food for each of us and for the horses.

We decide to try and get some more up to date intel. about bandit raids from a Coaching Inn (Tavern with spaces for coaches to be left and guarded). I am to pose as a merchant and try and gain the information.

I pose as a merchant named Marcus, One of the patrons at the Coaching Inn (Flynn) was attacked on the old road, a tree had been pushed down to block the road. There is rumor of attackers on the new road recently. Also the cost of guards for the wagons is going up. One of the others at the table offers a suggestion to keep more of my guards hidden so it doesn’t look like my load is very valuable.

After I leave the Inn I discuss my findings with the rest of the group and we decide to go further down the Old Road as its likely the bandit group we are looking for has been clearing the rout of both merchants and other bandits.

Bandit hunting

It takes us most of the day to get to the fork in the road between the new road and the old road this time, we head off toward the old road again. After a few more hours we set up camp for the night. The next days is uneventful.

We are walking along the path and I get struck by 2 arrows. We fight our way through the bandit group and continue on our way

We get attacked again after a while, this time I managed to stop a few of them hitting me, we move in and attack the bandit group. After the fight we move on for a bit then setup camp for the night.

During the night I get woken up by Wraith, there are horses coming down the road, then Wraith disappears in to the darkness. I ready myself. Wraith comes back after the horses have passed and tells us what he saw. He was unable to see what was on the horses even though they were bathed in light so bright it seemed like morning had arrived.

Next morning we pack up out stuff and carry on until we reach the log in the road. We have to move the fallen tree out of the way to get the wagon past it, that takes us a couple of hours.

During my sleep that night I get woken again, I can hear the sound of soft hoof hits on the road, its some distance away so we get ourselves ready and move to a better position to see what’s coming.

It appears to be a large wagon with people on it heading down towards Candlekeep. We wait for them to move on down the road, then we head back to camp.

Next day we come across 5 bodies on the road, they are clearly all dead. We continue on and come across some people on the road gathered around in a huddle, the turn around when they notice us and all point bows at us. After we stop, 2 of them turn back around and continue whatever they were doing before we showed up, it appears they had caught a deer. After they have left with their quarry we continue on.

We camp down for the night again, this time we hear a loud howl in the distance.

Next day we continue on, we get attacked again. After the fight this time, while I’m being healed again, we decide I should advance with Faldkor and Wraith rather than running in with Anolin.

There and back again

After the next day we turn around and head back towards Candlekeep. On the 5th night I get woken up by Analin who tells me there are horse shoe noises on the road. Wraith tells us he saw the same ball of light on the road that he saw last time, but it’s heading outward this time.

Next evening we see 3 robed figures walking down the road. They walk right past us without acknowledging us at all.

I get woken up again the next night and there is a low moaning noise, we are warned not to light a torch as Faldkor is using his ability to see in the dark.

We use a continual light pebble so we can see in the dark without hurting Faldkor. There appears to be 15 humanoid creatures heading our way, they have sharp teeth and long nails. They attack and engage them in battle… After one of them hits me, I find myself paralyzed. I am able to move again after the last of these creatures is dispatched.

We meet some knights on the road and they tell us that the creatures we fought were Ghouls. They are on a mission to hunt down and destroy “Undead”.

When we get close to Candlekeep, Wraith and Faldkor go in to the city and myself and Anolin stay outside to keep an eye on the wagon.

After restocking up with food from another wagon, Faldkor and Wraith re-join us and we head back out, this time to take the other road.

We travel for 5 days fairly uneventfully before deciding to set up camp for the night on the other side of the road where it’s quieter. After another 5 days of uneventful travel, we head back to Candlekeep. We decide to send the moneys and weapons we recovered from the bandits, back to Waterdeep via boat.

When we get back to Candlekeep we restock the wagon and head back out on the old road again.

On the second day of travel we get attacked, I get hit in the chest by 2 heavy crossbow bolts and knocked off my feet! When I get to my feet again I see we have found the group with the Oger, I rush off to help Anolin as we had previously discussed in our combat tactics this just this situation.

When there is only one guy left and the Oger is down, we subdue the last bandit for questioning later. We then follow their trial back to their camp. We don’t find any evidence of gunpowder or shot, but they do have 8 swords with barrels on them.

We question the subdued bandit. We offer him a deal to talk.. Best case… We let him go, worst case… We take him back to Waterdeep.

He tells us they were targeting bandits and the occasional merchant, their group used to be mercenaries’, his group came across the weapons when they attacked an Antegan merchant wagon. The wagon guards were using a paralyzing poison, which is unusual. He offers to take us to the wagon, and tells us they had about 10 weeks worth of food for 1 person and there was 7 of them, so maybe 2 weeks worth of food which would have got them to a populated area where they could buy more. He tells us the Antegan family hired his group once for fighting in the Dale lands (so it’s possible the Antegans still hold land there). He asks if we know of the monks in Waterdeep, specifically he asks after Simmion, he says Simmion used to hire him now and then before Simmion became a monk.

During the trip to where they Antegan wagon is located I ask the bandit his name, he tells me it is Gerand.

When we get to the wagon we find it in pieces. We search the wagon and find nothing new. We offer to let him go here or near Candlekeep (his choice) with 1 sword and his armor, and tell him Polandara may take him on for honest work as a mercenary… He says he will consider that, but he would want to talk to Simmian first.

We let him go in the morning and continue on our way back to Candlekeep.

When we get back to Candlekeep we give over the leftover food to the monastery and arrange passage on a ship back to Waterdeep.

Faldkor and Anolin go in to Candlekeep to arrange passage. A while later we see a row boat coming in to the cove near us. Wraith and myself keep quiet and hidden while we appraise the situation. As it turns out it’s Anolin who comes up the shore to find us. We load the row boat up with the spoils we collected from fighting the bandits.

Once onboard I share a drink with the Boson. We exchange stories about creatures we have faced, he tells me about Sea Ghouls and I tell him the story about the Fiery Chicken we faced.

After transporting the cargo back to the Compound, we go to get de-briefed on the mission.

Monies from the bandits
1759gp 38sp 25cp

Yvonne gives us some money for the weapons and the information.

After the meeting I go have lunch at the tavern and the head off in search of Simmion.

Meanwhile, back at the Monastery

Sardonas tells me that Simmian is on a trip to Silvery Moon and won’t be back for a couple of weeks (if he isn’t delayed). I leave a message for Simmina detailing the meeting with Gerand and also fill Sardonas in on the mission details/outcome.

I spend the next couple of weeks training at the compound and attending my wine tasting sessions with Dacer.

I hava a strange conversation with Kiran when he returns to the Monastery, he tells me that Rose died, but they rushed her back to the temple and the priests were able to help her, she is now alive again. It seems this has distressed him more than her death… He says he is going to help out in one of the hospices for a while to help clear his mind.

The next day a courier arrives with some gold and a message from Faldkor that its from the sales of the weapons we took from the bandits we took out neer Kandlekeep. I spend the gold on a small barrel of rum to keep my flask topped up with.

I’m on door duty when the female bard my group arrested in Candlekeep turns up, asks me if I am Evin Carter and hands me a letter, she then turns and walks away. I hand over door duty to Kieran and decide I can’t trust that a letter from this woman to not be magical so I tell Sardonas and he suggests the Bards at the Compound may be able to assist in telling if its just a normal letter or if it’s magical. I pack my stuff up and head off to the Compound.

At the Tavern in the Compound I meet Wraith, after a rather frustrating conversation about why I don’t trust the female bard, he tells me she joined Tanni’s crew ages ago! So I open the letter and find it’s a note from Jem advising me to meet with the rest of my team on the Ship tomorrow at midday.

Next day we head down to the ship (after I send word to Sardonas to tell him what’s going on).

The mission is to go looking for some guards of a warehouse on the coast, the wagons going in and out of the warehouse are linked to the Antegans, we are to take a guard hostage and question him outside the area. They are male Drow and have the red weapons, and they are deliberately operating outside of any legal jurisdiction and to be treated as weapon smugglers. Inside the warehouse is the weapons with the barrels and the ammunition for them.

After the briefing we decide to head out to Dacers Inn, there has been a woman asking after Wraith in several taverns, and we can trust Dacer to offer to pass on a message if she revisits his Inn.

We spend the night at the Inn and I ask this favour of Dacer and leave him 2sp for a messenger so he can send word to the monastery for me if the woman comes back.

We head out on the boat to where we will be dropped off, the trip is fairly uneventful. When we arrive we row ashore towards a small cave where we will leave the rowboat till we leave.

After we get ashore its mid afternoon and we head off on a trail going up hill, there isn’t a lot of room on this trail so defiantly wouldn’t want to be fighting up here. Its getting dark by the time we reach the top of the cliff path. We set up camp for the night and rest up for 12 hours to give everyone chance for enough sleep.

In the morning, Wraith scouts ahead while we wait back at the now packed up campsite.

After a few hours we spot him on a hill waving to us, then he heads off again, so we head over to where he was and wait there until he appears and motions to us again. We head over to him, and this time he waits for us.

Wraith tells us where the warehouse is, and its not a place we can sneak up on. We decide to move around to the side where there is at least some tree cover, it will take us some time to work our way around to the side, so we rest up first.

After we get around the back of the warehouse, wraith disappears for a few more hours, scouting out the vicinity. We camp for the night. Next day we decide to move a little closer and keep an eye on the door area over night and see if we can see or hear if the door is opened during the night. We also decide to look for signs of wagons on the road.

We spend 10 days waiting just out of sight of the warehouse to see if anyone comes or goes, nothing of note happens. Next we decide to go up to the building and see if we can force our way inside. Looks like we will have to force our way through the walls since we can’t find a door way or other way in.

After 3 hours of digging around one of the stones in the wall we hear a loud crack and a chunk appears to have broken but is still stuck in the wall. We leaver the broken brick out of the way. A tiny crossbow bolt pings off Faldkor’s armor. Then it all goes dark, then it goes light again as Wraith pulls out a continual light stone, then places his shield over the hole so that Faldkor can continue working.

A few minutes later a javelin pierces the shield and the door opens an 3 people rush out.

After we take out 2 of the guards and knock out the other, we rush the building. A figure steps out of the shadows as Faldkir runs for cover.

After the fight we gather up the weapons the Drow were using as they are the red weapons. We tie up 1 Drow that is unconscious. Then we check out the rest of the warehouse. The place is massive (as big as a small village), there is a well inside, some salted meat, some empty wagons (they have the Antegan symbol on them).

