Human Male Level 5 Bard


He stands about average height with short black hair and carefully maintained stubble. He has nothing distinct about him yet he seems to stand out. His voice is a rich Baryton-noble which makes him sound of noble birth despite being a simple farm boy by birth. He wears loose trousers that flow well when he dances and normally a poets shirt with them, though in the winter he is usually seen in a velvet jacket to keep warm. His skin has the same light tan to it as Melesante and his body has the same athletic tone.


Born and raised on a farm it’s simple to understand why he does the morning shift, normally with a slight overlap of the girls so that he gets a chance to socialise with people who are awake. He is an actor, a singer and a poet and has taken some of that talent to pursue certain ladies of the compound. It is well known he has an interest in both Melody Kellek and Hope though there are very few similarities between the two ladies. His former conquests are the topic of many a rumour within the tavern and Barington has almost an aggressive level of jealousy for the successes he has allegedly achieved.

On feast days he either acts with Sabrina or covers the bar with Melesante depending where he is most needed.


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