"One Eye'd" Jack

Human Male level 5 Monk


The first thing you’d notice about Jack is that he wears a patch over where his left eye would be, which isn’t a good look for anyone who isn’t a pirate but is somewhat necessary for him. He stands just over six foot tall and walks with confidence. His dark brown hair is cut short and he tends to have stubble on his face at most times.


Jack fits in at the docs, he looks the part, he knows his way around and he knows the people. He grew up there, working on loading and unloading when he was old enough and sleeping the shelter of cargo. The harbour-master never seemed to mind or even ask for a bribe. Of course it is not the only way someone wants to spend their life so when he’d heard that Candlekeep had a Monastery like Waterdeep he jumped at the chance to be involved. He’s known Helena for quite a long time and it was probably her that introduced him

"One Eye'd" Jack

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