We spend 2 days searching the warehouse and find nothing. We sabotage the wagons we are leaving behind and take one of the wagons with us to keep the prisoners on. We push the wagon until we get to the part of the downward trail that is too narrow for it, then we carry the prisoners and push the wagon off the cliff. I end up carrying Wraith and Anolin’s shields, since they are carrying the prisoners. We camp out for the night when we reach the shore.

Next morning I go and get some drift wood, I also find part of the wagon we pushed off the cliff. We set the beacon fire and wait to see the bot before rowing out to meet them.

When we get back to Waterdeep, we take the prisoners back to the compound on a wagon. After dropping the prisoners off with Yvonne we have a pub lunch and I head back to the Monastery and report in with Sardonas. After that I go to bed for a good nights sleep.

Next morning there is a knock on the door as I’m getting ready to go down for breakfast, it’s wraith, he tells me Clain is calling in his favor, Kieran is already telling Sardonas so I just need to grab my things and go. We are to go to the Tavern at the compound for lunch.

We eat lunch and then get in to the details of what Clain requires of us.
He wants us to help with merchant hwo’s father was paying for protection against thieving (a protection racket), when he died, his son has decided not to pay and the thieves have decided to make an example of him, we are to protect him.

We set out for the merchants house immediately after we finish eating.

We get to the house and introduce ourselves to the owner. He shows us around and we decide that Rose and myself will sit in the dim light during the early evening and pose as the owner and his daughter, if they don’t attack before it gets too dark we will hide in the kitchen with the others. The owner will be secured in the cellar where it’s less likely he will be attacked since any intruders would need to go past all of us to get there.

The first noise we here is the front door as the thieves break it in. We rush to engage them, they appear to be more like thugs than thieves.

After the fight the local Guard turns up and take a statement from the proprietor. Clain shows up a short while later and fills us in on some of the organization of the Thieves guild, he hands me a bottle of wine, from his comments I figure he took it from one of the thieves he dealt with earlier.

We decide to hang around for the day so some of us can help out with repairs and some of us can rest. Kieran tends my wounds while I rest.

Next evening we head over to the Tavern in the compound where Clain has offered to buy us all dinner.

I spend the next couple of weeks helping out at the Monastery and training at the compound.

I’m on door duty when Wraith shows up and invites me to go drinking with them after my shift is over, he also hands me 3000gp. I follow after my shift and wait for them at the compound tavern.

Next day we wake up and I cook brunch and then clean up before heading back to the Monastery with Geram, Jander & Joseph.

That night, I have what must be a dream, reliving the early parts of my life, and the missions we have been on to the abandoned temple where we experienced other waking dreams.

It turns out that the Kieren and Dariva also had the same dreams, I suggest we practice for the rest of the night as Dariva is in quite a state… she seems to get a bit better once she settles in to the rhythm of training.

In the Morning, Wraith shows and and tells me that everyone in our groups has had the same dreams and are meeting at Faldkor’s place, we join them and wait for Thall to wake up. Apparently, because he is very old, he has a lot of memories to live through within the dream.

When we are all awake, we all give our individual accounts of the dream to make sure no one missed anything.

A couple of days later at mid day, Sardonas gives me a letter from Faldkor that I’m to report to Yvonnes office in the compound at 4:00pm, he also gives me letters for Dariva and Kieran. After reading mine, I Fill Sardonas in on what’s happening and then head out after telling the others and getting my things.

In the meeting we are briefed that we are to go back to the island where we sabotaged the dock while taking the Pirate captain. It’s likely we will encounter Drow there and they are likely to use poison. We are to bring back the Elf who is in charge.

We spend some time over the next couple of day making plans and preparing for the mission, working out how to breach the enemy walls again. Also I am told that Simian will be joining us on the mission.

The night before we set out, we all sleep on the boat… It kind of reminds me of home. Next morning we wake up and get breakfast. After breakfast the boat starts to move so we go up on deck to check if Simian is on board.

When we find him I explain to him about the Gerand (the mercenary we encountered north of Candlekeep) coming to talk to him before he talking to Polandara.

We spend much of the trip discussing tactics and planning. During the trip, Kendrell joins us, everyone on the mission has agreed they don’t have any problems with her joining us (she is trying to make up for her past, albeit somewhat influenced by her ex-husband at the time).

When we arrive at the island, we get dropped off at the same cave spot we landed at last time. We spend the first night in the cave we found last time, then we split in to 3 groups to go looking for another cave closer to the fort. Next day we move on to another cave closer to the fort.

Attack on the fort (take 2)

We attack the fort that day, we scale the walls as planned and engage the enemy, locking 4 of the 5 tower trapdoor down before they open the last trapdoor and attack us.

After we take out the Drow and humans that attacked us on the wall, we head down to the courtyard to help out with the fight down there.

During the battle in the courtyard, there is a loud boom and Anolin falls backward, then gets back up and continues fighting. After the fight Anolin appears to have a small hole in his armor and is bleeding from there too.

We apply healing salves and use the healing wand on the other injured members of our party.

We rest that night in the secondary cave and head to the beach the next day. Once we are underway I look for Elodie (as I hear from other members of the team she has manacles) and ask her if she can spare the use of her manacles for the prisoner, she tells me that she will have a look for them when we way anchor for the night.

While watching the prisoner, we see a scroll case appear on a strap attached to his shoulder, myself and the other monks go to tell the others on the ship what has happened, I go up on deck and after a moment if find Wraith and tell him, just after that I am commandeered to help with some chores on deck.

On my way back down after helping on deck, I meet Wraith again and he asks me to stand outside a door and call Elliady if there is a loud bang, apparently she is a priestess! So I take position on watch.

Wraith finally leaves the room telling me it’s now safe and finished, apparently there was 2 traps on the scroll case and they have now been removed, but the scroll is in encoded Drow so it’s still going to be a while before we know what’s written on it.

When we get back in to Waterdeep, we find that there is a large crater in the warehouse district; the guards are watching the area of the devastation.

Tani takes us back to the compound, she “moves” us instantly from the deck of the ship to a dark place, Wraith holds out a light stone and we ascend steps that come out in to a courtyard in the compound.

We go to Yvonne to report in and offer our assistance but she tells us she doesn’t need us right now, but will take a report from us shortly. So we go back to Faldkor’s workshop/office to wait.

When Yvonne is finished we make our report to her. She tells us about a confrontation in the warehouse district and the assailant used a black powder weapon and it blew up in his face, but along with that, it is believed that a spark from the weapon exploding set light to more black powder in the warehouse.

We get paid 2500gp each for the job. I also take Simmian’s share to give to him when we get back. After some discussion about how long we will stay, Kieran and I advise we will begoing back to the monastery in the morning.

Two days after leaving the compound (and after giving Simmian his share) I get approached by a messenger telling me I need to meet the rest of the team at the Tavern in the Compound. I head out almost immediately, I get there 2 hours early so I have a couple of drinks while I wait.

When Wraith arrives he buys me dinner. Faldkor and Anolin show up and join us. He has a job for us, to go to Neverwinter forests to look for drow that have black powder, but there are some elves there that are very Xenophobic and hate most other races, we will be trying to avoid them. We will go to Luscun first and head out from there. I send a messenger back to tell Sardonas what’s happening.

We set sail and get to Luscan a week later, we leave the city that day; in the midst of a hail storm. The guards don’t seem to care who comes and goes, human waste is jus thrown from the windows of houses in to the streets below.

While setting up camp in the edge of the woods, we get set upon by 3 wild cats with tentacles. We dispatch them and finish setting up camp.

Next day goes fine and we camp for another night.. Next day in the morning we hear a loud bang in the distance, so we head off in that direction. While hunting we get set upon by 3 large bears! After we kill them we cut them up for food.

Next day we hear another loud bang while we are hunting. All is quiet for the next few days (excepting some animal activity we have to take care of).

During the next day we hear some wolves howling in the distance (marking their territory), I ask them if they have seen any 2 legged creatures that make loud bangs, they point us in the direction of the brightest stat over the oak trees, we wait till dark so we can locate the brightest star over the oak trees and that narrows our search path to a 90 degree arc, still a large area, but better than we had before.

While hunting after heading in the new direction, we find a deer that has been killed and has a hole in it like the one from Anolin’s armor after he was shot by one of the strange weapons. Some meat has been carved off the animal and the carcass left.

During our sleep, something disturbs me, I’m up in a flash. It turns out there was a bang noise somewhere in the woods but we are unable to locate it. So we go back to sleep.

Next evening while hunting we spot something buried in the soil, it’s not deep. We gather round and use Faldkor’s pick to start digging up the slight mound, we uncover a human body, it appears there are a couple of arrows with shafts cut off buried in him. We rebury him and find signs of a possible fight in the area but nothing helpful, so we continue on our way.

Next day, cougars attack us; we dispatch them and continue on. The morning after, we hear a gunshot and see birds flying off in the distance (about a day away). We head off in that direction.

A few days later we hear a shot in the distance, we continue on in that direction. This continues for a few days, edging closer we push harder to catch up with them.
That night we are woken by gunshot and Anolin shouting; we get up as we find ourselves under attack.

We take our assailants down and manage to subdue a couple of them, then set up perimeter alarms and move off slightly and rest for the night. In the morning we question the captives. Later Wraith drags them in to the woods, presumably to kill them as they weren’t overly cooperative and I don’t think we could risk just letting them go.

We head back towards Luscan and the way home.

We get passage back to Waterdeep on The Mermaid’s Tears for 150 gold; It takes us 5 days, and they drop us at the docks when we arrive.

We go strait to the compound to report in to Yvonne. After giving our report we head off in to the compound and Zydra comes over to us and introduces us to her sister. After the introduction, I spend the rest of the day and night at the compound.

Next morning we go have breakfast at the Tavern and then head out to Candor’s place to pick up our pay. I pick up 2000 Platinum Pieces and head back to the monastery, I buy a couple of bottles of alcohol and make sure my barrel of rum isn’t running too low, I also check in with Dacer regarding if he needs any more payment for lessons. Then give the remainder of the Platinum pieces and the pay from the last mission to Sardonas.

After debriefing with Sardonas i go see my mother and get help repairing my cloths.

