Human Female Level 9 Fighter


Her long dark red hair and her freckles are probably the first things you’d note about her and they’re probably disarming enough to catch your attention even in passing. Her green eyes have a serious look to them though and tell of depth within her character. She normally wears her chainmail even when she’s not working and her mace and buckler are usually slung across her back.


She comes from the north……………. and that is all that anyone seems to know about her past. She turned up in the compound bleeding and bruised, refusing treatment until she had spoken to Polandara and Laranthan. Following that conversation she moved in to the compound and began her training. Along with the mace she carries she has proven proficiency with the sling that pre-dates her arrival and has picked up a talent for using a hand axe as well. She enjoys cooking and has the survival and hunting skills required to make good meals from the slimmest of pickings.


The Four Cynic Cynic