Polandara's Compound

Two large blocks of houses all owned by one lady, that’s the simplest way of describing the compound. She has gotten around the difficulty of building within towns by keeping the old buildings. She has kept all the outside houses and cleared out the ones in the middle so that there are two contained courtyards. The doors have been blocked up facing the streets outside and the ones that previously led into the gardens are now the sole entry into the buildings that serve as barracks.

Within the southern courtyard stands the two story Temple Of The Rose and a park area. Within the centre of the northern courtyard stands an armoury and the rest of the space is cleared out for a practise ground. The Sweetsong Tavern stands at the north east corner and is one of two buildings with access to the street, the other is the stables next door which also constitutes the north gate for the compound.

Those that distrust Polandara believe that she is keeping an army massed within the walls to sweep through Waterdeep but only the first part of that statement is true. It is rare that more than half of her followers are in the city at one time, with her higher ranked troops out securing the Dalelands or guarding refugee camps near the current war-zone previously called Luskan.

Wagons arrive frequently from the farms and depart with supplies to the warriors stationed elsewhere and there is always work for Polandara’s followers to do within the city. Also as she doesn’t prevent them from adventuring they sometimes come back into the city with interesting items, beings or injuries. Life within the compound is never dull

Polandara's Compound

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