The next day while I’m clearing up after lunch, a messenger arrives to tell me there is a job from Tani, we are to meet at the Tavern at 4 and to bring my stuff and be ready to travel… I go tell Sardonas i will be going out again on another Job. I then head off to meet the others.

At the mission briefing we find out that Tani want’s an item for an old temple; there will likely be undead there… The temple is in the Lizard marshes near the keep we found. We are looking for a solid orb of red steel (it doesn’t appear magical), it is an hours walk due south from the keep. I spend the night at the compound and we head off in the morning after gathering provisions and a wagon for the journey.

On the third day we here 2 crossbow’s firing, but we don’t see any bolts. Anolin charges off in the direction of the noise and I follow close on his heals and we fin2 2 creatures with swords and shields, Anolin kills them with ease. They are strange looking creatures, “what are they” i ask, Faldkor responds “Hobgoblins” from be hind me – having just caught up with us. We continue on, though we are wary as Hobgoblins rarely travel in such small groups.

After another days travel, Anolin tells us it looks like our cart horses are getting too cold, and we will have to warm them up over night else they will get cramp and be unable to pull the wagon. The weather really is wet for this time of year.

Lizard men seemingly rise out of the ground and attack us, they drag me right off the cart!!

By the end of the next day we can see the keep in the distance, we should be there by midday tomorrow. We camp for the night and then move on to the keep. When we arrive, Wraith and I climb the wall and go inside to lower one of the gates.

We have to bash down one of the doors to get in to the inner keep, then we spend some time thinking about how we can repair the doors. We devise a way to hold the door latch in place and then leave to head south a couple of days later.

We find the temple after a days travel. We check it for traps as we adventure inwards. The steps are a foot deep each, it’s really dark so I take my continual light pebble out to light the way. We come to a large set of doors with a broken lock, and can hear something metal moving inside.

We head in to the room, there are 6 suits of armour by the walls, they raise their arms and attack us.


After the fight we check the doors at the back of the room for traps. I help unlock one of the locks.

The next lock Wraith attempts to pick, something snakes out and hits him and then disappears, Wraith seems to be a little shaken and is felling weaker. I attempt to remove the trap he found and succeed by sheer luck, then i also unlock the door and push it open (it’s very heavy, and i can just barely move it).

We enter the room and carefully explore, there doesn’t appear to be any other exit’s but there is an alter in the middle. Wraith goes forward to check the alter for traps. He then points to the shadows and we can see that the shadows are closing in on us, we prepare for battle


After we defeat the last of the shadows (i feel considerably weaker and colder), we all search for more shadows for a short while, then we set to checking the alter, there isn’t anything there so we search the room for hidden doors.

After a while of searching, Wraith and Faldkor find a hidden door. When we open it, it leads to a corridor that goes in to the distance. We follow the corridor to the other end and a room with the red steel orb in the middle.

There appears to be rubies on the floor around the orb, there also appears to be a pile of rubble in the corner, we go over to investigate. There appears to be 12 bars of gold and a lead box under the rubble.

Faldkor removed the box’s lid and we find 16 vials of black liquid on one side and 8 silver daggers beneath multiple layers of wood (1 layer for every 2 daggers). The rest of the room reveals nothing of interest.

We pick up the orb, rubies, daggers & vials, it agreed that i will carry the vials in my back pack so i wrap them up in my spare cloak and set of cloths. we then head back to Waterdeep.

We spend the night in the keep. Next day on the way back, I start to feel a little warmer and stronger. This seems to be the them for the next couple of days until i feel fully better.

Back at the boat we get Ellady to detect magic on the items we have, it turns out the liquid in the vials, the daggers are magical. Wraith hands out the rubies and gold bars, we each get 2 rubies (1000gp/each) and 3 gold bars (500gp/each).

I head back to the Monastery and hand over the rubies and gold bars. Dariva finds me and tells me of a house warming party at Danni’s new house tomorrow.

In the morning we set out for the house, it’s in a very posh part of town. After we arrive we get asked to help set up for the party. A while after people start arriving, it all goes quiet, I look up and see Faldkor stood there in a hat with a pointing hand on top… I assume there is a story behind this, but i resolve to ask him later and continue with what i am doing.

After Zydra gets Faldkor a cushion to sit on, we all get seated and Danni enters. We all enjoy a sumptuous meal. Clain comes in after a bit, sits down at the empty seat that has been left for him and joins in the meal.

After announcing the entertainment for the evening, Danni thanks Faldkor for wearing the pointy hat she asked for (so that kind of explains that!).
The entertainment consists of dancing on the ground floor, artistry and gaming demonstrations upstairs and a chance to try your skill/luck unlocking Fixit’s new chest.

I partake in the festivities and thank Danni at the end of the night. and head off towards Tanni’s place. Clain joins us for the walk, he tells us he is heading out “Adventuring” shortly. He hands me 2 magical daggers, this triggers a conversation where i explain about monks not wanting to become dependant on magical items so we restrict ourselves to 2 magical weapons and 3 other magical items. After this i take both daggers, one for my self and one to leave at the monastery for another monk to use, Wraith lends me 2 sheath’s so i don’t cut myself while carrying them. We spend the night at the compound and i head back to the monastery in the morning. I give the second magical silver dagger to Mirrella. Then i head off and get a sheath made for my new dagger… i’ll give Wraith his sheath’s back when i see him next.

I spend the next few days helping out at the monastery and getting my cloths fixed up.

I get woken by a knock on the door while it’s still pretty dark outside. Sardonas tells me a messenger has arrived and that i am to go to “the house by the tavern”, i get up and go out to see the messenger and find out the house i am to go to is the place Wraith stays at by the compound and the Sweetsong Tavern. I hurriedly gather my stuff and grab a few extra rations form the stores before heading out.

I get to the tavern and Wraith calls me over to a table, Tanni is there too. We get our briefing after i sit down. Turns out we have a lead on the guy who brought in the black powder that blew up that warehouse a short while back. He is 2 days outside of Waterdeep, he is very dangerous and “wanted dead”. When we leave the city we are to just head due east, not to follow the roads.

Wraith tells us he has had the vials found on the last mission identified, they are potions of advanced healing, they can be taken in 1 large dose or 3 smaller doses.

The others gather their things and we head strait out. We find the area and hold back while Wraith scouts ahead. He gets attacked and we all rush in. After we take the 2 guards down we go to the barn near by and it’s locked tight, so we decide to burst through a wall and i am to take guard outside to stop anyone escaping.

After the fight somone drops a continual light stone and i can see Faldkor is unconsious, Anolin is standing over him with the wand of healing. Several hours later, Faldkor comes to and we search the rest of the building and the bodies before heading back to Waterdeep.

When we get back to Waterdeep we report back in. I report back to Sardonas when I get back to the monastery and then take up my duties around the Monastery again.

Several days later a messenger turns up and i am told that wraith wants to see me at the Sweetsong Tavern at dinner time. I leave a message with one of the other monks so they know where i have gone and then pick up my stuff and head off.

That evening i meet the others at the Sweetsong Tavern. Wraith shares out the items recovered from the last mission. I trade up my magical spear (1) for a more powerful Staff/Spear (2), Faldkor helps me learn the Dwarven command word to activate the change between Staff and Spear.

When I get back to the Monastery I take my old magical spear (+1) and give it to Sardonas to add to the Monastery stores to hand to another monk that may benefit from it.

2 days later i receive a letter from Faldkor, the wine merchant we helped has been robbed and his staff/staveling companions have been hostage by bandits and they are demanding a 2000gp ransom, he contacted Faldkor as soon as he was back and we need to leave ASAP as there is a time limit… I gather my stuff quickly and leave word for Sardonas about what’s happening and i set out. I grab a weeks rations from the store on the way out.

I make good time to the Tavern and we leave as soon as I arrive.

3 days later we come to the track we are looking for and Wraith scouts ahead. An hour later Wraith comes back with a description of the camp. We devise out plan, Wraith will move under cover and get in to position, i will move to help him and hopefully cut any arrows out of the air.

After the fight Anolin heals me as I am pretty badly wounded. Next we free the captives and explain how we were tasked with aiding them, then I have to go get changed as my clothes are ruined.

3 days later we arrive back in Waterdeep and go to the Wine merchants. After dropping him back Faldkor comes up with some scheme where Polandara owns the merchants business on paper, this could provide protection in one way or another to the caravan trips out and about. I head back to the Monastery afterwards.

When I get back to the Monastery, I get word that Mirala is looking for me so i head off looking for him… I head to the library first.As luck would have it, i find him in the library. He has a request to make of me, a wagon of supplies was sent to Simmion, on the way back they were looking for shelter and they came across a cave, the cave had one of the strange cross’s over the entrance, it looks like some bandits have taken up residence in the cave and have been there for some time. It’s a little off the beaten track, and Hobgoblins and Ork’s still roam throughout that area (just off the road to Silvery Moon). Mirala wants me to investigate this cave and clear out the bandits while we are there and see if there is any significance between the bandit and the cross. Mirala gives me a map of the area and where the cave is. I top up my rations and head back out towards the Tavern.

I get to the compound and enter through the Tavern, I see Faldkor and Wraith and Anolin when i leave the Tavern, on the inside of the compound, I call them over and tell them about the mission Mirala has tasked us with.

We gather 5 weeks of supplies and head out. On the 3rd day we get attacked by 3 man/wolf things, we dispatch them, but not before the quite seriously injure Jex.

A couple of days later we see sever people in robes walking our way, Faldkor says they are a religious group… They pass us by without stopping for conversation.

We see what we think may be a dragon over head, it circles and then flies off.. a little later we spot what looks like a childs toy on the side of the road. we turn around to discuss plans and when we turn back the toy is stood right there and bites me.

We rest up for the night.

Next day we get attacked by a scarecrow! i come around and am stood in the field by the downed scarecrow and Faldkor explains that when he felt funny after the scarecrow looked at him so he closed his eyes, it’s after that i can’t remember running in to attack.

2 nights later we get woken by a rumbling, 3 creatures come running in to the camp, we ready ourselves and fight… Turns out they are trolls… we fight them off and kill them.

2 nights later we get woken by people running in to the cam shouting “They’re coming”, they turn in to wolves and attack us! we fight them and dispatch them.

A couple of days later one of the horses falls and we see a snake wrapped around the horse. Wraith and Anolin kill the snake and try and calm the horse while they heal it.
later that day we see a set of glowing eyes in a skeleton that is about to attack us. We attack it and destroy it.

