Tila “Flamehair” Ladlina

Human Female level 6 Monk


You can guess the colour of her hair from her nickname but you couldn’t get her beauty. Tila is truly stunning and even in the robes she wares she turns heads, if the men watching on could actually see her hips swishing as she walked they might well go blind. Her looks are something she has had to battle against her whole life, and she doesn’t try to use them for her favour but how she looks and how she moves cant help but draw attention. She’s never left waiting while others are served in the market or at the bar.


It’s difficult for some to be liked just for their looks, to feel like an object. It was difficult for Tila. She was never sent to school, her parents just figured that a rich man would want to marry her as a trophy. Instead she worked in the tailors shop, embroidering clothes and being placed in front of every wealthy single man that entered. When one eventually started making arrangements to wed her she came out of her shell. She didn’t want to be a fashion item she wanted to be a person in her own right. Her parents called her ungrateful and said she wasn’t welcome in their home until she was able to understand her limitations. She found somewhere she was welcome instead though. She found the Monastery. Her smile is often what lightens the mood when times are tough within the wooden walls. Her laughter is contagious and she’s finally learning about the world she lives in. She only ever seems to see the good side of people though, which is an endearing quality but also a weakness. Still the others monks seek to protect her from this and her life can only be considered a good one now.

Now adventuring with Melody Kellek, Ellen, Seeker and Searcher

Tila “Flamehair” Ladlina

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