What is it?

Each year the recruits that have been selected by the officers to become full on members of Polandara’s army compete in a tournament. There’s a prize of credits at the end but its less than pulling two night watches on the gate so its not the money that drives people on. It’s bragging rights. Not that the winners brag too often, as they’re just about to enter an army where they’re the least experienced but the potential is there. Everyone knows that the arena stopped its annual tournament after Polandara won her third in a row so its a chance to emulate their leader, and its a go way to celebrate their passing into the army.

The most recent entrants

Below is the list of the most recent entrants in alphabetical order

Anolin – Elf Male, Morningstar, Kiteshield & Banded in the final
Barington – Human Male, Claymore & Platemail
Darrena – Human Female – Shortsword, Shield & Chainmail
Davin – Human Male, Longsword, Shield & Chainmail
Ellen – Human Female – Shortsword, Shield & Leather Armour
Faldkor – Gnome Male, Pick, Shield and Platemail
Grath – Human Male – Shortsword, Buckler & Chainmail
Hope – Human Female – Steele Staff and Platemail
Ignian – Dwarf Male, Dwarven Axe, Shield & Full Plate
Karrin – Human Female – Longsword, Shortsword & Chainmail
Killen – Human Male – Bastardsword, Shield & Bronze-Plate
Marren – Human Male – Shortsword & Chainmail
Palene – Human Female – Claymore & Half-Plate
Pandane – Human Male – Shortsword, Shield & Studded Leather Armour
Paranon – Human Male – Longsword, Shield & Platemail
Parneth – Human Male – Claymore & Platemail
Pelnar – Human Male – Spear & Splintmail
Razor – Human Male – Sabre, Main-gauche & Robes
Rellan – Human Male – Claymore & Hide Armour
Rose – Human Female – Two Shortswords & Leather Armour
Sajjad – Human Male, Two-handed Scimitar
Selene – Human Female – Footmans Mace, Buckler & Chainmail
Signarian – Human Male – Two Warhammers & Bronze-Plate
Talene – Human Female – Spear & Hide Armour
Talnore – Human Male – Butterfly Axe & Hide Armour
Tekna – Human Male – Handclaws & Hide Armour
Thel – Human Male – Handaxe & Hide Armour
Wren – Human Female, Bardiche & Splintmail
Yarol – Human Male – Shortsword. Dagger & Chainmail
Yarrow – Human Male – Handaxe, Shield & Chainmail
Zargosa – Human Male – Cutlas & Leather Armour
Zydre Ivory-Charm – Elf Female, Shortsword, Dagger & Chainmail

The results

Below is the results listed by round, most of the fights were very close however Ignian ran roughshod over the competition due to superior equipment until the final. Some of the fights were very interesting to watch, as noted:-

First Round

Anolin def Killen
Sajjad def Ellen
Barington def Yarrow
Faldkor def Rellan
Wren def Hope (very interesting fight)
Davin def Karrin
Zydre def Paranon
Ignian def Thel
Talnore def Zargosa
Pelnar def Talene
Selene def Grath
Tekna def Razor (very interesting fight)
Palene def Yarol
Signarian def Darrena
Pandane def Parneth
Rose def Marren

Second Round

Anolin def Rose (very interesting fight)
Sajjad def Pandane
Barnington def Signarian
Faldkor def Palene
Wren def Tekna
Davin def Selene
Zydre def Pelnar
Ignian def Talnore

Quarter Finals

Anolin def Sajjad
Faldkor def Barington
Davin def Wren
Ignian def Zydre

Semi Finals

Anolin def Davin
Ignian def Faldkor

Third Place
Faldkor def Davin


Anolin def Ignian


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