Next morning we are woken by 3 voices arguing in another language. Faldkor tells us it’s 3 Gnomes having a discussion about gravity! We let them pass by without disturbing them. Later in the day Faldkor gives us each 2 vials of holy water.

Later that night Faldkor wakes us all up saying he heard a woman scream and points us in the direction he heard the scream. When we go to investigate we find a woman trapped in a silver bear trap, we pry the trap open and she pulls her leg out of the trap… we heal her with one of the healing salves we have and explain about there being ware wolves around and that’s likely the reason for the trap being silver.
As she walks off, her form shifts to a large tiger. We head back to our camp.

The next day we reach the mountains. A couple of days after reaching the mountains we hear marching and get off the road, the leader points our direction and they head our way, they look like hobgoblins. They attack.

After the fight I’m quite badly injured and need to use some healing salves before we move on. We believe we are about 3 days away from the cave.

Next morning as we are packing up camp, 5 figured clime over a small hillock and charge at us, when the are closer we see they are Orks! After the fight we discuss that these Orks were likely tracking the army we just fought… We carry on packing up the camp and head onward,.Later in the day we get attacked my more Orks. After fighting them we carry on with our journey.

Next day we spot more figures coming our way, we go down to meet them, they are more hob goblins and they attack when they see us.

Next night i get woken by something shaking me, i wake up and role in to a ready osition before asking quietly “What’s up” then Wraith shouts incoming and we are attacked. Whatever attacks us is foul to the touch and apparently isn’t hurt by non magical attacks, so i switch to my magic staff/spear.

After the fight i offer Jex some water as he appears to have bitten one of those foul creatures, after reassurance from Faldkor he takes the water and cleans his mouth and face. We continue on our way.

Next evening before sleep we see some bird me fly overhead but nothing else happens that night.

In the morning we recognise we are in the right area and start looking for the cave, we come across a group settled outside the cave with the cross on it. Wraith scouts ahead and reports back, there are 17, 8 with short bows, all human, most in chain with a few in studded leather, they are quite a distance from the cave. We decide to wait out the day and attack at night

We attack and then suddenly i’m almost surrounded, after we finish them off, fully armoured men come out of the tents and i’m mostly surrounded again. After the fight i am in need of healing again.

After we heal up with healing salves we go back to our main camp after putting out the camp fires. A short while after we start searching the camp, Faldkor finds Wraith slumped over a chest, when he comes around he tells us about the traps on the chest he was looking at. I attempt to remove the trap and wake up later in another location (the tent and chest are not there so i must have been moved).

After searching the encampment we head in to the cave and find a long tunnel, we explore and find some steps heading up, from here we can see the room above opens up to a large area. As we move forward the room/cavern above us is suddenly lit, we can see the scene from one of our dreams, the vision shifts and we see the characters from the vision arguing, then it shifts again and disappears and we are left with a sense of loss.

We decide to search the room, the pillars in the middle appear to be solid stone, we spend a day searching the walls for secret doors. We find nothing new in the room so decide to sleep for the night and get the cross from above the cave entrance tomorrow.

In the morning we dismantle the tents to build some scaffolding so we can get to the cross. We eventually get the cross down and over and on to the wagon and head back towards Waterdeep.

Just as we are about to set camp up for the night we see a large group of Orc’s or Hobgoblin’s on the horizon and we hear 3 loud growls just as they are about to move towards us. They stop and have an argument and then back off in to the mountains.

We setup camp, and the woman we rescued from the silver bear trap shows up and asks if we are even now, presumably for her scaring off the small army we just saw. We agree and wish her well on her hunting for the trappers.

The next 4 days travel is very quiet…

In the middle of the 5th day we see a stone statue in the middle of the road, it turns and looks right at me, it doesn’t seem interested in anyone else, I let it approach me and it attacks, we attack and destroy it. Next day we see a skeleton leaning over a body, it looks up and heads toward Anolin, Faldkor dispatches the skeleton and inspects the body it was leaned over when we came across it. There is nothing of note on the body.

Around lunch time we come across a camp of halflings, they apologize for not having enough food to invite us to join them (though they have a whole hog on the spit!), we continue onward and Anolin explains it’s a bit like a Gnome meeing, it would take a long time and should be avoided.

A few evenings later there is a loud screech, I open my eyes and ready myself, nothing happens so we go back to sleep., next morning an injured stag run’s though camp, we ready ourselves for anything that may be following it, nothing comes to we continue packing up camp.

Next morning Anolin wakes us and tells us there is a wagon coming our way, Faldkor doesn’t wake up, a large stone wagon roles through the middle of the camp and Anolin grabs Faldkor and carries him out of the way. 6 large arms pop out the side of the wagon and it attacks us. After the fight the stone wagon thing just stops, doesn’t explode (odd). We decide to move onward for the day.
3 days out from Waterdeep, we see 20 figures in armor all riding horses. They pull up and ask us about dangers on the road ahead, we fill them in on the strange creatures. After we enter Waterdeep I head off to the Monastery to find Mirella and report in. He sends us to Loranthan, she would be the best person to leave the stone cross with. Loranthan is not at the tavern, Faldkor goe to look for Yvonne. He comes back and tells us we need to leave the cross in the armory.

After we drop off the cross, we head off to the tavern for a few drinks, it’s my birthday after all!

Next morning after breakfast I get a message to meet Faldkor at the Sweetsong Taven at 4pm, and I should be ready to travel… I grab my stuff, and a couple of weeks of traveling rations, I swap my damaged clothes for undamaged ones and drop my damaged clothes at my parents Tavern before heading off to the compound.

I meet the others at the Tavern and Faldkor tells us we have been asked to go to Neverwinter woods and investigate Driders in the area. Apparently they are failed Drow that have been turned in to giant spiders things, half human (top half), half spider (bottom half). Wraith seems more than a little warried.
After some discussion, we go and ask the bard at the bar if she has any stories about Driders. She doesn’t have any new information for us, and also tells us that Loranthan is not at the Inn at the moment.
We go looking for Isamee as she told Faldkor about them, we don’t find her. We decide to go to Neverwinter to investigate further before travelling to the woods where the Driders have been seen.
We divide up to go back and ask others, people we individually know, if they know about Driders or the undead that scream. We will meet by the Ship, ready to leave.

I head back to the Monastery to seek out Sardonas (and Meralla if he is around).
Merella is around, but he has left for the night and will likely be back in the morning.
Mirella doesn’t have any information about Driders, but when i ask about undead that scream, he tells me he believes those undead are called Banshees. So i leave and head over to the docks to meet the others.

Faldkor tells us about warrior driders being skilled in fighting. Anolin tells us they can be killed by martial weapons, and not to get bitten by them, as spiders they are likely to be poisonous. It takes us a good part of the day to find a Ship heading to Neverwinter, The Herrald, tey are heading out on the early tide in 2 days. We head back to the compound for a couple of days. Faldkor buys some salted meat to take with us (to ingratiate ourselves with the ships crew).

I inform Sardonas of the mission and ask for the Monastery to fund me 20gp for the trip for boat passage and possible emergency money, he goes off and comes back with 4gp and 160sp, i then go to the compound to find my team mates, perhaps one of them can help change this money up for me, 160sp is rather a large amount of weight to be carrying around with me.

I find Wraith and Faldkor at Faldkor’s office, Wraith is happy to help me change the silver for gold. Faldkor also tells us that he found out that Driders may also be able to innately cast magical Darkness or Lightening. We decide to try and find out if there is any way to potentially evade the lightening – Faldkor had told us of tall Gnome buildings that used metal running from the very top to the ground that was used to redirect lightening strikes to protect the building. We find out that Lightening magic will likely travel from the caster in a direct line to the target, and not much short of Kieran’s ability (and potentially mine – it is a monk ability after all) to dodge Lightening will work.

After a couple of days preperations we set out for Luscan.

When we arrive at Luscan, Annolin suggests it’s probably better/safer to set up cam outside of Luscan than to lodge within, so we start our journey immediately.

After a a day or so on the road we hear some wolves, I use my ability to talk with animals to listen in and find out they think there is food in the vicinity of our group, so I pretend i’m a wolf that’s fallen victim to a trap and cut off my wolf call with a pretend death howl. The wolves do a kind of headcount and from this i learn there are around 20 of them, they decide to investigate so i tell the group how many there are and that they may still be coming. The night goes uninterrupted, so maybe my rouse worked?

Next night i am woken up by Faldkor after he is apparently shot with an arrow, i run off in the direction the next shot (at Wraith) comes from, but it’s pitch black in the woods and i don’t want to get the continual light stone out since other members of my team have complained about that in the past, so I instead head back in to the light of the camp-fire while Wraith and Faldkor take care of the 2 people shooting at us (they turn out to be elves). During the next few days we see more bears on/near the road, but they seem to be keeping their distance, we hear more wolves in the evening but again they leave us alone. Nearing the time for us to set up base for the night we are attacked by 2 Displacer beasts, after fighting them we move on a little further and set up camp for the night.

A few days pass before we find what we are looking for, there is the loud crack of black powder and Annolin is hit! We run in to engage, there is a lone figure in what looks like full plate mail armour carrying a large shield, I discover quite quickly that not only are my attacks are unable to find their mark on this assailant, but i quickly have to cut a couple of crossbow bolts out of the air as they sail towards me.
After this 4 Driders descend from the tree’s and my team mates arrive to help/rescue me. After the fight i am injured heavily and unable to walk without receiving some healing first.

We decide to head onward to Neverwinter and look for a ship back from their (no one really likes the idea of having to go back to Luscan if we can help it). As luck would have it we find “The Gleaming Gull” in the docks and they have room for us to travel with them back to Waterdeep.

After a fairly uneventful trip back, we stop in at Danni’s place to wish her a belated birthday before continuing on to the Compound to hand in our report to Yvonne.

After seing Yvonne, we head off to get payment for the mission. I receive 1 Trade bar from Faldkor from our party loot during this trip out, and am paid 5000gp for the mission.

I head back to give Sardonas the excess monies i have been paid for the last Job.

