Dani Tellguard

Human Female level 11 thief


A very new member of the crew this seventeen-year-old girl carries a youthful spirit within her that often brings laughter to the crew. She dresses much like the captain in her tight leathers and a feathered hat, but gets more looks. There’s just something about her midnight hair and deep brown eyes that is worth a second glance.

She carries the bone shortsword openly, peace bound while in Waterdeep and she has two walking canes she alternates between.


She had a hard life before she was “found” by Jem, she’d been sold into marriage to a local lord much too young. The lord wasn’t aware of her age but her parents must have been. She doesn’t talk much about her past but only has good words about the future, it didn’t take a whole lot of convincing to cause the divorce and she’s legally a free woman. Tani decided to take her on rather than let her go back to her parents and she seems to be very attentive. There don’t seem to be many walls thick enough to keep secrets from her if she wishes to discover them.

Dani Tellguard

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