Human Female Level 9 Fighter


She has the legs most men dream of, the tall slender blonde is as dangerous as she is stunning. She has both a longsword and shortsword strapped across her back and her chainmail seems almost tailored for her. When she’s not on duty she tends to dress in simple clothing that somehow looks like high fashion on her.


She originally comes from a northern barbarian tribe but her family travelled to Waterdeep when she was just a child in the hope of making riches. They set up a tanning stall in the market and using their old tribal designs turned a good profit. Her older brother took over the family business and that left Karrin at a loose end. She’d been trained to fight when she was young, all of her tribe are and even though they were living in the city some traditions had been upheld so she joined Polandara’s compound at first just because she had no where else to go, but when she found out more of what went on there she bought in to the culture. She’s proud to wear her tabard now, and very fetching she looks in it. Despite her family’s past and her training with the Warhammer she’s taken to the Long and short blades that are more common on the sword coast and she finds the Chainmail much more comfortable to wear than the hides of her heritage.


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