While there i have a chat with Mirella and is discuss my idea for setting up a Honey farm / Mead farm to help people with troubled backgrounds to find a trade and get back on their feet. He thinks it’s a good idea, he also has some advice for me regarding other monks views of me, mainly Dariva’s and Kieran’s, he suggests that they may have a tainted view of me, and also they may resent me and think i have lied to them after i reach a point in my training when alcohol no longer affects me. Mirella also suggests it may affect the type of people that would be interested in following me, possibly attracting drunks or unsavoury characters.

I decide to confide in Dariva and Kieran for now, while i think on the longer game plan. I leave a note in Dariva’s cell, i’ll talk to her first, Mirella said she had come from a background where alcohol had played quite a detrimental role.

Later the next day i am disturbed from meditation by another monk, he informs me there is a messenger at the gate for myself Kieran and Dareva. i wait for Kieran and then we open the note, the note is telling us to meet at Yvonne’s office early that afternoon. Kieran and i both collect our packs and i collect some travel rations in case we are asked to go out on a job.

At the meeting we are informed there is a warehouse thought to be linked to the black powder plot we have been tracking, we have the cities permission to break in to the property and get the black powder and capture and detain the leader and anyone else we find there. We go in tonight.

I am to be sent to the docks to find Jeram & Jander and find out any suspicious activity around this warehouse we are being sent to investigate/raid, or if there has been any sewer work done around the docks recently. I head off immediately, i should find them having dinner on the ship. Dariva was also at the meeting.

Jander doesn’t think there would have been enough time for any sewer work to have been done at the warehouse in question since the last one we investigated blew up. Not much in the way of large movements of goods being moved around in that area, but many more people than you would expect. Looks like there is enough people in the area for taking deliveries if all the warehouses are in use.

I meet up with the rest of the team and tell them what i have learned and we prepare for the raid.
i’m to wait outside with Keiran to catch any one running away.

After the fighters dispatch the warehouse guards we search the place and find 8 barrels of black powder, 2 barrels of shot, 8 crates of short swords with barrels on them and 4 crates of long swords and some scrolls.

We empty the barrels of black powder in to the water at the docks. We have 1 prisoner (the head guy from the warehouse), we escort him back to the guards station and then take the remaining barrels and crates with us back to the compound.

Later while I’m walking back with Dariva and Kieran, i talk to them and explain about my drunken style being mostly misdirection and that i am not actually the drunk they take me for.
Dariva seems to take the information hard and in disbelief. I’m not too shocked by this since Miralla enlightened me to her reasons for disliking drunks, it’s not something i will ever bring up with her though, but i can hardly blame her, the rumours about me have been going for some time, now i think about it.
Kieran doesn’t say much so it’s hard to gage his response to this news.
I will prepare something for the rest of the monks for when i have a little more time on my hands.

In the morning, while i’m cleaning up in the kitchen after breakfast, Wraith, Faldkor & Anolin stop by to pick me up, we all set off together to get the wand of healing recharged.

on the second day we see the Knights of Cormere on the road, we pass them and carry on with our journey.

during our time out, i discuss the dariva’s reactions to the situation a while back when Faldkor talked to her about making me a leader for a mission, and that she has more of disposition regarding drunks than the other monks do. But i will also be talking to the other monks about the rumours and my martial arts style.

one night when Faldkor and Wraith go hunting, Faldkor comes back alone and tells us they have made contact with the Elves we were looking for. We pack up our things and head off to meet them.

While we are waiting for the wand to be recharged we have a conversation with Kornae about the “Weave” and how the last time it was affected something happened with Mystra, and several ideas are thrown about regarding the safety of Mystra and or the chosen 7 seven sisters.
After 10 days we are given the wand back with 57 charges placed in it.

One of the Elves travel with us on our way back through the forest. We rest for the night at the edge of the forest.

When we get back, i talk with Mirela about my ideas on how i will be helping people in need. The firs part of the plan is to offer counselling to those in need. The bigger part of the plan will eventually involve setting up the Honey farms and the side projects that can stem from that.

I will talk to Keiran, Jander & Jeram about finding people who are down on their luck and are legitimately in need of help.

I find Kieran shortly after, and talk with him about tagging along and helping him his medical duties, i quickly find that one of the biggest issues is the friends and families of the injured people, Kieran had virtually no bedside manor, so i start off by calming them down and seating them, getting information from Keiran and after he has had time to look at the patients and then relate the information back to the concerned friends/relatives in a more friendly, somewhat less hard line manor.

And so it is that helping Kieran with his duties becomes my number 1 daily duty when i’m not needed to go on missions.

A few days later a messenger finds me and gives me a message from Faldkor about some trouble that needs looking in to post haste, there may or may not be undead involved. After letting Kieran know i will be out for a while on this mission, i grab my travel kit, staffspear & travel rations and make ready for leaving as soon as Faldkor, Wraith and Anolin come by.

We are briefed about the mission, people are dying in this small hamlet, 1 person every couple of weeks. It may have gone unnoticed in a larger town, but out there it’s much more obvios when pwople go missing. there have been no sightings of undead, but that doesn’t rule it out. We set off immediatly to investigate.

5 days later we arrive from a fairly uneventful trip. We get settled in for the night and introduce ourselve as being from Waterdeep and investigating the deaths that have befallen the hamlet.

Next morning, after breakfast i help tidy up before we begin our investigations. Our first port of business is to be introduced to the other villagers, there ar only 7 in toltal (including the 2 we stayed with last night).

We spend the day visiting the other houses with remaining families/people, and investigating the houses and scenes of where the bodies were found. We don’t find much of consequence around the places where the bodies were found, they all just seem to have died without struggle.
We move on and start investigating the one burned down house in the area, the fire looks like it spread from the kitchen, but the locals think the owners of the property had already left by the time of the fire.
It’s possible these people were the kind to burn the house down once they had left in order to stop others from using it.

When we turn in for the night i suggest we set up an alarm system so that only wraith can get through it. Later i see a couple of women at the window and they beacon for me to let them in, which i naturally do, then they seem to fight with my friends and turn in to mist and float off.. ot which point i realise i wasn’t in control of myself, i grab my weapons and follow.. it quickly seems that i am the only one able to keep up with the mist forms of these creatures, probably vampires. I follow them, with my light stone out, to a hut about a mile away from the hamlet.

I wait for the others outside and we enter together when they arrive. When we enter the hut there are 3 people (presumably all vampires) stood there, we attack and battle these foul beings until they are all destroyed, then we destroy their coffin’s. After we are finished, i note that i am feeling a little weeker than normal, even after taking battle injuries in to account.. i also notice i seem to forgotten some of my martial arts, the others think i have been “drained” and 0this has taken some of my knowlege, we will need to get back to Waterdeep so i can be checked out by a Priest.

51 – 7
44 – 7
37 -10 (+ -5 from -1lvl)
22 +11
33 + 12

After we decide to burn down the hut, i find i’m quite tired and lay down in some shade for a sleep as the guys seem to be waiting around for the hut to burn significantly enough to ensure the fire won’t spread to the forest.

I am woken up by Faldkor a couple of hours later and we start to make our way back, i feel like i have a hangover of sorts, though it’s not really like a hangover at all.

We make our way back to the hamlet and inform the people there that we have dealt with the creatures responsible for the attacks.

i discuss the hangover like state i now find myself in, though i have had no alcohol, with the others. Faldkor has nothing in his notes about Vampires that details anything like this, but we feel his notes are just not that thorough.

It takes us 6 days to get back to Waterdeep. We head strait to the temple, they tell us we will have to return in the morning, so after following Anolin to the stables and having a rest there, i ask Wraith if i can sleep at his place when i see him. I spend the night at Wraiths place.

Anolin comes by in the morning to pick me up and go with me to the temple. Wraith is with him and i ask if we have enough money to pay for the healing at the temple, they say that Faldkor has my payment from the mission (5000gp), so we head to Faldkor’s place on rout and i pick up the gold, i ask him if it will be enough, after a minutes confusion he asks enough for what, after i tell him i don’t know if 5000gp is enough to cover the healing cost, he isn’t sure so we all head to the temple. when we get there i go with the acolyte and he sends me to kneel by the alter to be healed. After what seems like an eternity of the Priestess talking very loudly, i feel a lot better.

After we finish at the temple, i head back to the Monastery. After giving the 5000gp to Sardonas, i set out and start asking around about the various things i will need to know in order to set up a Honey farm and meadery, as part of this i stop in and ask Dacer if he can talk to any of his contacts and he says to check back with him after a few days.

I then head back to the monastery to help out with my duties in the infirmary. I receive word from Faldcor that we are to go out on another job and i am to meet them at the docks at 4 o’clock, we are heading to Candlekeep to investigate the Anteagan buildings further.

When i meet the guys at the docks, Wraith hands me a big pouch of Platinum coins.. Apparently this is part of the payment for the previous mission, i find the Gleaming Gull and arrange passage, then head back to the Monastery and hand over all but 2 of the Platinum pieces which i keep hold of for expenses on the trip, that should last me a couple of weeks.

The next day we set sail for Kandlekeep on the Gleaming gull.

We arive in Kandlekeep 8 days later, and head over to the Monastery, it now looks allot like a Monastery rather than the house it used to be. It is adorned with a plaque labelling it as the South Mist Monastery.

I go forward and knock on the door. When answered say that we have come to see Gillena. When we are shown to a waiting room, a guy called Meln offers to show us around, so i take him up on the offer.

After a while of waiting back at the waiting room, Gillena comes down and we arrange to stay at the Monastery while we investigate/search the buildings we are hear for.

Later that night we talk with one eyed Jack, he tells us of the goings on in the city, the vigilante’s have gone quite for a long time, 3 of the thieves guilds are fighting amongst themselves. Wraith asks about a woman who has information that is also looking for him, Jack says he will put the word out that he knows where Wraith is, this should get her attention and she should then seek him out.\

Next day we are up early. While eating breakfast Wraith asks the one of the monks (an ex librarian) if she can look over the writ’s he has for searching the properties. She takes a look through them after she finishes breakfast and tells us it’s better for us to ware something that identifies us as working for Polandara, like Faldkor’s tabard.

We decide we will start at the old Antegan residence first as that is currently being done up to be sold. We enter the house, after Wraith picks the locks to get through the gate and the front door, and begin our search of the property.

it takes us 2 whole days to search to the top floor of the house, there doesn’t appear to be an attic entrance, so we decide to wait till the morning then go on to the roof to remove tiles and enter the attic space to search it. After the search we head back to the Monastery to rest up before searching the next building. I spend the next day (a holiday day) training in the Monastery.

