The Monk Class

Ability Requirements: Strength 15, Wisdom 15, Constitution 11
Prime Requisites: Strength, Wisdom, Dexterity
Races Allowed: Human

Alignment Restrictions: Any Lawful (Good, Neutral or Evil)

Money: 4d4 gp

Experience Points Level Hit Dice Level Title
0 1 1 Novice
2,251 2 2 Initiate
4,751 3 3 Brother
10,001 4 4 Disciple
22,501 5 5 Immaculate
47,501 6 6 Master
98,001 7 7 Superior Master
200,001 8 8 Master of Dragons
350,001 9 9 Master of the North Wind
500,001 10 10 Master of the West Wind
700,001 11 10 +3 Master of the South Wind
950,001 12 10 +6 Master of the East Wind
1,250,001 13 10 +9 Master of Winter
1,750,001 14 10 +12 Master of Autumn
2, 250,001 15 10 +15 Master of Summer
2,750,001 16 10 +18 Master of Spring
3,250,001 17 10 +21 Grand Master of Flowers

Every 500,000 xp after 17th level, gaining additional 3 hit points plus any Constitution bonus.

Thaco: As Cleric

Saving throws: As Cleric

Bo-Stick, Club, Crossbow, Dagger, Hand Axe, Javelin, Jo-Stick, Pole Arm, Spear or Staff

None. Except magical rings, Robes or Bracers etc…


  • A Monk will start with 8 slots, three must be used in one style of unarmed combat and two in that styles special manoeuvres. From then on they use the clerics weapon and non-weapon proficiency progression table.
  • While using a weapon, the monk gets an additional +1 to damage, for every two levels of experience. This is due to the Monks expert and precise knowledge of Humanoid anatomy (all other types of creature do not count).
  • Monks can dodge non-magical missiles (does not include ballista bolts or rocks/boulders thrown by Giants or catapults etc…), by making a saving throw vs. Petrification for each object thrown.
  • Monks who make their saving throw vs. damage (i.e. a fireball), take no damage.
  • At 9th level, Monks can fail a saving throw vs. damage and still only receive half damage.


  • Monks never gain experience point bonuses, armour class adjustments due to high dexterity or strength bonuses to hit or damage.
  • Monks can only keep enough money to survive for the next week, any excess funds must be donated to a local church.
  • Monks can only use weapons allowed to their class.
  • Monks are limited to two magical weapons and three other magical items, magical items include all general items plus items which are usable by thieves.
  • A Monk may only hire hire-persons for one adventure only, but on reaching 6th level they may hire henchmen or hirelings. At 6th they can hire up to 2, while each additional level above these increases this number by one additional henchman or hireling.This continues until the maximum no. of henchmen are reached (Charisma limit).
  • Once a Monk reaches 8th level, they must fight a monk of that level to full attain and keep that level. If the monk fails, their XP drops to the amount needed for the level below. So challenging to become 8th level could result in the Monk dropping down to 98,001 XP for 7th level
  • At 8th level, a monk may build a monastery which will attract 2-5 first level Monks, then an additional 1-2 will join each time the Monk gains a new level. Monks may at 8th level hold up to 250,000gp to finance construction, and upkeep. Monk followers need no support, upkeep or pay of any sort.

Monks Ability Table

The Monk Class

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