Human Male level 5 Fighter


Nearly 6 foot tall but lean and fast rather than well built. He wears only robes and carries a sabre at his hip. It’s assumed that he has a couple of knives hidden under the robes somewhere and when he fights he uses a main-guache in his offhand to parry with. His head is shaved and his dark skin tells of some southern nationality but from his dialect and accent it’s obvious he was brought up on the sword coast. His eyes are a very pale green, almost yellow in colour and they seem to watch every movement around him.


Razor is clearly not his real name but its the one everyone knows him by. He rode in on a horse one day with Umbra, his white robes covered in blood and a good deal of it seemed to be his. Rather than go to the temple though the pair went to Polandara’s house and when he came out he was enrolled in her class and put into House 212. He was technically too late to train for this years tournament but he excelled in every lesson and was entered in. A quick learner and he could have possible been the champion if he was given a full year to train but he doesn’t brag of boast about it. He doesn’t drink but he does love to gamble, his room is mostly cleared out and a wooden plank has been laid out for dice rolling, he sleeps on a bedroll next to it which he clears away each night. Saying he loves to gamble doesn’t really mean he wins all that often, but he doesn’t use his credits for anything else and it’s his one social outlet.


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