Stedd Evenwood

Human Male Level 3 Thief


He doesn’t really stand out, his plain brown hair and green/brown eyes mark him as decidedly average and his leather armour isn’t shabby, but nor is it brand new. He stands just below 6ft tall with an average build and he carries a standard looking shortsword peace bound on his belt.


He seems to have been around the market for a long time, he’s picked up coin here and there from time to time and he’s done odd jobs for silver or even gold. He needed to do something with his life but the task the Thieves Guild set for him went against his morals and he was somewhat trapped. That was until he heard of Tani. He new she could help him but at the same time she seemed unapproachable for him. He found one of her crew though, a young lady called Dani Tellguard who sorted everything out for him, using other members of Tani’s crew.

Stedd Evenwood

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