Captain Shiraz

Captain of the Gleaming Gul


You would guess her age is somewhere north of 40 but it really is hard to tell. She’s weather worn and doesn’t seem to have much in the way of vanity to do anything about it. Her hair was black, now mostly grey and her skin has the look of aged leather now. She’s missing some teeth, but not so many that it hinders her. She walks like a woman much younger than her appearance and has a lot of energy in her old frame. She doesn’t talk much, at least not in the way of small talk, and she is normally straight to the point.


You get the impression she notices more than she says and she keeps her cards close to her chest. She has a small ship, the Gleaming Gull, which isn’t built for speed or luxury, just built to safely haul enough cargo to keep her financially afloat. She has a loyal crew and she celebrates feast days even when at sea. The home dock, according to the markings on her ship, is Port Llast on the North Sword Coast.

Captain Shiraz

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