Human Male Level 1 Fighter


He stands just under five foot six with slicked back black hair and a black moustache and a strong build. He has dark brown eyes and is never seen in anything other than his studded leather armour, as if he’s always on duty.


He started out as a wagoneer for his parents clothing business and he was happy with this role, until he was attacked and he had to rely on guards to protect him and the goods he was carrying, the guards didn’t and he lost a lot of money for his family and a bit of self respect with it. He hated feeling defenceless and he decided he’d never feel defenceless again. He signed up for Polandara’s army before they left for the Dale Lands but before the papers could go through the war broke out and somehow he got lost in the shuffle. It took a couple of years before Candour found his application and Polandara Larin went in person to sign him up, only to find out from his parents that he had left to join the temple of Helm as a Paladin. She found him at the temple of Helm being rejected and walked right up to him and apologised for not seeking him out sooner. He was so astounded that she would seek him out in person that he didn’t have time to feel bad about the rejection and he signed up to her army straight away. He now spends most of his time protecting the wagons that run to the farms and he is very happy with this arrangement.


The Four Cynic Cynic