Human Male Level 1 Fighter


This six foot tall blonde man wears his hair and beard in tight braids like a barbarian but he’s got the look of a Dale Lands Man. His clear blue eyes seems to look without judging and his well muscled form moves like a much lighter man. He wears splint mail when he’s on duty and simple woollens when he is not. In a bad light he looks like Termarl but when they’re together you can tell he is about ten years younger.


He followed his older brother Termarl to Waterdeep to join Polandara’s army after witnessing their efforts in the war with the Zhents. He waited until he was old enough to travel with the wagons and just left, no note to his parents, nothing, so when he got to Waterdeep he got a stern lecture from Termarl and he wrote a really apologetic letter home, but he refused to go back himself and stuck to his guns, joining the army and moving into the same house as Termarl.


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