Human Female Level 6 Bard


With long dark hair, lightly tanned skin, come to bed eyes and the lithe body of a dancer it is easy to see why Melesante is so popular within the compound. She wears light weight low cut dresses in the summer and full length dresses in the winter which reveal her legs and leave them free to move. She is a Lyric Soprano which makes the perfect balance and counter point for Sabrina‘s lower vocal range and she often sings the solo’s within the tavern. Even when she’s working she is singing and dancing, moving around the tavern with the greatest of ease and never spilling a drop.


If you come in for a drink after a night watch you often find Melesante working behind the bar, she has a tendency to work after she’s had her fun. She doesn’t get as involved in the feast days as Sabrina does so she normally pulls those shifts, but it’s a good time for her to build up a collection of free drinks behind the bar. She’s rumoured to have had relationships with a few of the patrons in the past, but nothing serious and no bitterness once they have finished. She seems to be fond of Daline in a sisterly way and is often found gossiping with the young lady when the bar is quiet. She’s the cousin of Victor and the two of them spend a lot of their free time together still, him being the main reason that she came to the city from a small farmstead in the first place.


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