Next day we search the first of the warehouses, we find and open a hidden door at the back of the warehouse. the door opens to the outside of the city, it appears to be built directly in to the city wall, faldkor rigs the door to close and stay shut again and we close it and continue the search.
Wraith and Faldkor seem to have found something in the floor. After a few minuts they pry up the floor bord and find that it leads to the sewers. After 2 days searching, we don’t find anything new there so we head back to the Monastery. on the way back, someone asks Wraith if he is ok to talk, and after his confirmation a female figure steps out of the shadows and starts talking to Wraith. She offers her “information network” resources to us in exchange for mutually beneficial assistance with taking care of some criminals or at least maybe a rescue if she gets in over her head.

She tells us there are people putting pressure on Telg, (the horse and cart merchant who has helped us in the past) for something. We continue on to the Monastery after this conversation.

We wake the next morning and i have a suggestion regarding Telg, i suggest that Wraith visits Telg “quietly”, before continuing the search on the other properties, to ascertain whether or not he is in any immediate danger. We discuss options for a while and then decide to send a messenger to diliver a message to Telg telling him to meet us in a local inn around lunch time, Wraith and I will watch Telg’s residence to ensure nothing bad happens while he is away. I will wear my travelling cloak to hide my more unique clothing.

Nothing happens around Telg’s shop while he is gone and we head back to meet the others at the Monastery when he comes back. When we get back, Faldkor tells us they have plan that Telg will start displaying Polendara’s symbol to show an association with her, this should be enough to help convince would be assailants to leave him alone.

We then continue with our search of selected buildings in the city, we find the warehouse with a somewhat seized lock on the main door, Wraith set to work to see if he can without damaging the building. About 2 hours later we gain entry to the warehouse, the hinges are rusted so it makes quite a loud noise as the doors open, it’s quite a small warehouse all in all and there appears to be rather a large puddle inside indicating the place isn’t all that waterproof now.

We begin our search in earnest, we find some paper work, some of it faded to the point we can’t see the text from it now. We also find what appears to be a map of Kandlekeep and surrounding area that none of us can discern the language of, but there is an X marking a spot just south of Candlekeep about a days journey away. We don’t find anything more of interest in the rather wet back room (it is about half a foot deep in sea water that hasn’t drained as the outside is actually higher ground than inside). I

ts very early the next morning when we get back to the Monastery and we don’t get up much before lunch time. After brunch we head out to look for the location marked on the map. A day later we find an old dilapidated cottage that looks like it’s the location the X on the map is indicating.
Faldkor looks the building over for stability before we enter it and risk it falling down on us, he tewlls us we need to be a little more careful and take our time when searching. We enter the building begin searching… we find a small fireplace and about 40 small barrels, some of them seem to contain a dark red oily liquid, and a single barrel of what looks like solidified black powder. Wraith takes a sample of the Red fluid for later analysis. there is nothing else of note in the building. We empty the black powder out of the barrel to ensure no one can ever use it again.

We get back to the monastery quite late again and talk to one of the only monks still awake who has some medical knowledge, he agree’s that the substance Wraith recovered could be blood, but it normally congeals and should be quite solid at this point, normally it would only keep for a couple of weeks even in a glass container, let alone a barrel!

We go to bed and in the morning ask the ex-librarian about who to see about paying for the damages to the buildings we searched, she offers to go out and ask for us, taking the writ’s for the search with her. 4 hours later she returns and tells us it will be 75 gold for the damage. After giving here the money to pay the guards, we head to the dock to look for a ride back to Waterdeep, we find a ship, The Mermaids Tears, and arrange transport. The ship is sailing in the morning, so we make preparations to go with them. We take back the stamped writ’s that evening and head down to the dock early the next morning.

We get back to Candlekeep 5 days later, quite a quick trip by all accounts. We head back to the compound and report back to Pollendara on our findings from the trip. We end up having dinner with Pollendara and Lyranthan. During dinner Faldkor relates our finding from the trip to Candlekeep. After dinner i head back to the monastery and get back in the early hours of the morning.

In the night there is a knock on the door while i’m sleeping, Jem tells me through the door that Gerram and Samma are in rtouble and to get my things if i want to help. I follow shortly after with my equipment. We leave immediately and follow Jem in to the night, we seem to have a strangely dressed figure with us in metal armour, who ever it is is keeping up with us easily enough.

We get to Danni’s hout about 6 am, Faldkor and Wraith are already there when we enter. As soon as we enter, Jen fills us in on what’s going on Jerram and Samma have been kidnapped and are being held in a large room. Others are being held as well. We are basically waiting on information to try and find out where they are… we will be the cavalry to goi in and help rescue them once we know their location.

4 hours later, we get word they have found the place, we will be looking for a secret door on an abandoned house on Gem Street, Kendral will be there waiting for us.
When we get there we are joined by others who will be helping.

We all search the room and find the hidden door, Danni will open it and myself and Dariva will head in and put ourselves between anyone and Gerram and Samma while the others get in to place.

When i get there, Dariva is fighting 2 of the captors/guards, and there are 5 more heading towards the prisoners on the wall, i place myself between them and the prisoners and barrel in to them, pushing 2 of them back out of range.

Just as i knock the second one out of the way, Anolin comes in and misses they guy i just shoved out of the way and hits me instead.

HP = 51

There’s a noise of rocks falling and a shout of “oh crap!”, i can’t see what’s happening so i continue to fight the 3 remaining guards on me

One of the guards gets dropped by someone else in our party, so i continue to hold back the remaining 2.

As I’m fighting, another of the guys on me is dropped and then the last.

After the fight i help pick the locks on the manacles chaining the kidnapped people in place, then we investigate the tunnel we entered by to find out it has been collapsed.

We don’t find much information from searching the place and Faldkor estimates 4 hr’s for us to dig a small hole through the collapsed tunnel section and then longer to make it bigger. I put myself in to a self induced coma for 2 hours to conserve air. When i come to, we are still a couple of hours from the initial tunnel completion so i put myself back in to a coma for another couple of hours. When i come to again, we still aren’t quite through the first tunel but the air quality doesn’t seem to be decreasing so i stay awake.

We have one hostage from the guards/kidnappers, he is injured so we use the wand to heal him so he doesn’t die on us. Kendral makes our prisoner invisible so we can transport him without the city guards seeing, we wouldn’t want to tip off any informants these guys may have that we have one of theirs captive for questioning.

I help escort Wraith and the ties up invisible kidnapper back to the compound. We go and talk with Jerram and Samma, Jerram says Samma will try to draw a portrate of Creed (one of the guys that was questioning the prisoners, but not one we found guarding them when we attacked).

We decide to look in to this Creed person, we will start by looking for him in Candlekeep, we deduce that he may be mainly interested in getting at Clain, he could be the son of a previouse Thieves guild member who was known as Creed (she was too old and left with a young child, possibly this guy as a child.)


We go to the docks and find The Gleaming Gull there, but it’s late and the Boson isn’t around so i talk with 2 of the crew that answer my calls up to the boat, they seems to be new to the Gull and don’t know of me yet, and they say the Gull is leaving shortly after sunrise and we should come back early if we are looking for passage… So we all head off to rest up for the night.

In the morning i walk back to the Firemead to meet the others before we all head to The Gleaming Gull, as i get close to the Firemead, i see the others heading towards the Gull, so i catch up with them and we continue onwards.

When we get to Candlekeep, we head strait to the Monastery to talk with One Eyed Jack to try and get in touch with the woman that talked to Wraith last time. We get there so late that we pretty much go strait to bed after we arrive, we will talk with people in the morning.

We have breakfast with the monks, Wraith asks Meln to get in tough with Dawna, the girl we met last time. The we talk to Jack and ask him about this Creed fellow, see if he’s heard of him. Jack hasn’t heard of the younger Creed, but he will ask around.

We decide to talk to the stable master before heading to the dock for some information gathering. The stable master is now flying Polandara’s banner, he says he will look through his ledgers for any information relating to this Creed guy, but he doesn’t hold much hope in finding anything there.
When we get to the docks we decide to go on a “pub crawl” to get our faces seen around so that Wraiths contact can find us more easily.

After quite a fun day walking around and having a few drinks in pubs around the dock, we head back to the Monastery and get some rest.

Next morning Jack tells us he has no new information for us. We are on our way back to the docks when Dawna finds us. We ask her about Creed, see if she knows of him, she doen’t seem to know anything more than what we already know about the lady Creed. She will look in to it and see if she can find anything. She will look for us at the Wild Dog Tavern or on rout to make contact again on this trip.

A couple of days later she finds us and tells us a man named Creed hopped on a wagon to Waterdeep. After that we go to the docks and find The Gleaming Gull unloading, we book passage home to Waterdeep and make a donation to the Monastery before we leave.

We agree to meet up a couple of days later to catch up on any goings on before we split up and head back to our residences. Faldcor asks me if the Monastery has any contacts that might be able to help, i say i will ask. When i get back to the Monastery i report in to Sardonas and hand over my left over monies, then i ask him if Merella is around, Sardonas tells me Merella is in the city but not at the Monastery currently.

In the morning Merella finds me and i talk to him about the recent kidnapping of Gerram and Samma and tell him all the info we have found out (which isn’t a whole lot), i ask if he can help us find any more information on this Creed fellow. Merella says he will look in to it and get back to me either personally or by leaving any information with Sardonas.

After Merella leaves, i head over to get some breakfast and then on to the infirmary to help out there.

After the evening meal Merella tells me he has some info, we find a private area and he tells me:
Laranthan has heard a lot about the older creed, the husband was a business man that like the ladies alot, when she found out she left him, but despite being a mage she couldn’t find work, mages were in a lot more supply back then. she considered joining the Tarnished walkers but wasn’t considdered the right material. then she joined the assassins guild and quickly worked her way up while taking care of her son. there was a rift in the guiild between the burglars and the thugs, the assassins guild split the burglers won, she was on the loosing side and didn’t survive. someone from the assassins guild took the child back to the father, his father left town and moved to Suzail in Cormyr and creed the son vanished off the radar.
Laranthan has been looking in to this for Deline, she knows this man calling himself Creed travelled from Candlekeep on wagon to get to Waterdeep. initially he was staying at the Jade Jug Inn, but after the rescue of Gerram and Samma he vanished. Laranthan believes he hasn’t left the city by either gate. There was an attempted kidnapping of Mellasant this morning that she believes is linked because Mellasant knows Clain, but there were no survivors among the attackers to question.

