Melody Kellek

Human Female level 7 Fighter


Her tanned skin and jet black hair definitely turn heads and her deep brown eyes capture hearts as she strolls around the compound in her light dresses in the summer or even in the winter in her velvet robes but she has business wear too. She carries a cutlass, which tells much of her past, and wears black leather armour which seems to cling to her form more than it covers it. She has the interest of many of the men within the compound but she either doesn’t notice or chooses to ignore it.


She no longer dresses like the typical wench but is known that she does hail from the Pirate Isles. Why she left the crew she was with and joined Polandara’s army is somewhat unknown but she’s not acted suspiciously since she’s been there. She often trains the new comers with light blades and is a great shot with a cross bow too which means she rarely has to pull guard duties. She’s actually willing to do more than her share in cleaning within the house if she gets let off of some of the cooking duties. After eating what she does produce most of the other house mates are willing to agree to this swap as well.

Now adventuring with Ellen, Tila “Flamehair” Ladlina, Seeker and Searcher

Melody Kellek

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