Tanalayus Maladar

Human Female level 19 Mage, Chosen of Mystra


This delicate looking blond has an unearthly beauty that is impossible to deny. Even when trying to be unassuming she tends to be the centre of attention and when she speaks people listen. Her clothing isn’t a constant, everything from simple robes to designer dresses but one item always stays the same and that is the wedding ring given to her by her husband Merala. Her hair style tends to pre-empt the current trends though she manages all the attention without arrogance.


She’s always lived in Waterdeep, born to a wealthy family and educated to the fullest degree. She then went on to be an apprentice in Blackstaff tower and from all outside appearances she’s led a very charmed life. Her status as one of Mystra’s Chosen has become a public rumour since the attack of the Vampire Kings and her name seems to carry wait within many circles in Waterdeep. She currently devides her time between her academy and married life.

Tanalayus Maladar

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