Human Female Level 7 Fighter


One of the first things you’d notice about her is that she walks like a sailor, the second would be her long dark hair and her tanned skin that tells of many hours spent outdoors. She wears light chainmail armour and carries a shortsword of elven design both on and off duty, the only way to tell the difference is if she has her shield with her or not.


Her mother was a barmaid turned ships cook, her father was the captain and the crew became her family. Every time they were in dock or they took on crew she heard stories about Polandara Larin and Merala, the heroes of Waterdeep, and she started training when she got time. On her 17th birthday she told her parents she intended to join Polandara and they weren’t surprised, a bit disappointed because they hoped she’d follow her father but not surprised. Since joining she had learnt well, though her refusal to wear armour she couldn’t swim in has cost her more than once.

Now adventuring with Tila “Flamehair” Ladlina, Melody Kellek, Seeker and Searcher


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