Human Male Level 12 Fighter


He’s obviously descended from barbarian stock, just under six foot tall with long braided red hair and beard and bright green eyes but shoulders the size of an ox. He wears white bear hides as armour with a black panther fur cloak over the top when it’s especially cold or for ceremonial purposes. He carries two long curved hunting knives at his waist all the time and his large claymore across his back when he means business.


Allegedly his clan runs across the great glacier, where no one could reasonably survive. He arrived with Talene and Talnore with fame on his mind, he knew of Polandara’s dragon slaying and what he wants more than anything is to kill a dragon himself, to wear its skin as his armour. Failing that he’d like to lead a full scale assault on Zhentil Keep, something else that Polandara has done. He has many reasons to follow her, her shadow is the only one he would be willing to stand in, no one else will do.


The Four Cynic Cynic