Zydre Ivory-Charm

Elven Female Level 9 Fighter


The moon elf wears her long black hair mostly loose but the small tight braids she has running through it keep it from her blue eyes. Her skin is pale, with a slight blue hue to it and she augments this with a dark grey velvet coat. Under the coat she usually wears black silk trousers and shirt that allow for free movement. When she is prepared to fight she wears a cloak of the same material over chainmail that has a slight blue shine to the metal and uses two curved daggers. She is also proficient with her family blade, an ancient shortsword and she carries a shortbow which was cut on the day she was born from a beach tree that was planted on the day her parents were betrothed.


She likes to sing and dance, something that is normally seen on the feast days. She was put in contact with Polandara Larin by Laranthan Sweetsong, a friend of her parents, and she’s studied hard to become the fighter she is today. She’s considered flighty, even by Moon Elf standards, but she is loyal and a good friend to have when the chips are down.

Zydre Ivory-Charm

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