Owns a haulage business in Candlekeep


Standing about 5ft8 Telg isn’t that large of a man. He looks to be in his late forties and he walks with a slight limp. His hair is mostly grey but still has flecks of brown in it and his face is clean shaven. He doesn’t dress that differently from his drovers but his boots are definitely of better quality and likely the rest of his clothes are too.


Telg operates an important service in Candlekeep, he runs his wagons for other merchants at a cost to them. He keeps his own staff of drovers and guards and the drovers also fill the role of labourers when it comes to loading and unloading the carts. He is often employed by the larger merchant families for long journeys and if you don’t book in advance you will likely find his stables empty. He doesn’t bother with a sign on his door as the lack of horses and carts in the yard is usually clue enough.


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