Merella says he will put general word around about the possible dangers to those that know Claine… i suggest we talk or send info directly to Dariva and Kieran. I fill Keiran in on the recent events later that evening in the Infirmary while we are cleaning up and setting up for the day. Later in the evening a receive a letter from Faldkor inviting me to a “celebration of new ranks” on the 9th (2 days time), i don’t have to bring hat but i can if i like…

Next day i go to the FireMead for lunch as we had agreed before. I fill in the others on the info Merella found out. i get to the ship after stopping in at my parents Inn to pick up some repaired clothes and then Dacers Inn (got to keep up on the local gossip). I discuss the information Merella gave me while we eat.
After we finish i go back to the Monatery to help out at the infirmary with Keiran.

A day later is the party, I attend but don’t show up in a hat. The promotion celebration begins with the announcements of the new positions and then moves on to the actual celebrations.
Towards at the end of the night we get called to come see something that’s happening outside, we got some distance and find Anolin and Tatria (Zydra’s sister) locked in some performance/sword cata that, acording to others with us, they shouldn’t know. when they stop they and notice we are watching, they leave together.

i stay at the compound at Wraiths place that night.

We are up early the next morning and head over to The Fire Mead. It’s a quiet trip to the ship at this early hour. It’s breakfast time by the time we arrive. After breakfast we discuss how to set up our trap for this Creed guy we are looking for. We discuss possible Inns to spring a similar ambush like he sprang on Samma and Jerram, i suggest we could use Dacers Inn.

After the mwwting ends, Wraith and myself head over to Dacers to ask him if we can rent his place out for a day, but when we get there the place is full and we can’t see him anywhere… It is linch time so we order a couple of Meads and wait till after lunch when it quietens down and Dacer shows up. We ask him if he has a quiet place to talk and end up using ne of the guest rooms upstairs. There we discuss the need to hire out the bar and use myself as a member of the bar staff on that day. He seems happy enough to help out but says he would prefer it not to be the feast day as that is a very good day for business for him, i agree as this would likely be a great day for him to get good publicity for his bar from word of mouth of those visiting it on that day.

After Dacer’s, Wraith and i go back to the Monastery then he goes back to the compound. I Go and help out in the infirmary for the rest of the day, before doing some training in the evening.

The next couple of days i help Keiran out in the infirmary again. After lunch i recieve a message telling me we need to hire out Dacers place for tomorrow. I imediatly change in to some more standard cloths and head over to Dacers place. I tell Dacer we would like to hire the place the very next day. I spend the rest of the evening brushing up on my bar skills and where Dacer keeps everything.

The next day i head to Dacers Inn for around 11:30am, he opens up and i go inside, followed closely behind by Wraith, Faldkor, Anolin & Kendral. I take up my position behind the bar. The describe a femail fighter to me, her name is ellen, long dark hare, tanned skin, she wares chain-mail armour and carries an elven shortsword. she is to be given a place at a reserved table. Kendral makes everyone in the bar but Wraith, myself and Dacer invisible.

I spend the day serving people and generally keeping an eye on things, i seat Ellen at her “reserved” table around 10 and notice some time after 11:30 the door was closed. After 12 Wraith comes over to me and tells me to tell the others, currently invisible in the kitchen, that Creed is here. I pick up a crate of empty glasses and make my way to the kitchen and tell them he’s here, then i place the crate on the floor while holding the dor open for them. I enter the back in to the main area and see everyone is engaged in a fight with a guy who appears to have a flaming hand… i hold back in case he tries to escape, i can’t get close enough to help anyway.

After they have subdued the man and they leave, taking him out in a sack. I stay behind to finish out the night serving and cleaning up before heading back to the Monastery. Jerram and crew show up later for a few drinks and some gaming at their table. After we close the Inn for the night they walk me back to the Monastery. I will go back to Dacers in the morning to help clean up the remainder of the mess.

The next day, Dacer seems more than happy with the taking for the previous day and the outcome… He even offers his place for use again should we need it.
Later in the day i head up to the Sweetsong tavern for an unofficial party i was invited to for Zydra’s birthday. I get there around dinner time and spend the night enjoying a few drinks and toasting Zydra’s birthday.

Next day, after some training at the compound i head back to the Monastery. Shortyly after i have arrived back, Mirella requests the presence of myself, Kieran & Dariva, he tells us he senses we are near to the time when we need to prove ourselves in combat, and we should look at heading to the Monastery in the mountains to take this test of skill. Dariva suggests we all head off after the 21st of the month, since there is some party for the rescue of the people we found being held captive recently. the Party will be at Dannie’s house.

The morning after the Party we all (all monks heading to the Monastery and our groups) meet at the compound at 9 am and head out.

Its very busy on the road, and we don’t see any trouble in the first few days. After a week on the road we stop for the night in a large village. The next day we carry on and leave the road near a place called Yartar.

We arrive at the Monastery almost 2 weeks after setting out, the trip was quite uneventful, though Dariva myself and Kieran did practice amongst ourselves while on route. Myself Dariva and Keiran head over to present ourselves to master Tarn (The Master of Spring), Kieran says he will be in his meditation chamber around this time of day so we head there. We enter and discuss the coming matches and leave after receiving his blessing to partake in the tournaments in 9 days time.

At supper we see a couple of other people we know; Melady, Elen & Teela and two elves.
After the meal, Master Tarn invites Dariva, Myself and Kieran to select the names for our matches from a hat, i get someone named “Mori”. Th e contest will take place at midnight in the central area.

Mori turns out to be a girl who practices a fairly traditional type of Karate. I spend allot of the time watching the others practising and helping out in the infirmary.

51 – 8
43 – 3
40 – 8
32 – 7
25 – 8
17 – 5
12 +22
34 +9
43 +7
50 + 9

During the resting time, i seek out Mori and thank her for the combat match.

After 4 days i am fully rested and healed up, ready to get back on the road. We head out that day.
We get back mid afternoon a couple of weeks later, the trip back was uneventful. We all split up and head back to our respective abodes.

Upon returning to the Monastery, Kieran and I are told by the monk guarding the door that we both have letters in our cells. Kieran heads strait to the infirmary and i head back to my room to get cleaned up and read the letter before heading to the infirmary to help out. The letter is an invite to a party celebrating Clain’s return.

I go to the party and we have a fairly good night, though there is a lot of strange Gnome related conversations going on with our group for some reason. After the party i head back to the Monastery.
When i arrive back, i am told that Mirella wishes to see me. I go and find him in the study.

Mirella tells me the Monastery from Kandlekeep has reported Vampire attacks and there has been at least 12 Deaths, the description of the vampire at theses attacks matches the description or Mirrabel Anteagan, this vampire is reportedly immune to priest “Turning” abilities and “Holy water”! She has not created other vampires from the ones she has killed. The attacks started at least a month and a week ago (including the time the message took to get from Kandlekeep to Waterdeep). I tell him i will talk to my team fist thing in the morning.

Next morning i wake up about 9 and grab some breakfast before heading out to the docks first and then the compound. When i reach the ship at the docks, i ask the only one i can see onboard if they have seen Wraith, i get a rather vague answer so i endeavour to leave a message telling him i have a matter of some urgency to discuss with him and am heading to the compound next.

At the compound i find Faldkor in his workshop after first trying his new place of residence. we separate to find Anolin and Wraith. I get help from a local messenger service to locate Wraiths new house (which i find out is just around the corner). I find Wraith at his new house and take him to meet back up with Faldkor and together we head over to Faldkor’s new house and discuss the Vampire issue Mirella told me about in Candlekeep.

After getting permission from Yvonne for the others to leave the compound to investigate this vampire issue, and after Anolin shows up and we discuss it with him too, we head to the docks to look for passage to Candlekeep.

At the docks we find out that there the ‘Gleaming Gull’ and the ‘Mermaids tears’ are not due in for a couple of days, and as we think they are the faster and more reliable ships to book passage on, we decide to wait a couple of days and try to book passage on one of them. The Gleaming Gull enters the harbour late the next day and anchors up for the night a short distance away from the docks, we will wait till the moor up in the morning for the chance to discuss passage to Candlekeep.

Next day i head out at first light to meet the others at the docks and wait for the Gull to come in. When the Gull had docked and begun unloading i speak to the Bosun and arrange passage for us to Candlekeep, they are leaving in an hour or so, so we head onboard and get out of their way.

10 days later we arrive in Candlekeep, the Gull will be back in 20 days. We head out to the Monastery. On the way, Wraith takes us in to an ally way to meet one of his contacts… When wraith tells her we are here regarding vampire attacks, she thinks it may make sense, though the guards have been fairly tight lipped, someone she refers to as “The Lady” has been involved in fights with the guilds. We head on to the Monastery after Dawn has finished giving us the small bit of info she has.

When we reach the Monastry they seem to be glad we have arrived as it means Mirella did send somone to help them. We are invited in and to wait while Gillena is called to see us. Afigure has been seen leaving & entering the sewers at times when the attacks happenned. The gaurds won’t enter the sewers due to a guild war going on down there. Temple of Ogma has been involved in assisting the guards. All the victims have teath marks and their blood was drained.

We decide to go and check out one of the sewer entrances in the warehouse district later the same day, it’s dark when we get there. Wraith unlocks the warehouse and the others enter, i wait outside as this is technically breaking and entering, even if it isn’t to steel anything! 3 hours later they come out and say they didn’t find any evidence of activity in there. We head over to the other warehouse in the area to check that out for activity. Faldkor did ask i i would enter the warehouse if he shouted there was a Vampire in there, so i assured him i would help if needed. After they satisfy themselves there is nothing new in the flooded warehouse, we all head back to the Monastery. Its midnight when we get back.

Next day we go across town to see Telg and see if he has heard of anysuspicious going on, he hasn’t. So Faldkor asks if i’m ok to go in to the inn’s and try and get any local gossip about the vampire attacks. I enter and mingle for a while. I don’t find any info from the tavern so we move on to an in further in to the city. I will go to the Halfway Inn and Anolin and Faldkor will go to the Fortunes Favour.

