Mist Dragon

An oriental building is the first thing most see when they enter the City Of Splendour, I wonder how many would consider themselves lost? The great wooden carvings were reportedly fashion to Merala’s design by Polandara and represent part of his philosophy.

There is always a Monk ready by the door, not for defence but to be able to help at a moments notice, and help is what they do. They heal the sick, feed the poor and help those who have lost their way. Their placement has caused them to be asked for directions more often than they would have expected.

The design carries on within the building and includes an ornate fountain which has no visible pump system but impressively provides water on request. The open courtyard means those passing can often hear the sounds of practise from within or smell the food being cooked within the kitchen.

Whilst there are many martial arts practised in this building the most dominant is the Mist Dragon Martial Art

Mist Dragon

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