Human Male Level 1 Fighter


The gruff brown haired man is normally in his hide armour even when he’s relaxing. He carried a hand axe with him most of the time and a satchel full of throwing darts. He stands about five foot eight and if he dressed the same as everyone else he’d probably blend in.


The woodsman still carries the tool of his old trade with pride and the handle is well worn to fit his grip. He has learnt new skills since being at the compound though, the darts he throws for one and apparently he can also joust now, although he doesn’t have his own horse or lance. He just one day decided that he couldn’t deal with avoiding the bandits in the woods any more, that some day someone would do something about it. But he wouldn’t wait till then, he’d train up and do something about it himself. He now knows there are plenty of other situations where he can help people and isn’t just focussing on the bandits, but he will give them hell if he’s given half the chance.


The Four Cynic Cynic