During my visit to the inn, one of the patrons tells me about a guy names Lars who was attacked behind the Wild Dog Tavern, had his blood drained and not much word on the goings on since, the Priests took the body but no news since. We head over to the old Antegan house and see if there are any light on in it, it now has Curtains and lights on onside. Anolin sugests we ask Lilly to look in to who has moved in to the Antegan residence. So we head back to the Monastery.

We get back to the Monastery about midnight and go strait to bed.

Next morning Faldkor asks Lilly to see if she can find out who has purchased the Old Antegan house.

We decide to head to the Wild Dog tavern to search around the back and then wander around the Docks for a a bit to see if Wraiths contact will make contact with us again. I’ll be going to the taven later to see if i can get any more info on the attack on Lars.

It’s raining really heavy when we leave the Monastery for the Wild Dog Tavern. The back of the Tavern seems too well travelled to be able to pick up any useful insights from. We decide that Wraith, Faldkor & Anolin will go in to the Tavern before me and i will enter on my own 20 minutes later. When i enter, the place is really busy, but no one seems to be interested in chatting to a stranger. In fact they all seem rather stand offish. I leave shortly after seeing one eyed Jack in the tavern and he doesn’t acknowledge me, i make sure i am in his line of sight but make no attempt to talk to him, this leaves him able to ignore me if it suits him as it may cause him problems to be seen with an “outsider”, and he doesn’t make contact.

We head back to the Monastery when the others also leave the Tavern shortly after me. It’s decided that we will look for some bounties in Waterdeep, this will give us a rouse to be out late in armour with weapons, we can then use this as a way to look for the Vampire at night. Jack comes in later and tells us about an attack int he merchant district the night before. We go to bed at 2pm to make sure we are rested for the evening/night ahead.

We don’t see anything we are looking for that night. We do investigate the sewer entrance near the Wild Dog Tavern but don’t find any leads there. We spend the rest of the night searching for other sewer grates, we find 3 that night and we try to open one, Analin seems just about able to open one when we try (just to see what sort of strength is needed). We head back to the Monastery at first light and get some sleep.

Next night is a quiet but rather wet night. We don’t come across any signs of a Vampire.

Several nights later after the feast of the moon), we are patrolling and a suddenly attacked y a figure dropping from a rooftop and proceeds to attack all of us.


After we drop the attacker she turns to mist an floats off, we give chase until we reach a sewer grate, by the time we have lifted the grate there is no sign of the mist. We choose to follow the tunnel towards the Merchant district as that’s where the first attacks were reported, the sewer water is too deep for Faldkor to follow us so he and Gillena head to the next grate over ground.

We meet them in the sewer tunnels and Faldkor has found a man made hole that opens right in to what looks like some housing foundations, as we explore the area we find a stone coffin. As we open the coffin we are attacked by the same thing that attacked us on the street earlier, we defeat it but keey the damage just above total obliteration, but this creature (who closely matches the description of Mirrabell Anteegan) keeps regenerating so we (pretty much just Gilenna at this point) have to keep it from completely regenerating so we can destroy the coffin. Faldkor starts to attack the coffin with a hammer and chisel but the chisel breaks. I hand him my magical dagger and he makes much more progress with that until it too breaks. He switches to using the climbing spikes we carry around and eventually has the coffin in enough pieces that we can finish off the Vampire and see if it can survive… After we finish off the physical body of the Vampire, it turns to mist again bu this time it floats upwards and splits in to two and seems to dissipate.

We spend the next few hours smashing up the rest of the coffin, then we exit the sewers and head for the Monastery. We decide to spend the next 13 – 20 days in Candlekeep to see if there are any more attacks (apparently the attacks are never more than 13 days apart).


After 17 days and no more attacks we find the Gleaming Gull in the dock, we arrange passage back to Waterdeep for later that day.

When we get back to Waterdeep, we report back to the Monastery and Find Merella and give our report.

The next day, while i’m on door duty, Wraith stops by to tell me of a job i’m needed on to go to an island. After talking to Sardonas to explain whats going on, i pick up my stuff and head to the Fire Mead at the Docks.

We arrive at the Fire Mead just as Lunch is being prepared. After lunch we are briefed by Tannie, She tells us they have been using Magic to search for more Vampires, they have found 3 other coffins on the Island with the fort on it that we attacked previously. The coffins are either under the fort or under the hills outside the fort, but they can’t be under the water table, so they could be in a cave. Dannie asks about the rooms the coffins are in, Tanni says its a large round room lit with candles, there is text on the coffins “In death I prepare the way of Kings”, (the coffin from the Candlekeep Vampire had text that was interpreted as “The lady leads the way for the order of Kings”).

As we are to leave with the morning tide, I decide to stay on the ship rather than heading back to the Monastery for the night. I do however go back to the Monastery and pick up some cloth to take to my Mum for help with some replacement clothes (I checked if Tila was around at the Monastery first since she is really good with sewing, but she was out on assignment). I also pick a couple of standard Monks robes from the store room, if we are going up against more of these Vampires they will surely slice me and any any clothes I’m wearing right up.

We get instructed that we will be required to help keep watch during the night, so I make sure i am paying attention when Faldkor asks for instruction on what is required and how to do it.

After 8 days travel we stop for a celebration of the new year before carrying on with the journey.

When we reach the Island we decide to search the Fort area first. It appears to be very much deserted now. We stay as one group and begin searching for hidden/secret passages.

It takes us several days to search but we don’t find anything, so we decide to head on to the hills to continue our search. We head to the Southern hills first after a vote between there and the Eastern hills.

After a day of travel in the snow, we camp out over night. The next morning it’s raining instead of snowing.
We spend several days searching the Southern hills without finding any entrance ways to some underground caverns.

We head to the Eastern hills next to continue the search. The next day, after a few hours searching, Kendral points out some patch of earth with no mud under it. We head over to check it out and, although it looks fine, Faldkor points out an unnatural join between a couple of rocks. We head over and start clearing the way. Kendral casts a spell and detects there is Magic on the stone.

Danny steps forward and looks for traps in the area, she finds a magical trap and advises all of us to stand back, so we all stand back (except Dariva who stays forward to help Danny if there is trouble). Danny, after some time, says she has removed the trap, Kendral agree’s the Magic is now gone.

We remove clips holding the top stone to the one that’s hiding an entrance, then we move the stone out of the way. Danni is nominated by Anolin to go first as she can spot traps the best.

We follow Danni as she finds and removes traps on the hidden path we are following. After Danny finds a couple of really tricky traps, she is unable to disarm one on a door at the end of the corridor, Dariva ends up disarming the trap. Danny unlocks the door and then we switch around so the warriors are the first through the door.

When we open the door we can see there is no candle light, but there is a plane coffin. On opening it we find the coffin is empty. After banging a spike in to the coffin it splits down the middle, lengthways.
We continue onward and find a stairway down. Further down Danny tells us there is a door at the end, so we hold back till she has checked for traps.
On entering this room, we find 3 coffins in the middle with a large chest on the rear wall.
There is text on the coffins, but we can’t decipher what it says.

we surround the middle coffin and prepare our attack. One opening the first coffin, the occupant says something about being happy “they” sent Elves as he hasnb’t had Elven blood in a while! then the fight begins. I’m too far away to help in this fight currently and this Vampire is already surrounded.

After dispatching each Vampire in turn, we investigate the chest at the back of the room. There is 3 locks on it, Danny finds 3 magical locks on it and they are trapped. after opening the chest and taking the contents, we move on to clear the next corridor.

Kendral suggests we rest up and she can learn spells to help remove a trap none of us seem able to to remove. After resting up she finds and removes the trap on the corridor and finds another one on the door at the end, again we can find the traps but can’t remove it, so we rest again for Kendral to relearn her spells.

After Kendral has removed the last trap en enter the room, we find another coffin and brake that one too.
We head back to the ship and prepare for the trip back to Waterdeep. On-board the ship we go to see Tanni to de-brief about the mission.

During the trip back the items from the chest are identified for us. We divvy up the goods and I get the circlet that can cast light or dark at will, it’s black iron with white gold leaf design on it.

I spend the next few days at the Monastery helping out in the infirmary.

On the Mid winters holiday day, i am awoken by Kieran who tells me we need to go to the library to meet Merella. I get up and dressed immediately and head to the library. He tells us he has been made aware of a danger to the city, the watch has been made aware of it, but we are needed to go to Polandara’s to assist, we will be needed to keep from causing a panic, we should take what we need but not enough for a journey since whatever is happening is likely happening in Waterdeep. we are to report to Polandara’s house when we get there.

When we get there we go in, there are several other groups there as well. We are informed there is another black powder issue that seems to be better prepared than the last one, they seems to be using anti “scrying” magic to prevent the mage’s from finding them. My team are give the task of searching the north or south gate sewers, we choose the south gate sewers near the Monastery.

we have the wath authority with us today. we are expecting the attack to happen around mid day. If we capture anyone we are to take them to the compount, if we find any barrels we are to soak them.

During the first part of the trip we decide split and send Anolin back to Polandara’s and me down to the boat, both of us to see if we can find out if we can use Tanni’s trumpets. She tells me they are already in use. Next i head to the Monastery to meet the others and tell them the trumpets are already in use, it seems that Anolin already got this info from the Compound.

After leaving Anolin’s horse at the Monastery, we head out to the nearest sewer grate (by the Fiery Flagon) and begin our search.

We follow some tracks in the sewers from something that appears to have been dragged. We find a hidden doorway and Wraith opens it. There is a rope that appears to be burning so we put it out and cut the rope. Then we fill the barrels with water from the sewers.

We head back to the compound via the boat, Wraith tells us it looks like one of the other groups found someone.

Once back at the compound we check in and debrief. I wash up at Anolins place and change into my spare clothes before heading over to the Sweetsong Tavern.

After we have eaten Polandara tells us to go back to her place for the debrief, so we do. It turns out we did get some people to question, we each will be paid 2000pp the next day. We will be needed in a couple of day to sail with her to help gather more info. we are also told to look out for the “Order of the kings” (as mentioned on one of the coffins).
After the debrief, i head back to the Tavern for the free drinks we were promised for helping today.

Next day (some time in the afternoon) i drop in to Candor’s and pick up my 2000pp before heading back to the Monastery.

4 Days later, i head out to another party at Dacers (one for killing the Vampires and surviving). I arrive early so i can catch up with Dacer, as it happens i end up helping him set up as he’s very busy. After the party i head back to the Monastery.

Evin's Story

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