Sajjad Naseer



Standing at 5’ 9 with a lean build that hides his reasonable strength.

A large amount of desert training has bleached his hair from a dark brown to a more subtle light brown. Although on closer inspection the hair grows darker towards the roots since that part is shielded from the sun.

When fully clothed for the desert all that can be seen is his dull blue eyes.

His skin shows no signs of any scars that may have been picked up during his training.
Other than his strength nothing really stands out. If you had not noticed his familys crest you could have easily believed he was a high servant or merchant.


I greet you all in the name of Waukeen. I proudly present myself as Sajjad, I follow the way of Faris. I am the 18th generation of the Naseer family and 1292nd in line to the royal throne.

I trained as a warrior through my families trainers until I first passed my fighting skills and was presented with a scimitar with my family sigil on.

It is my honour to present myself forward to give back to the heroes of Waterdeep what they have done for us. I must admit that I have wanted long to repay your actions after the release of Waukeen. Then from the fresh tales from our story tellers came news of a new face amongst the heroes. A face whom I felt I could devote myself to.

It was the stories of the Vampire Kings that spread to our land and the heroes were again standing tall and fighting for the fate of all. But this time the heroes had grown, and amongst there number was a Paladin known as Lor. As I too follow the Faris, it was a sign that now was the time to repay the heroes on behalf of my family and culture. So I travelled the thousands of miles knowing what had to be done.

Alas when I got to Waterdeep the first tragedy of significant proportions struck home. Lor had gone, disappeared into the wilderness and would remain absent. I was at a loss. As you say “I had collected the ostrich eggs into one container”.

Over the next few months I tried to come to terms with the predicament I was in as well as trying to improve my grasp of the local language. I could not go back home. That would be seen as a failure on my behalf bringing shame on my family. This was a course of action that I could never take. Death would have to take me before I did this.

One evening in the Inn I was staying in a fight broke out between two groups. It disturbed my quiet evening but I did not get involved until I saw there was a good chance that others who were innocent would become involved or injured. So I stood up, rolled up my sleeves and subdued both groups.

This brought calm to the Inn even before the city guards had turned up. But even though I was the facilitator of peace I was still taken in for questioning and placed in a cell. I do not fully understand the law and justice of this place but I felt calm in the knowledge that all they were doing was trying to get to the bottom of the fight. Once they discovered I was the person that stopped it they would let me go. Or would they? My grasp of your language was still rough so it was difficult to establish what was going on and even harder for the guards who questioned me.

At first light one of the groups was released. Then eight hours later a lady in regal armour entered the holding area were she quickly castrated the other group of men with her words. Each word of venom from her mouth drove the men to submission and they quickly begged for forgiveness. I may not fully understand your tongue but it is easy to tell from the tone and gestures that she was not happy. She got the guards to release them and as they were leaving she asked the men if I was one of the other group that had been part of the trouble. They did not really know, all they could remember was me wading through them subduing them.

She stopped the men and approached my cell. Her face was still stern but her words were softer than her previous conversation with the men. She asked who I was and what role I played in the fight. I explained to her that while I did not know what the fight was about. When I had seen the danger it posed to the other patrons in the Inn I had no choice but to stop the fight before someone had been injured, or worse still killed.

She admired my sense of honour and justice and wondered why I had come to Waterdeep. I said I would feel more at ease talking while not held prisoner. Seeing that no one would come for me like the other groups I told her I may be here for some time as I did not understand the law and how it worked here. She told me to wait there and got the guards to release me.

She marched the men back to a large area containing fighters, barracks, a temple and a large house. She made sure that if the men were not marching right or too slow she would vigorously chastise them. Other than that the march back to their ‘base’ was quiet. The men entered the training yard where she handed them over to a man for further punishment duties and asked me to follow her.

She lead me to the large house, and once inside she told me who she was. I was standing in the honourable presence of Polondara one of the mighty heroes of Waterdeep. I fell to one knee to which she quickly grew annoyed at and demanded me to stand.

Over the next few hours I explained my journey and the problem I now find myself in. She listened diligently. At the end she suggested a course of action that she would recommend. She asked for me to try working for her as one of her soldiers. In that way I could start repaying the debt I felt I needed to. She pointed out that she felt Lor would never return, but if he did she would ask me to revisit my feelings about staying with her. I was given the choice at that point to join her group or leave and seek our Lor.

Joining her group seemed right. It was an avenue of action that I felt I could take and so that is how I joined Polondara.

Of course the fact that I could leave when Lor returned at first did not settle well with the others in Polondara’s ranks. How could a fighter with split loyalties truly give his all to Polondara. But as the months went by they saw that I always gave my all. To all intents and purposes I was a faithful follower of Polondara.

My initial training was not in seeing how well I could fight, but in the laws of Waterdeep. I was introduced to Yvonne, a lady with a strange name that I will probably always struggle to pronounce. I must point out now that I am not adverse to women obtaining ranks in society above their contemporary men. Would it be wrong for me to say that women have accepted their place in our society and therefore it is rare. Now I am out of my comfort zone I have to say that it is not for me to say this, and as can be seen in Waterdeep it is for each woman to decide for her own.

My training in the law was especially useful since the law was totally different to where I come from. It was very strange. I have grown up and become accustomed to the laws of my home land and have based my right and wrong on them, but now I face a different law. I can see it almost serves the same purpose to the degree it can protect the serfs. In my land masters come first. Any slave accused of a crime is judged guilty merely by the fact the master announces the crime and the accused. A slave can prove their innocence but since they cannot wander far from their owner it often proves difficult. That is why after punishment if they are found not guilty then the master as a gesture should give reparations to the slave. Most of the time this is adhered to but its not law and therefore down to each master to decide on. Not giving the reparation does harm ones honour and status though amongst the other families, so it is rare that reparation of one sort or another is not given.

I am just glad I did not bring any servants with me. I hope that by the time I get a title that draws others to follow I have had enough time to settle with these new type of laws.

Now as part of Polandara’s army I was given the barracks run by Jonathan. I am also amongst non-humans, but I knew when I left my land I would meet non-humans. This is just another thing I will have to just get used to. I must also remember not to stare at them. I am not being rude but I am truly fascinated by them. The others in the house are Shawl, a halfling, Anolin an Elf and the last two are humans; Daline and Balek.

While at first they took me at face value and in some way treated me like I was treating the non humans, it was soon made apparent that the rumour about my ‘deal’ with Polandara was true and now common knowledge. That was ‘no scratch on my nose’. I had not requested it was made private, but it certainly had a negative effect until I could prove personally to each in the house that my loyalty was beyond questioning.

Sajjad Naseer

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