Human Female Level 4 Bard


The sultry red head who serves behind the bar at the Sweetsong Tavern she sings for the crowds, she acts on feast days and she also does a good sideline in sketching. She is a Dramatic Soprano with a lower range than Melesante and often caries the majority of the songs.

She very rarely wears dresses preferring to be adorned with tight suede leggings and a matching corset in dark blue with a long suede coat over the top in the winter. Somehow it looks classy on her, it’s probably how she walks and her presence.


There isn’t a more usual sight in the Sweetsong Tavern than Sabrina working behind the bar. She seems to do more shifts than the other bards, and in reward for that she is rarely there on feast days, often staring in a stage show somewhere, or displaying her vocal talents. She’s not as flamboyant as Melesante but she still gets attention, her voice carrying well enough that she doesn’t have to shout to get her way. She’s got the interest of many a man within the compound but there are no rumours of anything going further than that.


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