Human Male Level 1 Fighter


The sword coast native shows mixed heritage, his skin is fair but his hair and eyes are dark. He stands just over six foot tall and is never out of his dark metal chainmail. He carries a shortbow over his shoulder, a small round shield on his back and a longsword at his waist.


He grew up in Luskan and his family moved to Waterdeep a year before the Vampire Kings took his child hood home. Luskan may not be much of a city but to him it was home so the people that took down the vampire kings instantly became his heroes. He knew he didn’t have it in him to become a monk, he certainly didn’t want to live the life of a Paladin, and the amount of thieves within Luskan is the main reason his family left, so that left learning how to fight and following Polandara. He was surprised at how honest and law abiding she was when he got to know more about her, in Luskan all the big groups were led by people of less than good morals so he was pleased with his choice and though it’s taken him a long time to pass the physical challenges required in becoming one of her followers, he feels it was worth it.


The Four Cynic Cynic