(Human Male Level 18 Monk)


If you were to describe a typical human 5’6 male peasant you pretty much got Merala’s description. Nothing about him is striking or unusual and people in his early life often mistook him for a beggar on the street.


Merala parents used to own a bakery in Waterdeep (now its just his Father running the business). They were very friendly helping strangers as well as friends. They live above the shop, and barely made enough to live on. Roilas, his father, moved to Waterdeep 5 years ago from a small farming community. He had received aninheritance of a farm, land and livestock, which he sold. He built the shop by himself over 5 years, and met Margatar when he was looking for an assistant to help him in the shop. Merala is their only child, but they did not spoil him.

My parents have given me the gifts of wisdom, intelligence, patience, self control, humility and kindness. But in a society such as Waterdeep these precious gifts can be misused by others. My parents reputation at school led me into many fights. But I only defended myself and any others who had the attention of the local bullies. Though being told off and grounded for weeks at a time for fighting, I began to quickly learn the art of defensive fighting. My parents and others did not fully understand the problems I had. As an 8 year old kid, I remember long dicussions with my parents. I said I only defended my self from the attacks, and others. But they did not believe me or too much pressure from other parents (especially the bullies who I sometimes got the better of) was placed upon their shoulders. The problem did not go away, and I wasn’t about to sit back and let the crap be kicked out of me. I knew that they were wrong and I was right.
At the age of 9 my parents having despaired too many times packed me off to a isolated monastery. Here I learned I was trully right, and learned more about helping other through aid and defensive combat. On my 11th year I successfully became part of an elite few who could fight well, my background in fights having helped somewhat. These elite few were forced to join an oriental style teaching school. It was rough, but at the age of 18 I passed the basic steps in the ancient martial art of Mist Dragon.

I have since returned to Waterdeep. I have not visited my parents, I do not know if the still live here, still own the bakery, moved on or died. My first objective was to get in with a local church. I am forever looking for ways to help people and creatures.

Creator of the Mist Dragon Martial Art


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