Human Female level 11 thief


A product of evolution amongst a tribe in an inhospitable land she carries herself like a warrior. Just over six foot tall she uses a short handled axe as her weapon and fights for the freedom of others.


Sold into slavery as a child to the white man. The story is so common among those from her tribe. Few survive, even fewer escape. She must be very lucky to be one of those few, or very good. She posses all the natural gifts anyone could physically. She’s strong, tireless and effortlessly agile. Its obvious how she found a home aboard the Fire Mead. She talks little, but her presence shows her loyalty, if she doesn’t like how a conversation is going she just up and leaves. Her skin is dark, but not as dark as Elodie, and the location of her tribe is a secret. She seems to be very protective of Dani, but she doesn’t say why and no one has truly pressed her for an answer.


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